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Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Traveling]

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Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Traveling] Empty Sat Jun 24, 2017 4:32 am

Seira stumbled across her room and started packing up the few things she had brought along with her. The young woman had never been much of a collector and only owned as much as she needed to in order to survive. Most things, like clothes and beauty products could be purchased in any city or on the road so those type of things didn’t exactly matter much to her. Seira had yet to settle down somewhere and until she did that there was no way for her to own more than she already did anyways, so packing up her belongings was usually a matter of a few minutes. She had plans on leaving for Hargeon Town today, to find work but also to eventually find out more about the vampire race and Bianca. If that wasn’t possible then she would simply do jobs and eventually leave for Oak Town, the place where she knew she would find more information. Seira left around midday and walked to Hargeon Town by foot. She timed it so that she would arrive after sundown in the evening and checked into the same inn she had checked in during her last visit, one that was close by the ocean and quite lovely.


Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Traveling] LqKLdpe

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