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White Claudia Refined [Alyssa]

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White Claudia Refined [Alyssa] Empty on Tue Jun 06, 2017 3:24 pm

He didn’t know that the doctor wasn’t finished with his white claudia concoction, Kenny was in a ramen shop getting himself a bowl of miso before he went back home. The doctor, Mabuz or whatever his name was had sent a letter to their room requesting their presence for yet another experiment. He could have did the experiment on himself, but no it seemed he had taken a liking to his two test subjects. Did he finally give it a proper use instead of nightmares? Probably not, and this idea made Kenny uneasy especially after what had happened the second time around. He had struck Alyssa, that alone made him not want to participate. Kenny looked down into his bowl of ramen and slurped the last of his noodles before drinking down the broth. This would be interesting.

Alyssa had probably seen the letter since Kenny left it on the kitchen table before leaving the hotel room. The doctor asked for help yet again for his precious white claudia, he promised that it was going to be the last test, though Kenny didn’t trust him either way. What did catch Kenny’s attention was the money he offered, scum bag or not it was always nice to have an influx of jewels in his pocket. Kenny took a deep breath and left the ramen shop after paying his bill, he did want the money since he was going to be getting Alyssa a gift soon, so every jewel he could get his hands on was welcomed. He was clueless for the most part about what to get her, maybe a ring, though he hadn’t seen her wear jewelry as of late. Clothes? She did need some more since he had a habit of tearing things off… Maybe he could just give her a bunch of jewels.

Since Alyssa was invited too he would no doubt meet her at the doctor’s office, Kenny had only pulled ahead to get something to eat. Back to the topic of the doctor the last phew nightmares he had given Kenny was still shaking the man to his core. He had seen his grandparents again, even if it was from yards away the sight of them made his heart sink into his chest and made him want to cry, he missed them dearly and hadn’t gotten to see them when they left this realm for another. If only he could see them one last time.

With a sigh he cracked his knuckles and got ready to head out. He decided to wait for Alyssa outside of the noodle shop since it was on the way there anyway. He sat on the ground and waited on her fiddling with his frail sword as he wondered what to get her. “Maybe another skirt? Perfume? Flowers just die… A puppy? Then again she has Arcane…” he rubbed his chin, “What about a necklace? No, it would just get pulled in battle. I also need to get something Lyss will like. Lingerie? I saw a TV ad for it… Maybe there’s a shop around here.” he continued rambling on about possible gifts as he waited.



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Alyssa awoke to Kenny being gone, something she was quite used to. He seemed to get up before her nearly every day, yet they went to bed nearly the same time every night. She guessed he could just run on more sleep than she could. Stretching her back out, causing it to pop, she stood up, bare feet padding against the cold floor as she walked over to the freezer to pull out something to eat. Finding what little they had, she frowned and grabbed an apple from the counter instead. Yes, they would need to go shopping soon. Alyssa sat down at the table after pouring Arcane some food. She quickly found a letter on the table, it was from the doctor again. So he wanted their help? Yet again? She sighed and ran her hands through her hair before looking at Arcane. "You are going to come this time, boy. If Kenny could see me in his trip, I am willing to bet we could bring you along inside. With the way these quests have been going, we are going to need the help." She said, standing to pat the Growlithe's head. He seemed happy to be able to help.

Alyssa changed into a pair of shorts that cut off a bit above mid-thigh and paired the light colored material with a pink tank top. Today, she secured her hair back in a ponytail and wore a pair of white tennis shoes that she had bought when she and Kenny went shopping. Realizing how long her hair had gotten, she thought about getting it cut, yet quickly dismissed the idea from her mind. She enjoyed her long hair and planned on growing it out for a while longer before getting a trim. She would need to give Arcane a bath sooner or later as he had been rolling around in the dirt too much for his own good. Stepping out into the sun with Arcane on her heels, Alyssa realized that she needed to get out more, probably get a bit of sun. Even though she knew if she stayed out longer than an hour she would come back sporting a bright and painful sunburn upon her frail skin, yet another negative effect of pretty much being albino. Starting down the street, Alyssa looked at all the shops she had yet to visit and saw a nice pastry shop that she noted for later.

She wandered down the streets, hoping that she was supposed to be meeting Kenny at the doctor's magic shop. Otherwise he would just go back to the house to find her gone, and she was sure that would not sit well with him. Upon thinking those words, Alyssa saw Kenny sitting down beside a ramen shop seemingly thinking to himself. She wandered closer to hear him mumbling things. "...Lingerie? I saw a TV ad for it… Maybe there’s a shop around here.” Alyssa had no clue what Kenny was rambling about, but she could not help but laugh.

