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Family Crest[Sakama]

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Family Crest[Sakama] Empty on Wed May 31, 2017 4:17 am

Sakama had awoke grumpy this day. She barely had any sleep, her dreams all centered around the one and only Tori, the blonde she had met in a sandwich shop a few days before and had taken on a date...a date that the female had run out on quickly. Sakama could not believe it, the first person she had ever truly liked, and she ran out on her. Typical. Though the woman had given her a place to find her again, her own guild home. She might have to check it out sooner or later to see if she could find the woman again.

Though grumpy, Sakama had work to do. She stood in the streets of Era with a simple drawing in her hands of a family crest that had been stolen. It was a picture of two swans, necks intertwined. It looked too lovey for Sakama to truly be interested in it. She would honestly prefer just to snap the swans' necks than to be returning the crest to the family. She was sure she could get a pretty penny for them. Though that was not talk that should be coming out of a Fairy Tail member's mind. She was supposed to be nice, kind. After the week that she had, she honestly wished she could just go on a killing spree to get rid of the bad feeling creeping into her gut.

Knowing she needed to get started finding the damn crest, she began her search at a shady little thrift shop on the corner of town. Walking to the counter, she rang the bell. An older man, dressed in a large trench coat and dark clothes beneath walked to the counter with a mischievous grin placed on his lips. "Ah, my dear child what can I do for you today? I can get you any magical item your dear heart may desire." The Cheshire grin never dropped off of his face. Making a mental note of the place where Sakama could come back if she needed, she placed the picture of the crest in front of the man.

"Have you seen this item? It was stolen from a very powerful family quite recently and I have been sent to retrieve it." She explained, getting straight to the point. She was not a patient person. The man stroked the beard on his chin and took a look at the drawing before shaking his head.

"I only accept magical items here, dear. This looks a bit too...bright...for my tastes. You may want to check some of the criminals around town." He said. With that, he went back to whatever he was doing in the back of the shop while Sakama wandered off to the next stop she needed to hit. It was another pawn shop right down the street from where she was. This woman at the counter was a lot more friendly looking, and it honestly made Sakama sick to see the obviously fake smile plastered upon her face. She would have to get this over with quickly, before she ended up snapping the woman's neck.

"Hi! Welcome to Sandy's Pawn Shop! We buy whatever you have to sell!" Even her voice was annoying, and Sakama felt her fists clenching the paper with the drawing on it. She dropped the paper on the counter in front of the woman, not saying a word as the woman looked it over and then walked to the back, browsing through her inventory before walking back out, smile still there. "I am sorry, little lady, but we do not have what you are looking for." She said. Sakama simply grabbed the paper and walked out. She was beginning to lose hope on anyone knowing where the item was.

Running into someone on the street, she found the man's eyes caught on the paper before he looked up at her. "Hey! I saw that a little bit ago! Some man...Good...Gash...Gaud! Yes that was it, Gaud! He buys and sells anything that can make him a profit. Fuckin' scheming bastard if you ask me. You can find him in that alley down there. Scares people then robs them of their belongings." The man stated. Sakama finally had a lead. She wandered down to the alley only to be grabbed and thrown against the wall. A man pressing his arm against her throat and chuckling.

"Hey there, pretty lady. Why do you not just hand me everything in your pockets and I will let you go." Alyssa sighed before lifting her knee quickly, hitting the man in the balls. He fell quickly, hitting the ground with a thud. "OWW! What was that about lady?!" He yelled.

"Shut up you piece of shit. I know who you are and I know what you do. Now, you are going to hand over this item or things are going to get really bad for you." Sakama said holding the picture where the man could see it. His eyes went wide and he quickly scurried to the end of the alley, rummaging through bags of things before pulling out the item that she needed. "Good boy. Now get back to what ever disgusting acts you do with that lotion back there." She muttered disgusted. The man turned red as he handed her the item and Sakama walked off without another word to him.

She quickly made the long walk back to the guards she needed to return the item to. Her boots were the only sound as the approached the guards, item in hand. Their faces went wide with shock as they saw she had returned with it when the guards themselves could not find it. Taking the crest from her, they handed her cash and thanked her time and time again before rushing off to show that they had received the crest from their hired help. Pocketing the cash, Alyssa made her way back down the streets of Era, smiling as she did.


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