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Hot and bothered [Arisa]

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Hot and bothered [Arisa]  Empty Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:19 pm

Kenny stood at the far edge of the beach side bar-stand, it was a mostly empty corner no one was around him at the moment as most civilians seemed detested by his appearance. Since facing off with the serpent and spending more time on the beach his hair had grown longer, he kept his beard trimmed and for some reason he had find himself with darker eyes. It was a strange new look, but he would make due for now until he decided he wanted to cut his hair and grow his beard back to its original glory.

He  picked up a tankard and downed his drink, wiping the amber liquid from his lips with a satisfied sigh. It seemed moving to Hargeon was quite a wise idea as he had become initially more comfortable with himself as a man and person. Never would he have considered shaving himself bare and growing his hair out, yet here he was in all of his glory, hairless and trimmed. To be truthful there was the idea of shaving his head, but it was soon displaced when he realized just how long his hair was, and to be honest he thought he looked very handsome clean. “Bar keep, bring me another!” he laughed, the bridge of his nose growing red from his overconsumption of ale, “Come now, I need another good swallow! Tonight’s a big night in the beach house ya know!”

The bar keep sighed and shook his head at Kenny, he didn’t even know him and the familiarity was rather off putting.

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Yawning softly as she would roll off of bed wrapped in blankets, she would get up and go towards her dressing closet in which had most of her clothes and shoes. Her eyes of golden brown would look at the outfits and wondered which outfit would fit more for beach drinking. It's been since her time with a certain someone since she went drinking anything alcohol. Finally her eyes looked at saw what seemed to feel nice to wear. Slowly she would get it up as she was still half-asleep and then went to the bathroom to get ready. Her hair was brushed, decided to put on a head band of dark brown and designs on it and her her dress, a black lace strapless short vintage cocktail dress. It was lovely and with a twirl, the bottom of the dress would twirl as well like an umbrella kind of thing.

She liked the waves of it truly. Her eyes would then search, got on her knees and looked for shoes. 'Wonder if I should just get on sandals.... It is the beach.' she thought and then grabbed a pair of bamboo sandals with thin black straps that shaped a V by her middle toe. ''Welp, I'm ready then.'' she spoke softly and then went on the elevator. Arisa wondered what Yasuki was going to go out and do, but perhaps she knew where to go and where not to go. It didn't really matter anyways since she would hunt down someone down like a feline going after prey. After a couple of moments she would be released from the elevator and out of the hotel. Thankfully the hotel was right next to the beach in which case she would slowly walk, swaying her large hips, long hair moving left and right as she went to the beach bar with a tiki-like theme. So typical. Arisa could already imagine the alcohol drinks she's going to get.


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Well, well, look who came to bless the bar Kenny was at. Good ole Blueberry, ah yes he knew this woman well. At first she helped him find a clothing store but to day she was engaging in some beach nonsense, or at least she would be soon when Kenny got a few drinks in her…. Though that might not be the only thing he sticks her with today. He was gonna stick her with the power of friendship! Hard, withering, thick, throbbing, delicious friendship and she was going to enjoy it! He placed his elbow on the bar and rested his chin on an open palm as he watched her sway on up, she certainly had some feminine charms… Like good god look at her, this woman was the epitome of the female form: Nice jawline, slender, and a nice curved back wink.

“Hello there!” he called to her with a warm, cheery expression, it mostly hid his true intent in wanting to get her hammered tonight, not in that way gosh, but he was a nice guy and he just wanted to buy her a drink or three or five with his jewels. It wasn’t a crime right? A couple of drinks between adults, then go hang out on the beach, some good wholesome fun. “Milady! You made it, I’m so glad!” though he didn’t even know how to contact her… No use in being bashful, “First round of drinks are on me yeah?”

