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Eyes Staring Forward

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Eyes Staring Forward Empty Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:05 pm

The silence bounded her as she was walking all alone on the cobbled stone. Hearing only the clacking of her boots while finding a hotel to go to. Her hips would sway while she walked forward till she then caught eye of a sign about a hotel not so far from where she was standing. 'Hopefully it's a good one.' she thought. Quite funny-wise she would seem to seek a rather expensive one. Her eyes would glow a rather vibrant lioness gold color as her hair would give a chocolate caramel glow. Slowly she walked forward while not even moving her head to look straight, but she hoped to not trip on her face. Slowly she walked inside and saw beautiful arts and designs. The floors were made out of marble in which felt smooth by just sliding her feet. Her heart was beating rather fast as she was somewhat nervous. She would start to walk towards the counter and up the stairs to even get to the counter. Her eyes of lioness gold would then look forward to see a single bell. Was she to even touch it or was she to just leave it alone? Her mind kept on thinking on what to do and honestly part of her didn't care if something happened because of the button pressing. Her lips would frown though as part of her felt quite impatient. ''Hai?!'' she somewhat yelled in hope to get someone’s attention. Still no one even said a word or anything for that fact. Noises didn't appear as all she could hear was herself breathe. As small moments went on by even more she would then look around real quick and then forward, pounding her fist into the counter. ''I order some attention here!'' she spoke rather coldly and annoyed. Her eyes flamed with the sin of wrath till a man scattered up the counter. ''S-sorry ma'am.'' she would then hear as she looked down upon the man. ''What the hell were you doing that you had to leave the counter for a whole fucking hour?'' she spoke rather pissed to where her eyes would lit up somewhat red. She kind of gritted her teeth as she stood there. The man on the other hand was rather nervous as to what to say. He was sweating some drops of nervousness as he would look around filled with confusion. ''Now...I'd like a room so I can sleep after all this traveling. Here's the jewels.'' she would say and slammed the money on the counter made out of glazed bocote. Sighing softly she would try to chill herself out. 'You got this...right?' she would start thinking to herself as she would then look up at the lights above her. Suddenly this hits her as it was a Deja-vu.

Truly in a way it was hurting that she was alone after all.. Cos shook her head as her eyes would water up. 'No... Why would someone ask me to appear if they were just to ditch me?' she would think. 'People are like that... You get used to it.' the voice would say before it drifted off. Cosmiare would then be handed a key to go to a room. ''Thanks...'' she would say in a low tone filled with sorrow. She turned away from the counter and walked towards the elevator to be taken up stairs. Her other hand would have the bag of her stuff as she would then go all the way up. ''Wonder what room I was given... Who cares though...'' she would talk to herself as her eyes blankly watched outside from the windowed elevator. After small moments she would finally then hear the door open. Slowly she turned to see a rather exotic room. ''I guess once again I'm alone here... in some fancy room.'' she would say emotionless - walking inside. Soon she would then black out. ‘’J-just go to the top flow. It’s all ready.’’ He would say bowing and then turned away. Her lips curved into a frown, her eyes lowered and then turned away. ‘’Yea..’’ she would say and took her key, bag and went to the room. Her head tilted up to look at the ceiling. ‘’I don’t even know what’s with the outburst…’’ she spoke to herself as she would then see the door open. It had maroon walls with a design of gold, a hot tub, huge bed and much more. For now she had to get going to take care of some quests. Cosmiare dropped her stuff down on the floor, left by closing her room door and down the elevator she went.

She was happy she got that crap done and over with since when she first got here, she didn’t have time. Right when she got here she started requests from Khalash Saton, which she was going to once more. It made the child wonder if he had some more wares that were busted, making her watch the shop again. She wasn’t sure, but what she did know is that she would get paid in the end. The wind was well settling and therefore it was a perfect day. Walking towards the Mag Drug Magic shop, Arisa would finally see Khalash by his counter through the window. ‘Wonder how he’s doing.’ She wondered as she would then walk in the shop. As soon as she would walk closer to the counter, she’d see some item wrapped in a cloth on his desk that she usually sits her ass on. ‘’Oh, what’s that? Not another fraud item is it?’’ she’d joke and giggle sweetly with a smile. He’d nervous smile and itch behind his own head. ‘’Haha, I hope not. Go on and try it.’’ He would say with a smile, swaying his hand for her to ‘shoo’. ‘’Alrighty then, old man. I’ll be back with it.’’ She spoke determined while she then grabbed it. It felt like it had a nice grip to it as her right hand held onto it. Something felt weird about this rare item. It was surely a good sword, but it didn’t feel like it was anything really special. ‘’I guess I should find someone to use this sword again.’’ She would say softly with an irritated facial expression. Usually she held a calm expression, but she wasn’t around anything she knew or care to know. Her eyes would wander as she looked around. ‘Where the hell would I find someone to spar with?’ she wondered. It reminded her when she fought that one guy in a forest. He was some random dude who she’ll probably never know again. Was it strange? Who knows? Soon enough she would look up at the sky to see that it was getting somewhat dark. ‘’Is it really hopeless here?’’ she would say with a giggle that sounded rather out of the ordinary yet girly. It wasn’t really easy to describe such a giggle, but whatever it was, it attracted him. ‘’Yo! You wanna spar lady?’’ a boy’s voice would speak, making her turn around and to see some guy. He had orange-brown hair with a black cape on that looked like a winter’s hat. Which it could be. He wore an orange jacket with some black baggy pants that look rather comfortable. ‘’Well? I’m up to challenge you with that sword of yours against mine.’’ He spoke as he tilted towards the left to eyeball the sword and ending with a whistle. ‘’Looks pretty nice. Wonder how well it plays.’’ He then spoke as he brought out his sword with two hands. ‘’Let’s play, shall we?’’ he says with a spunky smile as if he can rule the world. Her eyebrow cocked as she looked at this kid. ‘Seriously? I couldn’t find someone, but they literally come out of nowhere instead to ask me? What luck?’ She thought and shook her head. ‘’Alright then. Let’s do this.’’ She spoke softly, turning fully in position. She would grip onto the sword in a loose yet controlled way. Her eyes looked and concentrated on the boy and where he was going. ‘’Not going first lady? Alright then.’’ He says as he swifts it towards the left, charging towards her. ‘Shit. I don’t play with swords!’ she thought as she would take a deep breather. All she could hear was some chuckles from the back of her head. What the hell? Quickly she lifted it up to block his swing. Swiftly she chopped towards him with he just blocked with a side-straight block up. With that she would dash back to then dash forward for a swipe over which he then dashed away. ‘’Haha. Quite fun I’ll say.’’ He would say with a smile. This would keep on going till Cosmiare would then go forward again and side stepped to slash towards his sides. ‘’Ugh…’’ she’d hear from the boy. Did she actually hit him? Her eyes really looked to see blood on him. ‘’Well damn. Good thing it didn’t go in too deep..’’ he’d say with a weak smile. ‘’You did well.’’ He lastly then said as he waved away. ‘’Imma go and get cleaned up. Cya lady. Oh and then name is Tyler.’’ Tyler spoke one last time and then disappeared. With that she would tilt her head, shrugged and then dragged the sword back to Khalash. ‘’I’m back old man.’’ She reported and entered the shop. ‘’Well, the sword seems common to me. The guy was only defeated because he kinda ran out of stamina.’’ She reported. He looked at her and nodded. With that she would then get her reward and left.



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