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Captain's Rum [Selindra]

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Captain's Rum [Selindra] Empty Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:04 am

The contract that she had been given, it was one that she had been longing for, especially given the random ones in which it had seemed that she was being tasked with throughout her time in Hargeon at least in the recent memory. Tasks in which involved more petty tasks that did not do any thing that contributed towards the success of betterment of anyone but the people who had contracted her, with perhaps the exception being Selindra in that she was being paid for her services. But costs were negligible, much of it being more jewels than in which she had any reason to invest or do with. Because of that, she only further and further longed for the chance to encounter against those who would otherwise be able to satisfy the tasks and challenges that she was looking forward to doing like how when she had first arrived in Hargeon, the blood shed like that of when she was getting ready to leave Oak Town. In those moments, she felt alive, excited, like her skills and talents were not being put to waste, but at the same time, she could not help but further and further believe that the chance that she was going to repeat those feelings within Fiore were becoming more distant memories than anything else.

With this contract, she was given a unique task, one in which while not so much dealing with the smuggling of goods into or out of Hargeon and by extension, in or out of Fiore, but rather instead it was that she was going to be working with the smugglers themselves, though what stood out immediately to Selindra was the fact that the contract stated that the bottle of rum in which she had been given in a previously completed contract, one in which she had not yet had the chance to open, would actually end up serving as the means to which the task would begin, by offering it as a form of tribute. Arriving at the large pirate ship in which had just landed in the docks, Selindra knew what was to be expected, what she had to do, and it was in that moment that she decided to offer it to the man who would identify himself as the captain. Nothing less was deserved than to present an offering to a captain of a ship than compared to that of someone who would be imitating one. It would both set a bad example to not only the captain, but would shame the crew and warrant an aggressive action by the one who truly was the captain. When he appeared, he appeared a great deal larger than in which she had first expected him to be, but that was good. It was better that her perception be thronw off, as it would make the interaction between the two far more genuine and realistic than compared to that of it were someone who were weak or otherwise small. It would make the communications that much tougher.

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The captain was pleased at the gesture, but was hesitant. An appropriate reaction, given the fact that there were plenty enough of people who would have preferred that instead of offering a gift or even just receiving a gift that there may have been an ulterior motive behind it, a potential chance that the item may have been poisoned, but in this case, it were an honest one, and as the captain opened up the bottle, took a scent of the rum and then took a very small swig of it, there was a smile which elated upon his face, one in which was clear enough that any sort of doubt that the man may have held towards Selindra were eliminated in that very moment. At that point, the real work could begin, with this man now being able to know that he were able to trust Selindra rather than believing her to be a possible assassin or woman sent to kill him, either of which circumstance could have been made true, though at the same time being one that was to be expected in that line of work. Certainly, Selindra did not put it past them to believe that there was enough of a reason to worry and otherwise think that if she were in the same situation as that man. Very likely, she would have had the messenger forced to prove something as well rather than simply accepting Selindra as an ally, but that was perhaps wishful thinking on her part than anything else.

As the man had come to explain it, the issue at hand were items on the ship that were to be delivered to another man, a man who she had come to realize and learn was the man who she had also done other tasks in the past, though much more of personal matters that in no way seemed to have interested, but rather just caused her to hate being within hargeon. That aside, the fact that he was involved in some matter made her believe that perhaps her criticisms of the man were not warranted and that perhaps even in the event of having done matters that she considered to have been rather petty, still held a purpose. Dismissing those questions that now posed within her head and mind, she instead did as was requested by the pirate captain, taking the items, a small bag that seemed to have contained a handful of small bombs, and began making her way towards the outskirts of the Docks. It made sense why she would have to be the one who would take them, as the moment she ventured outside of the area just near the main part of the docks, she noticed a much stronger level of involvement of guards and Rune Knights, far more than perhaps what she could have imagined there to have been. If it had been any sort of pirate who even dared venture into these areas, then there would no doubt be a large amassing of men on the pirate almost immediately.

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Once she met the man, while he was far more receptive of seeing her than she was of him, there was little time for any sort of remembering of the past, instead there being a simple exchange of the items, Selindra surrending the bag containing the items while the man waited for someone else to arrive, appearing to be nothing more than a middleman which caused the woman to think slihglty less of the man, at least then at least slightly less than what she thought differently than she did when she found out that the man was involved in the underworld rather than just being what essentially amounted for little more than a gnat. However, the man was unable to meet whomever it was that he was waiting for, or even allow Selindra a chance to see just who it was either, as almost as soon as the transaction concluded, there were several Rune Knights who descended upon the scene, intent on caputruing not only the man but also Selindra. The man was more surprised than anything else, appearing to freeze for a moment while Selindra was able to immediately break away, running away and descending through the alleyways. She knew that she could not lose the Rune Knights through this means, but she would be able to at the very least take advantage of the stacked crates that were being left about after the ships were unloaded. They would enable for an easy means of ascending out of the alleyways and completely disappearing, especially if she had any sort of a head starts before the guards, of which hers was rather impressive already, even with her armor weighing her down.

It did not take long for her to lose the guards through this manner, her having reached the roofing of the alleyways before the guards were even able to so much as even make it into the alleyway. She could hear them as they were confused, unsure as to how exactly it was that they had lost her, but after a few moments of searching, they were forced to give up their pursuit of the woman, instead opting to see if they could assist in capturing the other man, though whether or not he escaped was both a mystery to them and to Selindra, but not a concern to the latter. Her part of the job had been more than completed, everything in which she had been tasked with doing now done. All that was left was simply to return to the pirates and tell them of what happened, as as she relayed the information to them, they were boht impressed and couldn’t help but have a laugh at the woman’s expense, as no doubt both aspects came to surprise them. Aftr a few more moemnts, they provided the reward that had been promised to Selindra and with that, the work between the two was no longer required and then Selindra departed, though being mindful all the same in the event that there may have been a guard or two who may have still been looking for her.

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