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Slowly walking down in the area of sands she would smile seeing the bar that seemed so tropical. Her long purple silk hair was curling at the bottom that was against her butt. Her golden brown eyes were looking forward as her mind was on two things. Drinking and a certain someone. She wondered on how she was going to tell him, but she felt like just keeping it to herself. She already had her doubts on certain things. Her cocktail dress would move a little like the waves of the ocean due to the winds that were breezing towards her direction.

Soon enough though as she go to the bar outside of the hotel itself a man called towards her. 'Who the hell is speaking?' she wondered darkly as her soft eyes would see a man with long black hair that was rather fizzy on the sides of it as his eyes were rather red with a unique design. Her eyes only met his face as it was pointless to even stare anywhere else. She had no interest. It was weird as she was only interested in more ways than friends with one person, but when she looked at others she would only think of 'pretty' or 'cute'. Arisa didn't feel 'hot' towards anyone besides a certain person. That person wasn't here. Her eyes would spy a drink in which looked rather nice. The man himself told the bar tender that the drink was on him. ''Thank you for this drink.'' she spoke as her right hand grabbed for it to take a sip. Her eyes watched him to make sure he wasn't going to do anything. What guy would get a girl a free drink unless there was something behind it? Sometimes it's friendship, sometimes it's to find out something and sometimes it's for the booty, ya? Her eyes looked at him as she was sitting on a stool, thinking. ''So what's your name?'' her head tilted and questioned, raising an eyebrow being curious.


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She seemed to want to get straight to business, shame little blue berry, why would he give her his name so quickly? She seemed to be flashy, very flashy, really stood out from everyone else. He sat on the counter and crossed his arms, there was a bit to her, most of it was pretty strange: freaky yellow eyes, her butt was as big as his head, her skin was (hence the name blueberry Kenny just gave her) and she was flat… Which didn’t really matter or well shouldn’t matter to Kenny because well… Beggers can’t be choosers right? Then again she was probably blue because of her magic, which would be pretty bad for Kenny depending on the type she has.

Kenny peered at her for a moment and tried his best to assess the situation, “That’s not important my little berry, what is important that you drink.” he shifted the subject from his name to drinking once again because well, why not? This new look didn’t permit him to NOT enjoy himself. He was a simple man and had simple desires one of them right now getting a mouth full of well, you guessed it, berries. He wanted to be blue kazoo by the time this was over. Then again… Why was he liquoring up this indigo plum, when there was an ashen beauty he could be spending time with…

“So what’s your name?” would be best to play stupid and ask even more stupid question to draw this out, just in case his conscious eased up on him later.

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She looked at him with suspicion as something was up. Truly Arisa didn''t really trust people easily even though she tried. This guy was weird and whatever act he had going on, there was something. She did enjoy the drink he gave her and with that she chuckled darkly. Her golden eyes glistened and gazed at this guy's red colored eyes. The other thing that made her chuckle though was the fact that he asked for her name yet just a little bit ago he wouldn't give her his. 'What a boy.' the darker voice thought and laughed at him even though no one could hear besides Arisa. ''What a jester. You want me to give out my name yet you aren't giving out yours.'' she would speak calmly, with an accent of french-like and stood up from her stool, beside it. This guy reminded her of that edge lord she saw once in Oak... What was his name...? Her eyes looked at the bartender and then back at the guy's eyes. 'Who cares.' she thought softly. This guy felt wrong. Was he really trying to get a piece of her? 'I'm sure he is, Arisa.' the darker tone spoke. Her eyes still looked soft, her smile ever so sweet as she would look at this edge guy who was weird. The old Arisa would totally have taken the bait, but ever since a certain someone, she knew better. ''Aren't you just a bundle of mystery...'' she spoke while looking down, smirking and paying attention to any movements from him and her surroundings.


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Kenny smiled down at her, his pearly whites shining bright as he beamed to her a gentle smile. Behind the smile was malicious intent, he had a desire or two, one to make a friend out of the blue girl, another to get her drunk and a small squeaky voice in the back of his mind telling him that if the chance arises to use her large posterior as a bongo he should probably use it for the love of god what is wrong with him? He didn’t look a pervert, he had the edgy factor down, he was handsome enough right? Well it didn’t matter, one of these days he’d be getting his beard back, but for now it was good just to relax and chill out with his hair down for a moment.

