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Eyes Wider Open[Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy had helped the old man that owned Mag Drug Magic Shop not a few days before that one. He had received a letter from the man asking for more help from the giant. Jeeroy did not enjoy his first time at the shop, but a job was a job. His fingers shook that day from lack of sleep as he rolled the joint before him. He had been training nearly non stop and looking for some way to give himself some magic. Maybe glitter magic would work for himself. Or something to do with body oil. His mind was full of ideas that he would love to try out if he ever had the chance to get a magic for himself. Maybe the old man at the shop had something that could help him, he would have to ask at some point. In the letter, the man had said he needed help scaring some sense into a man who had sent him a broken item. Jeeroy was always up for scaring some sense into someone if need be. He stuck the joint to his lips and lit it as he grabbed his belongings and head out towards the Mag Drug Magic Shop where he would be waiting for the day.

As he walked, he looked out at the beautiful scenery before him. Mag was filled with large trees and beautiful landscapes. A tear leaked from his eye as he looked out to see what exactly the town looked like. He had never just sat and looked, always too busy doing jobs to do so. He took a while on his walk, listening to the birds singing and the creatures running up the trees. It was bright and beautiful out, his glitter would look lovely against the sunlight. He tore off his shirt and began to flex, throwing a handful of glitter in the air as he did so. He would have to stop using so much, seeing as his glitter funds were out of this world at the point in time. He scratched his chin as he thought about what could be a good alternative for glitter, and came up with nothing as fascinating as body glitter. It clung to him perfectly and he knew he would have to make a spot in his funds for it always, maybe make a friend that would help him throw his glitter as he flexed for the ladies.

When he made it to the shop, he found it unlocked with a note posted for him at the counter. He knew it was probably a bad idea for the man to leave the shop unlocked, but the people of mag seemed to be very trustworthy thus far, so he would not complain to the man. Plus, as a Rune Knight, he could arrest anyone he found rummaging through the store when he got there, and he would really enjoy doing just that if someone was stupid enough to try and steal from the nice man who could very easily curse the belongings that the people would steal. The thought made him laugh and he had to wipe a tear from his eye. Now he just had to wait for the man to get to the shop. As he waited, he read over the note. It stated that the man had given him a faulty item and he did not take items that did not work, there was a sign there on the door that stated just that, so he wanted his money back and Jeeroy could understand why. Playing someone like that was not cool.

Soon, the door dinged open and a large man walked in with a scowl upon his face. As Jeeroy was sitting down, the man could not see his full stature quite yet. He stepped to the counter with an annoyed look upon his face. "Okay dude, we are going to cover this real quick and easy. This item does not work, ergo the old man wants his money back. I am a Rune Knight and what you have done is against the law, if you would like to go to jail, tell me, if not, then give me the money the man gave you and take your faulty item somewhere else, and don't let me see you doing this again." Jeeroy warned. The man said nothing, simply threw the money on the table, took his item, and walked out. Jeeroy went to the back and placed his hand on the globe like thing where he saw the old man's face appear moments later.

"Thank you, dear boy, now take your cut and lock up." The man said and dissipated. Jeeroy did just that, took the jewels he was owed and locked the door to the shop as he walked out, smiling as he did so.

807/800 Adventurer wc reduction.

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