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Hunter-Gatherer [Selindra]

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Hunter-Gatherer [Selindra] Empty Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:35 am

What more marveled Selindra was not the requests in which she had been tasked with accomplishing, nor the various menial jobs in which had seemed to have become routine for her. No, those, while annoying in their own right, were at least jobs that were to be expected of jobs like that. It was she who had accepted the contracts, and perhaps for her own fault that there were so poorly of a decision made, a decision in which must have had her wondering as to the basis behind them, whether or not they were reasonable, whether or not that they were meant to have been done in the first place, and it was difficult to adequately say one way or the other, though there was little to dispute the fact that certainly, their tasks were becoming largely redundant to the point of not even being worth the time in which she was putting forward through them. Rather, what she was best off doing was instead finding else things to do, though that list was seldom.

It also did not help either that now it was no longer being a case that in which she would be able to simply choose to select or deny a particular job on the basis that there could have been someone else who would be able to do them, but rather now that there were jobs in which were being explicitly tied to her, indiiduals who were now going out of their way to establish contracts for Selindra to take, knowing that her own code demanded she complete them, whether it be either the job’s completion or her own death in which dictated and resulted in the conclusion of it otherwise. It was a harsh decision, one that she often hated, particularly when the job was one that was as meaningless and insigifnicant as it was turning out that this was one was proving to be.

Mushrooms. She had been relegated to dealing with finding mushrooms for a man who may have been a doctor or may have just been a mad man in a white coat. Either scenario was possible, though it was impossible to say entirely as to which one it really may have been. Either way though, that he was looking for something as minor as a mushroom and was asking Selindra to deal with this either meant one of two things. Either this man was as poor and stupid as the rest of the people that Selindra had encountered within Oak Town. Or that he was far more intelligence and cunning than what he let on an that this may have been an incredibly dangerous quest and that he was hopeful that Selindra was someone who would not realize this herself. However, she was no fool, and would not dare to actually ingest anything that may have been poisonous, but she was still going to find what it was that he was looking for. There were more than enough mushrooms within the woods where she was looking in, though there were many of them which could have easily been eliminated from her search, either due to their shape or otherwise due to their color or texture.

However though, it was to say the least, difficult to tell which ones were the correct ones against those that looked very similar. The fact was, the textures were subtle, barely noticeable and though she could probably tell of what they were if she had enough time, the fact that she was int eh wooods of all places, within the poor area of Oak Town, it made her believe that there was little reason to spend more time than she had already invested herself in. Rather than worry about those that looked similar to the actual mushrooms against those of which she was actually looking for, she instead just opted to acquire all of them that she could that were remotely similar, the longer it went the less and less she cared for the differences. Once she had a large number of the mushrooms in her possession, she made her way back to the man, providing him with the mushrooms in exchange for the reward that she believed that she had more than earned.

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