“Hm? I’m not jesting fine lady, I like to know who I’m buying drinks for.” his words were friendly and playful, hopefully she wouldn’t see through his guise. Then again, Kenny did have another person to worry about be it they were STILL in the city, alas he couldn’t stuff his mouth full of berries just yet, unless a time came and his thirst would be quenched inevitably due to a more or less risque position, then he’d best buy some roses, candy, and maybe a casket for himself because he would have to do alot of apologizing.

“I don’t think I’m all that mysterious, not like you, never before have I seen a woman so alluring. Someone with so much beauty, if you don’t mind me saying. To look at you I am lucky as you bless my vision with your divine presence, flawless blue skin, tantalizing hips, beautiful alluring eyes like two pools of glimmering citrine that I could get lost in for days on end, oh so kissable lips, and a sweet voice. You’re quite a woman, if I dare use that word, you’re an angel.”

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Arisa listened to this stranger, carefully. Surly this guy had some woman and he was one of those cheaters, but she didn't really know nor would he tell her. Her head tilted towards him, her eyes of soft golden brown would look at him while her elbows rested on the counter. The guy was talking about how he wasn't being funny and he wanted to know her name due to him buying drinks for her. Usually she doesn't judge someone by the book cover, but this guy was truly matching it to its fully glory. What to say though... She didn't want to be rude so instead she would look at the bar tender. ''I'll buy this round of drinks. Thanks.'' she would say softly with a smile. He wouldn't know the game, but in her mind it was going as she thought it was because next he was describing her to the top. It was as if he was slamming some cheesy poem dedicated to her. If only a certain someone was here. Too bad he wasn't because she feels that if she said no, he wouldn't listen. So she would play along this game, ''Oh please. I'm sure you say that to all females.'' she would say sweetly and giggle. Her eyes concentrated on his movements still. Never will she trust this guy right now. ''It seems we're both being mysterious about our identity though dear sir.'' she would say once more in her now calm tone with her accent. Where was this leading to? How far will this go before one of them leave or she gets annoyed? Guess she'll just drag this till something happens.


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His words were indeed cheesy, but they were true weren’t they? The description matched her well, she was beautiful in a sense, her beauty was her own, just as everyone has their own light about them. Her light seemed to be one of feigned mystery, she was doing her best not to let him know much about her, which was interesting as she seemed to be cautious of him. Should she be cautious? Maybe, shouldn’t the hen be weary of the jackal? Else she’d be his dinner, though this woman was far from a coy hen, she was like none he had met, she didn’t give a name first thing, but was willing to buy him a drink. She could be playing along, but why would she?

“Well my dear maybe by the end of our drinks we’ll know more about one another.” he chuckled, “And I’m afraid I don’t use those words on anyone I see, as most don’t draw my interest like you.”

She was something else, he could give this nameless woman that, looks and a sultry accent were enough to make most men weak in the knees and grovel, no matter the man’s power or ability. She could probably even bend a god to her will. Though that may be a bit of an overstatement, she was attractive none the less and seemed to be interesting thus Kenny would give her his full attention. It was mostly a matter of rather or not she returned interest.

Kenny picked up a cup and raised it to her, “To new drinking companions,” he took a sip, “And to you a rarity like no other.” he took a gulp this time.

“So, mind telling me about yourself?”

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Alyssa had stumbled up to the bar on the beach of Hargeon after killing the large sea creature.  Everything seemed to be running smoothly again.  Arcane trotted happily after her as they slowly walked towards the bar, seeing an extremely familiar figure standing beside a woman drinking.  She did not have to look twice to know who the man was, Kenny Omega, her man.  What he was doing this close to another woman even after seeing her on the beach a day earlier, she did not know.  She got close enough to hear what they were saying to each other.  She did not want to go off on the man or be brash for no reason.  Thankfully Arcane did not run towards him, but instead stood behind her.  Alyssa stood in a type of shock as she heard what was coming out of the man's mouth.  The man that was supposed to be hers.