"Yes dear, I am positive you would look absolutely stunning in lingerie." She said, announcing her presence. "Though I hope I am the only one seeing you in such naughty things. Though sitting here in public speaking of it where everyone can hear you, my dear are you an exhibitionist?" She could not help but laugh at her own joke questioning Kenny's kinks. "No judgement here, love." She crouched beside him to plant a kiss against his lips. "Shall we go meet this freaky voodoo doctor and see what he wants from us this time?" She stood up, offering her hand to help the man from his seated position on the ground.



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He continued thinking of gifts and little trinkets he could get her, with their jewel stocks being more than enough to get them by price certainly wouldn’t be an issue, what was an issue, however, was her taste. Kenny knew she enjoyed fine things, dresses, heels and such but not once had he seen her wear jewelery which seemed like a go to gift for men in this city. There was always the option of putting a bunch of jewels in a box and giving that to her, but that would just be cheap and thoughtless. It was hard to imagine her in lingerie as well since she generally didn’t wear anything when they went to bed, or at least when she came to bed wearing a garment it would soon he tossed onto the floor anyway. Why was this so hard? Flowers die, chocolates don’t last, and clothes just get torn, what on earth could he get her? His thoughts would soon be cut off by a voice, the same voice that greeted him everyday. “Oh no my dear I’m just thinking of things to-” he bit his tongue mid sentence, “Thinking of things that start with the letter L,” he nervously laughed, “I was just on that word.” it was a terrible lie but it worked all the same for now.

He kissed her back, she always seemed affectionate no matter the time of day. He enjoyed it thoroughly, though he would not enjoy the coming headache they would get from the doctor this time around. He took her hand and stood up, dusting off his pants and rubbing his hands together. He laced his fingers and leaned over to kiss her again before taking her hand, “To be truthful my love, I’m a bit worried about what our doctor friend has planned for us.” he rubbed her side, “Also I am so sorry about hitting you when I was under the drug last time.” he took her hand and began walking down the road, there were shops here and there. He scanned the signs for shops that may help him in his journey of finding her perfect gift. He had kept settling on a different things, a cake here, a purse there, nothing seemed to work! Why couldn’t window shopping be easier? Stores are supposed to put out there best but none of these items were good enough for her. That and he was getting a gift for two people so he was in a rut if he got something one liked but the other didn’t.

They would wander down the street until they finally reached the doctor’s magic shop. The door was open and inside they would find… Him. He seemed particularly happy to see them today a wide smile on his face, if one didn’t know any better they wou’d think he actually looked human. “Mr. Kenny and Miss Alyssa how wonderful it is to see you both. I take it you got my letter?” the doctor got out of his chair and happily smiled at the two.

Kenny didn’t speak, he looked down at Alysaa and gestured for her to speak. She did know him after all.



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Alyssa noticed how quiet Kenny was as they walked towards the doctor's magic shop. She was frightened to find out what he had in store as well. She noticed Kenny glancing around at the shops as they passed. Was he in need of new clothes as well? She made a mental note to ask him after they were done with whatever the doctor had planned for them. Alyssa felt a bad feeling rise to the pit of her stomach and her split, Lyss as Kenny had named her, was pressing against her mind. She was not sure if the split wanted to communicate or completely take over. She did not know which she would prefer at this point. She was scared, and she knew her biggest fears were going to be unleashed within the control of the drug once again. "Take Arcane in with you." The split had wanted to communicate, and she was making sure she was heard. "I am serious. Unless you want to die within a dream, take him. You will need him. You will have to fight this time, I am sure of it." With that, Lyss left her be, sinking to the back of her mind. How she had known this, Alyssa did not know, but she heeded the warning.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Alyssa realized they had reached the magic shop. The door was open yet it was dark. The doctor stood near the bookshelf in the back of the shop, approaching the two when they entered the shop. After the greeting, Kenny looked at Alyssa. She sighed and shook the doctor's hand. "Hello doctor, what should we expect today? I assume it will be White Claudia once again? Finally made the needed changes?" She asked, voice taking on a professional tone. This man was no longer her friend, after putting her through what he had. He was strictly there for training and to give her jewels.

"Yes dear, it is the lovely White Claudia." He laughed and bowed, pointing towards the back room he had left Kenny in the last time. "Please, do make yourself at home." The man looked extremely too happy in himself. Alyssa took Kenny's hand and led them back to the room where the doctor had set out a small table with two syringes and two doses of White Claudia upon them. There were also two tiny flashlights upon the table. "You will need those. It does tend to get a bit dark in those nightmares, does it not?" The man laughed again. "I shall be watching, please, begin whenever you are ready." He said and made his way out of the room, sealing it from the outside. Alyssa sat in the corner with a syringe, the drug, and the flashlight.

