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Deep thinker w/ Eva [Invite]

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#1Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
It was a somewhat chilly day in Magnolia as T.K managed to get himself lost within Magnolia on his way back to the Inn he and Isabella were staying. Everyone seems to hard at work today I wounder what's going? on he asked sitting on a bench watching as people rushed back and forth with bag and boxes in their hands I miss home, I miss helping mother and Father run the church. he continued to think as he stood up and headed for the Cathedral.

while he walked he looked at the ground as he always did when depressed about something "What would someone from the Knights think of me if they saw me." he muttered to himself stopping to retie his shoe's. The flow of people started to slow down as he got closer and closer to the church but for this problem going to the church was not the answer so he sat on the steps of the church diving deeper into his own thoughts about what to do with himself which nearly made him forget that he was even lost to begin with. T.K pulled out Patpat and held him just a few inches away from his face "What should I do Patpat I've never had this problem before?" he asked the plushie with small bat like wings.on it's head and big blue eyes.


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Eva giggled, nodding at whatever the couple of Rune Knights told her as she handed over the thief she had just caught by chance. She waved goodbye at them, turned, and walked away, sighing as she finally let the irritation wash over her. Why was it that she couldn’t relax even on a day off? She was somehow woken up early that morning by an angry Hanase san that complained to her about her lazy habits. He practically kicked her out the inn telling her to just roam around the streets and do something productive other than sleeping for once.

She walked around the city for a while afterwards. Honestly, having been in Magnolia for such a long time had made Eva miss her own home, Era. She wanted to go back, not to the Vanderbilt house but to her own apartment back in the town adorned by the Magic Council. The Kardia Cathedral stood proudly on her way as Eva intended to pass by the building, not even religious enough to give it a glance. But a strange, but familiar plushie had caught her eyes, and the boy holding it was someone she had met just the other day while forming their new team, something that Eva still considered a pain. “Is that you, T,K?” she asked, not wanting to ignore the boy that seemed slightly depressed for some reason.

Deep thinker w/ Eva [Invite] R1pERCr
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Theo Kaguya
T.K looked at his plushie when he heard someone call his name, which turned out to be Eva from the team meeting just the other day "Oh hello Miss Eva, What bring you hear today?" he asked putting Patpat behind his back in hopes that she wouldn't see it. Miss Eva seems young should I be calling her miss maybe I should ask her what to call her? he waved at her with a cheerful smile so he wouldn't worry her or anything. The air felt cold when it hit T.K's legs "Umm...Miss Eva do you mind me...calling you that?" he asked using his index finger to starch his left cheek due to having to ask such a weird and awkward question to his new teammate. It wasn't enough that he was the only boy on the team but he had never talked another girl that wasn't Isabella or someone from the family.

Hopefully he wouldn't mess up and insult her in some way like he did when he asked Isabella for advice on something when they were back home and their parents left her in charge while they were out.

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