The words slid out of his mouth so easily, the mouth that once only said those sweet nothings to her, the one that only kissed her lips.  The mouth that she now knew belonged to a snake.  She had choice words for this man, but first she had to get over the one ton weight now sitting on her heart making it hard for her to breath.  Tears welled up in her eyes and her once empty stomach was no longer hurting, but filled with a pit of despair.  She knew from now on she would no longer be living, merely surviving and her dreams would be tortured with the face of the man before her.  Confusion, anger, and shame infiltrated her entire being and her heart was spasming and scorched in pain.  Her heart was seeking the answers that she would not gain, the torment twisting her blind.  There was a shard in her stomach that she knew would never leave. She was a warrior, yet at the moment she felt very vulnerable.  The pain was heart wrenching.  So this was heartbreak, and it was the most painful thing she had ever imagined.

The split was even hurt, feeling the heartbreak like a truck hitting them both.  He was their best friend and he managed to rip their heart out with words only meant for her ears.  The tears fell down her cheeks and she decided to then let him see her.  She stepped out from her hiding spot and between the man and the woman.  

"How dare you?!"  She slapped him in his face and turned to the woman before her.  "I am...was...this man's girlfriend, you can have him after I finish him.  Just know he's a fucking snake!"  She kicked the man in the balls, shoving him to the ground as she did.  Arcane saw that she was hurt and mad as the split took over and began growling at the man before them.  "Remember what I told you about if you hurt her, scum.  I will give you one chance to stand up and fight before I rip your beating heart out as you just did ours."


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Erebus had been laying face first on the bar behind Kenny all along, he was tipsy and hadn't really realized the shit occurring until the psycho girl started yelling and the whole beach bar quieted. "Oh man." Erebus wasn't full awake, but he was eyeing both women now and was willing to tip his hat, fedora and meme and all, to the fellow man. He should did keep his plate full-- too full evidently. This was what happened when you played yourself, Erebus was kind of conflicted, he wanted to see a bar fight, but damn. This was kinda embarrassing to even see.

After the kick to the scrotum had occurred, Strategist chugged his beer and stood up. It seemed the girl Alyssa was giving her man up to the blueberry. His eyes danced down to the man probably gripping his 'nads. "..." Erebus extended a hand down to the male. He then took his seat back at the bar, and walked his fingertips across the table to grab Kenny's drink before he noticed it gone. Erebus had successfully returned to listening to the conversation. Occasionally swigging booze, and chuckling.

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Arisa was watching this guy and continued to wonder how far this will go. She took a sip of her drink and looked at his red eyes. She was listening to him speaking about her appearance and her voice and all that jazz. Sure enough a woman of white from hair, eyelashes and skin while her eyes were red. Honestly she was rather pretty cute. Slowly she would drink her drink as she then saw another guy join in. She didn't know anything about him so she kept quiet. She would listen to her get rather pissed off at this mysterious guy. 'Gottem.' she thought as she was right in the end. He was with another woman yet here he was giving away sweet words to another. She hoped that a certain someone wasn't like that... Maybe she would react the same way this woman was. ''Oh no. You have me wrong. I'm here just for the drinks and beach. I guess a show too - now that is.'' she would say calmly and soft. Her golden brown eyes looked at the woman and the guy who was flirting with her. She wasn't sure how this would end, but she didn't care either way. A cold part of her was here as if it was the usual happy Arisa, she'd care. Right now? Not really.