"Kenny...sit by me please." She pleaded, not wanting to fully be alone during this. Arcane also trotted over, sensing her unease, and planted himself on her lap. She pet the growlithe's head and the injected herself with the drug, looking at Kenny, needing him to be what she saw when she finally drifted off into the world of the unknown. She clutched the flashlight, not sure what good it would do within the 'dream', but she knew she would sure try and use it. Hell, if she could bring the flashlight in, why not Arcane. She clutched Kenny's hand with her free hand and used the one clutching the flashlight to pet Arcane, trying to calm herself a bit before she faded away into the nightmare.



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This was eerie, his instructions made Kenny feel uneasy and the fact that they would need flashlights in the dream realm was off putting. He picked up one of the flash lights as he bit his lower lip, his eyes wouldn’t leave Alyssa. Such a small task was making him worry, jewels or no jewels. That dream he had, the one with her in the slaughterhouse, it felt so real. The fear he felt was so real, yet when he awoke she had him in her arms and that was what made it worth it. Kenny swallowed the lump in his throat and tried his best not to show the fear the ever present in his eyes. Would they be in this dream together? He could only pray, then again what if she saw what he feared? Would she disown him? It was a petty thing to fear yes, but it was his greatest and if she saw it he would truly be mortified.

The doctor laughed about the white claudia, this was all fun and games to him. Then again why wouldn’t it be? He got to put people through immense mental pain and didn’t feel the after effect at all. Kenny would be sure to give the doctor a special thanks when he gets out of this hellish landscape. She took him by the hand and led him this time, they went back to the same dark room he had done his test in. The memories of his last few nightmares were already flowing back, but with Alyssa’s hand in his grip he remembered that they were just that, nightmares.

Kenny picked up his syringe and examined it. This was the third time they did this and he did NOT enjoy it. She let him go and headed for a corner, Kenny still examining the drug, did not take notice until she called out to him. The way she plead made his heart sink into his chest and tie itself into a knot, she sounded fearful and he didn’t like it at all. Kenny immediately sat next to her, as close as he could, “Don’t worry Aly, everything will be fine, we’re gonna be fine.” he held her hand, his fingers lacing with hers and his thumb caressing the back of her palm. It was going to be fine, no matter what they saw he would be there with her, but if danger did present itself he would give his life to keep her safe. “I won’t let anything scare us, I promise.” he whispered a few words just when she injected herself, he leaned up to her ear “I’d give me life to protect you.”

As she began to fade kenny injected himself, it was a bit tricky but he managed with one hand, injecting the white fluid into his arm. He could only wonder what would be next, he tightened his eyes and waited. He leaned against the wall, still holding onto Alyssa as the world grew darker. Everything was soon black, there was silence until a pained screech filled the air waves. “Alyssa?” he looked to his side, “Do you hear that?”

The screeches got louder, he clicked on his flashlight, hoping to get some light in the room and the first thing he spotted was a grotesque image. A man, his skin rotting away, his eyes pitch and bleeding, teeth sharp. “It looks like this isn’t just another fever dream” the beast opened its mouth, a black gunk oozing down the sides.”Good god… Do they not have toothbrushes in the dream world?”



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Alyssa faded into the dream world, a place of true nightmares. Alyssa was terrified of the dark and finding herself surrounded in it scared the hell out of her. She flipped on the flashlight she was still clutching in a death grip in her hand. The ground was made of rusty iron gates, no walls to be seen around her. Her breathing was labored and quick, a panic attack imminent if she did not calm down. Feeling something press against her leg, she looked down to find Arcane beside her. Another flashlight clicked on and she quickly found Kenny beside her. She calmed a bit, knowing her family was there with her. She could hear noises in the background. It sounded like they were in a factory, yet the noises kept getting closer, closing in from every direction. Arcane was growling lowly, facing their left, closest to Kenny. The creature her flashlight caught was disgusting and she would have been terrified if not for Kenny making the comment he did. "I guess they do not have toothbrushes here. I would really not like to be hit by that disgusting spit." She said as the creature dripped the acidic spit upon the rusty iron gates under them.

