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Don't let them Know (Magnolia -> Era) |Foot Travel|

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Don't let them Know (Magnolia -> Era) |Foot Travel| Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:56 am

Akai wasn't so sure he exactly wanted to be travelling to a Rune Knight infested area after recently becoming a Lycan, and not exactly knowing all about his new abilities. He was definitely able to smell better, he never realized how much some people needed to bathe. He had left Magnolia for Era mostly because he thought it was time he spend some time near the area of the incident, so it turned out to be Era, but he had decided this before becoming something...not human. Ironically what he had said to Kerii ended up coming true, and he was still a little shocked, but by now he was walking into Era with everything intact, he was gonna make the most of his time here.


Don't let them Know (Magnolia -> Era) |Foot Travel| DC0NB5T

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