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There was terror and dread in his eyes, he shook his head and sighed. Damn it, this probably looked bad. Kenny’s heart sank, his mouth hung open and his eyes widened, not out of shock, but fear. He knew what was happening, he finally fucked up. He saw it in her face, the pain, the anger, the resentment, he cursed himself in his mind and couldn’t believe how badly he had messed up. He deserved everything that was going to happen to him and he wouldn’t even fight back. She slapped him across the face, he kept a solemn expression on his face, she kicked him square in the hit-box and he fell to his knees groaning in pain. She told him this would happen, he didn’t think he would get caught flirting, his intent wasn’t to hurt her, or even make a move on the other woman. He was harmlessly flirting, but his idiocy finally caught up with him. He deserved this, he deserved to have his throat ripped out, he deserved to have his body decimated and his soul crushed in her palm like it was nothing but a damned egg shell.

He looked up at her and cleared his throat, it wouldn’t matter if he choose his words carefully, there was no use in defending himself. “Alyssa…” his words trailed off and broken, voice calm. He shook his head as if he was trying to shake away what he had done. His knees dug into the sand, fingers lacing together in his lap, “Those were just words Alyssa, this woman and I don’t even know eachother and I wouldn’t cheat on you…” he remained as calm as he could as he took a deep breath.

He got up with the assistance of the other man and thanked him, though he couldn’t appreciate his drink being sipped on by this guy. He looked at Alyssa, then at the blueberry and booked it for the ocean. He ran, and ran, he made it to the water and dove in and swam out to ocean, he swam as far and as hard as he could to get away from her.


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Kenny would not be getting away today.  As soon as he began running for the ocean, Alyssa commanded Arcane to get him.  "Arcane!  Flame Charge!"  Alyssa yelled.  The flaming dog lit up in flames and dashed six meters per second towards the man quicker than he could move.  Arcane would tackle the man before he hit the ocean doing damage to him.  Alyssa ran up quickly behind the man with a chuckle.  "Did you actually think you could get away?"  She kicked the man in the side while Arcane held him by the leg, teeth dug in through the flesh. "I fucking told you what would happen if you hurt her.  She meant nothing?  If you cared, you would not have done this anyhow!  So how many women has it been since you left?  How many have you flirted with?  How many have you taken to bed?!"  She was yelling by the end, her anger taking hold of her even more.  "If I still had that cursed blade, I would cut your head from your shoulders, guess I might have to do it with my hands."  She kicked him across his face, each kick dealing physical damage to the man.  She would then command Arcane to let go of his leg and attach onto his most personal male spot between his legs, holding on where he could not move.  "I will give you one chance to explain yourself.  If you move, I will command Arcane to rip off that important organ he has hold of."

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Her eyes would watch as the guy would try to run off. She wasn't sure on how far he was going and nor did she start to care. The more she was looking at him the more she started to pity him. Not far off would he be caught by the girl who was then pretty much torturing the guy. Arisa's golden brown eyes would stare at them as she took another drink of her alcohol. She listened to the girl's words and they sounded somewhat similar. They were like the darker voice's words as they were filled with hate, pain and so forth. Arisa felt a connection to this random white haired woman and it made her interested in who she was. Sadly she knew this wasn't the time and the small care she had left for this person who was flirting was now gone. Arisa would move over, away from the two and then looked back once more at the white hair beauty and smirked. Slowly she would walk up the hill and to her hotel room to see if her sister was perhaps okay. She somewhat hoped that she wouldn't remember most of this as even the guys' words were rather wasteful. It didn't matter in the end as she would just sleep the memories away.



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Kenny felt the harsh flames on his back as he was tackled down shirt getting scorched, Arcane gripped his leg. Kenny took two handfuls of sand as he was dragged back to her, he winced when his ribs were kicked and finally turned back to her only to gasp as his tender bits were gripped in the dog’s mouth, a miracle that they were cut to shreds at the very instant. Kenny looked up at Alyssa with wide eyes as he listened to her speak, he could hear her pain and he couldn’t explain why but the more hurt she sound the more he realized just how stupid he had been. When the woman left he looked down at the ground and shook his head, “I’m so sorry Lyss, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he sighed, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t have any intentions to do anything with her, I swear, I made a slip of the tongue, but I’ve only been thinking of you, I couldn’t even really speak to her I was thinking of you so much.”

