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More Intimidation Tactics [Selindra]

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More Intimidation Tactics [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:20 am

She believed herself to be a capable negotiator, someone who could get the job done when tasked, though more often than not, there were usually instances of physical threats and intimidation involved than otherwise. It was what had made her task of dealing with the reluctant shopkeeper in her opinion, such an impressive task, though it was tough to say one way or the other if it were to have been a success or not. That would be all reliant on the results of the task before in which she had been contracted to deal with, to handle a store owner who had been refusing to pay a local mob boss within Oak Town. By all accounts, it seemed at least that the deal had been a success, but it was tough to say one way or the other if this was going to remain the case, especially until she heard further about everything that was going on. When she got the contract from the same man who had originally hired her to deal with the matter in the first place, she was convinced that the resolution and matter of the shopkeeper was very likely that there would be more to the whole matter.

As they met in the same bar as they had met the first place, Selindra didn’t want to waste time with what was going on, insisting directly upon finding out what it was that the man had done to warrant Selindra arriving there. She believed that the contract that she had negotiated with the shop keeper was something that she could have taken credit for, but apparently it seemed that the man had not yet seen a single bit of payment from the shop keeper, that he was continuing to refuse to pay what was negotiated. Even in spite of an act of good will of having to pay at a reduced rate, it was clear as well that this was not enough for the shopkeeper who insisted on having something more. There was nothing more for him to be able to gain. Everything had been defined by the contract, the contract in which he had signed. Much like last time, there was only a short distance between it and the previous location were located close to each other, so there was only a short time and it would not have been difficult for the shopkeeper to believe that if he had come to see Selindra that he would probably know that it was something regarding the contract in which he was apparently neglecting.

It was clear when she entered into the shop that the storekeeper realized just why she was there, and there were few if any words that were spoken between the two of them. Rather, the two just looked at each other for a moment, Selindra exhibiting no emotion on her face, it appearing stoic all throughout the entire time. The shopkeeper was clearly a bit more worried, a part of him worried as to what the woman would do, her eyes every so often coming to look and see what was going on, what she was going to do, it being a relatively unknown element in which only Selindra knew what she was going to do. Then, without there being any sort of warning, Selindra took out her blade and began to strike at the items within the store, causing damage to what ever item it was that she was able to attack and damage, making sure that the store owner realized that there were going to be little to calm the woman down, given that in effect, by refusing the contract, he had not only insulted Selindra, but also that of the man who had originally contracted her. At this point, there was no reason for her to demonstrate or other wise convey any sort of peace or civility. The man protested greatly, hoping that his words would be able to deter Selindra from furthering along with her destruction, but she was determined to make a point. She had been betrayed by this man. He had lied to her. Had lied to her client, and to a degree, meant that a contract had been failed. As such, it was only when she was satisfied with the destruction of the store that she returned to her client and received her reward.

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