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Can a Robot Swim? [Open]

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Today, Geb was at the beach. It was a sunny day, and Gallent had just got some shaved ice from a stand. It was a raspberry flavor, not that Gallent really cared too much about the taste of his food anyways. As long as it was food, the munchlax would eat it.. and he needed a lot of it. Was this what it was like to have kids?

Nope, kids would be pickier.

Geb wasn't really a big beach person when he was younger, but perhaps it was just an acquired taste. He'd try it out today, there was no reason not to after all. He wore a pair of blue swimming trunks as he sat on his towel. The weather was fine, and the beach was only a little busy. After putting on his sunglasses, Geb approached the water slowly as it rippled against the beach. As he approached the water, a question came into his mind, one that he never bothered asking before, considering he never was in a situation in which it would of needed to be asked to himself.

He looked down at the water, stopping before it, and thought to himself.

Can machias swim..?

Can a Robot Swim? [Open] BORZAPv

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Can a Robot Swim? [Open] Sample_d2566596ae73355e01de420e81e72eb5_zpsv318enan

Ryumimi loved the outdoors... As long as the outdoors weren't too far from civilization, of course. She loved enjoying a beautiful morning as long as she could do so comfortably and the beach was possibly the best place to enjoy both. A part from the course, dry sand that somehow managed to get everywhere it was a great place for her to be, usually packed with people playing all manner of water sports, a pretty girl could usually work her way into a game of frisby or volleyball with relative ease despite being a stranger.

This was no substitute for coming with friends however. When one came with friends, they could enjoy these many things together, and join entire other groups, shaking away some of the awkwardness that came with not being an insider. These impromptu parties were practically what Ryumimi lived for, and since she wasn't prone to substance abuse she could remember it all the next morning! All the better too, as she knew herself well enough that she would likely make decisions she would regret if her inhibitions were lowered with no one to blame but herself and her frieghtening lack of will power. She had enough of a hard time turning people down as it was, the last thing she needed to do is forget that whatever she decided to do is something she would have to live with.

However, Ryu had never quite faced a problem like the one she had currently. It was indeed a beautiful, hot summer morning, not too hot though definitely hot enough one would want to be either in the water, or at home cooling off, but the beach was barely pulsing with life. Looking across the expanse of sand, there were a few families, a few girls chatting and/or sunbathing, some guys working out. Nothing Mimi felt she could weasel her way into. Not without them seeing her in a light she didn't want to be seen in by strangers. She never wanted to look as desperate for company as she was, which was half the the problem.

The other half was that she practically needed to be around others! She did as much as she could within the confines of her modesty to be "attractive". It was something that brought and kept people close to her. Quietly she cursed herself. Dressed in an admittedly modest by modern standards two piece swimsuit, a white front tied top with black drills accompanied by a black swimskirt with a white outline just above the hem which in itself was nestled at the edge of her upper thigh. The bikini bottoms that served to cover her lower region matched her top, though the skirt was just long enough to hide them from view while she was standing.

Though mostly modest, she felt quite dirty wearing it. She didn't enjoy exposing herself this much, especially to strangers. If she had any confidence in herself as the girl she didn't know she was, she would have worn a one piece. Something cute. Something conservative. But as it was she knew this would draw more attention. It fit her body better, it caught eyes better. The odds of her being able to strike up a conversation on her looks alone were higher if she seemed more... Liberated than she actually was. At least that's how she felt.

Being popular meant meeting a certain expectation. Even now, in a swimsuit she felt was "optimal" for her goals she still second guessed herself.

Is it too bold? Or... Or maybe not bold enough?! Should I have worn the red one? Or... Or maybe the onesie? Gaaaawd this is so frustrating!

Her thoughts were scambled as she looked around, a few eyes on her but no one approaching!

Just come over and say 'hi'! I don't bite! Just say hello God damnit!

Still nothing. So she kept moving, giving the admiring a stranger a wave. A silent invitation that wasn't an invitation entirely. So naturally, the person stayed put and Mimi moved on. Absorbed in her own thoughts she barely noticed the boyish figure standing by the tide's end. Without her focus on the world around her, she bumped clean into him with a -thunk-! Her foot losing ground in the sand below her feet, she fell backwards on to her behind and her left buttcheek slammed into a seashell pressed into the wet sand.

"fuuuuuaaaahkin ouuuch~!", she whined as she rubbed her ass cheek, angrly fishing out the offending shell and tossing it back into the ocean spitefully, without standing, as the cold waves did provide some pain relief to her hurt butt.


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Geb sighed. He wasn't enjoying this.. the water was scary. Seriously, who knew what would happen if he went in there. Would he simply fry up like a toaster? He really wished he had read the machia instruction booklet now, damn. Sighing, he turned around, before beginning to walk forwards, not realizing there was a young woman in front of him that had been sitting down on her bottom. As such, Geb would trip on her, his own life flashing before his eyes as it almost seemed like it wasn't just a minor fall. Perhaps Geb had some sort of fear of falling, but he doubted it. Geb landed right on his face, planting it into the sand as he let out a bit of a groan. Looking back as he pooped his out of the sand that it was in, he looked over to see the girl he had tripped over. She looked kind of young, and very feminine, whatever that meant. He moved his legs and stood up, brushing his trunks off from the sand that had fallen on them from the fall.

"Sorry miss, I simply was not looking where I was going. Would you like some help up, or are you alright?" Geb asked as he held his hand outwards towards her, hoping to god that she wasn't mad or anything. Normally Geb wouldn't mind, but right now he wasn't really in the mood to get yelled at in any form. Not that she looked much like the yelling type, but you never knew..

Can a Robot Swim? [Open] BORZAPv

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