His voice shook as he felt water welling in his eyes, “Just please, I love you, i meant every word I’ve ever told you that were synonymous with those those three. I love you more than anything in the world and I made a mistake just now, but please don’t leave me.” he felt pathetic for begging, but he couldn’t help it, he loved her, he loved her so much. She was his heart and he loved her, god damn did he love her. She was his only weakness, his biggest motivation and the only woman for him. Just hearing her say they were through hurt him, those were penetrated his heart like an icy dagger tearing down his chest and ripping out of heart in a mess of pain.

“I swear, another chance is all I ask, I will stay away from another woman for the rest of my life if I have to, especially if it means you will always be by my side. Please just don’t go. Arcane can even take my… uh… Thing I don’t care as long as you’re here.”

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Finishing off just one last shot, Erebus moved his body off the chair, rubbed his lips and smacked a few bills onto the table. His eyes were lazy and strung out, with bags as per the norm. He'd been here longer than he was willing to admit so it was time to head on home. Home being no real place, simply where he threw his backpack and placed his money. For the few weeks he was staying near the beach, that was a motel looking out the port's wayward gaze. A humble little room with a window, a bathroom, and a bed. A bed to call his own, and to rest in whenever he needed it.

Kenny was already out the door, ad Alyssa on after him as the mighty lycan stepped over bodies to make way towards the exit. The hot and bothered woman of skin a luscious, though couple wrecking destructive, blue tone remained behind. Kenny was the center of a place Erebus knew too well of. A love triangle. Though, Arisa didn't appear to be that new to the man's menu. Speculation left it reasonable to say they weren't even friends, possibly business associates or comrades on a mission or two. Nothing out of the norm. The other girl however, the one who gave Erebus a vibe that just wouldn't sit as a chill one. She definitely seemed to have shared emotional as well as sexual embrace for Kenny at one time. Goo luck to that guy. Things like this were a hard explanation-- taken like salt to wound when a man tried to justify.

Shit happens. Rest in peace. And, finally.

Goodbye. Erebus had left the area.



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Alyssa smirked at the begging man beneath her with eyes still filled with tears.  "Arcane, let go."  She muttered sadly, turning her back on the man.  "Do not let me see it happen again.  This is your last chance, Kenny.  You are lucky I enjoy that thing between your legs or I would have let him take it off.  I will be finding you again soon, to talk about this."  Arcane would let go of the man's junk and together, Alyssa and Arcane would walk off with their head's held low.  She was embarrassed, not of attacking the man, of not being good enough for him to have to go find solace in another woman.  Her heart hurt and she knew she should not be giving the man another chance, but she could not help it, she loved him too much to let him go...to think of him in another woman's arms.  It made her shutter with disgust and rage.  It was time for her to let out some of her rage.  As she left the beach she headed for some of the back roads of Hargeon and soon found a young couple making out on a back road.  Drawing her weapon she smiled and proceeded to do what she did best, kill.



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Kenny took a sigh of relief when she told him he had another chance, he almost fainted when it happened to be truthful, he thought his jewels were seriously on the line here and he wouldn’t have been able to use them ever again. He was also relieved that she gave him another chance, that was all that he wanted, he wandered off of the path just lightly and paid greatly for it so much so that he wouldn’t do so much as look at another woman for anything but directions to where he could find Alyssa his unfaithfulness was curved and now he was charged with making it up to her. There must have been some way… He rubbed his chin now watching the two disappear from sight, there was one way to make it up to her and have the both of them be happy. The idea was a little raw and if he wasn’t careful she may have killed him, but if it worked the both of them would be pretty happy with him, well the three of them as he counts Arcane as a member of the family of course. “Don’t worry love, I’ll make it up to you.” he sighed and rested in the sand, but for now he needed to get over the shock of almost losing his manhood.

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