The creature spit at her and she dodged quickly, avoiding the acid that the creature meant to hit her with. So that was how they damaged people. Alyssa quickly stepped in front of Kenny, placing her hands together as she summoned a wall of water between them and the acid spitting monster. Thankfully, the monster had not yet noticed Arcane. It was too busy trying to get to Alyssa and Kenny though her defensive wall. Arcane made his way quietly and quickly behind the monster. "Arcane, quickly, Fire Fang!" The growlithe barked loudly, fire coating his teeth, and then launched himself at the monster, jumping and taking hold of it's throat and quickly tearing it out. The creature slumped to the floor, dead. Thankfully Alyssa's wall still held, but barely.

Noises came from their right and Alyssa quickly dashed to the other side of the wall, shielding herself before peeking out. "There are two more. Arcane and I can take one, you take the other." She said, quickly devising a plan. "The wall will not hold very long, so try not to use it much. I will shield you, but know the shield will only block one maybe two attacks, so try not to get hit." She looked to the monster on the left, choosing that one for Arcane and herself. Knowing the creatures knew Arcane was there now, she would not have the element of surprise anymore. Pointing at Kenny, a shield made of water enveloped him. "I love you, Kenny. Stay safe, my love." With that she dashed off into the darkness to take care of the creature that belonged to her. She shouted, drawing it's attention, and it worked. She drew the attention of the one on the left and it began following her. Now she could only hope that Kenny would be okay.



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She was far faster than he was to act she and Arcane already vanquishing one of the beast. As reluctant as he was, he watched her and Arcane rush into the darkness leaving him with a rather toothy new friend. Kenny held his sword in one hand and his light in the other, the rotting corpse of a fear hissed at him as the two circled each other.Kenny raised his blade and slashed once at it, it dodged with ease and attempted to take a chomp at Kenny’s shoulder. The beard rolled to his side to dodge the attack before springing back up and charging the monster yet again. Kenny dropped his flashlight and rammed the fleshed fear in the chest with his sword. Thee flash light rolled just barely illuminating the fight as the two went down, the fear screeched and wailed in the darkness it’s black acidic pit oozing out of its mouth and seeming to puddle around its head. Kenny stared the fear in the darkness of its eyes and drove his blade all the way through. He wrenched his sword back and drove the tip into the monster’s mouth. It spat more of the black acid on contact, much to Kenny’s dismay he wasn’t fast enough to avoid the splash his arm getting caught by the spit. He held his arm and wrenched back in pain. The monster’s screaming ceased as it’s body laid still with the warrior’s blade in its mouth.

Kenny held his arm and retrieved his sword or what was left. The spit had melted down, thus Kenny through the blade to the side. The spit, whatever it was, was burning him something fierce. Even with the plating on the arm it still stung immensely. He shed the armor plating and examined his arm. “Fuck…” he mumbled, picking up his flash light, there was another screech this one shook him to his core, he walked towards the sound, deeper into the darkness as he would soon hit a stone slab, he flashed his light on a slab and gasped, it was a tombstone, his tombstone. It made him draw back at first, but he approached and read it. It was blank, nothing was there but his name. Was this his fear? To die? That couldn’t be it… Could it? But then what else could it be? He traced his hand along the stone, it did nothing. “So this is my greatest fear? Dying along… With nothing to my name?” he spoke to himself, "Can't be right..." he looked around the darkness "Alyssa?"



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Alyssa had rushed off into the darkness, Arcane and the creature following behind her. She had managed to lead it off, but had no more defensive spells to use at the moment. She could only hope Arcane had enough power to stop the creature before it killed them both. As if on cue, the creature shrieked loudly, spitting at Alyssa. The acidic spit caught her arm, burning it horribly. A cry of pain escaped her lips and the creature seemed to laugh. Alyssa turned to face it, arm still on fire, and then she gave a loud war cry. "Arcane help!" She yelled. The growlithe jumped into action, biting down on the creature's leg. It distracted it enough for Alyssa to be able to jump up and grab the creature by his throat, twisting it quickly, breaking it's neck. It fell to the ground with one last scream. Alyssa walked back into the darkness.

"Kenny? Arcane?" Neither of them answered her. She looked around quickly, not seeing either of them. "Kenny! Arcane!" Again there was no answer. She was scared, terrified. So this was her greatest fear? Losing her family? Yeah, understandable. Soon enough, she was waking up. The doctor standing above her. He had a smirk on his face. Alyssa looked around quickly, finding Kenny waking up as well. She hugged him quickly, pulling Arcane into them as well. "Oh you're okay. Thank goodness." She stood, grabbing her jewels from the man. "Do not ever ask for our help again!" With that, she pulled Kenny out of the room, heading home.


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