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Interrogation Tactics[Quest: Amon]

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#1Amon Irving 

Interrogation Tactics[Quest: Amon] Empty on Tue May 30, 2017 1:47 pm

Amon Irving
Amon was still working the shady underground crime rings of Oak Town and he seemed to be enjoying it just a little bit. Maybe Amon was more evil than he thought he was. He was making his way to meet Martin or at least thats who he thought he was meeting. He was told to show up on the east side of Oak Town to meet Martin outside of a cigar shop, however when he got to the outside of the cigar shop he wasn't greeted by Martin but by one of his low life thugs. Amon only had a problem with this because he was told he was meeting Martin and people like Amon hate when things don't go according to plan.

"Sorry Martin sent me because he said he couldn't make it... something to do with his little brother Remy, im sure you know him. Anyway my name is Kyle, you can just call me K. So here's whats happening, follow me so we can walk and talk." Amon gave a simple "Ok." as they would begin to walk down the street. "Ok so all the families in the city were having a meeting to try and work things out and what not, and we caught a guy from the Tessio family lacking outside while he was smoking a cig. We heard he has some info a a cash transport or something like that, we really want that info." Amon was confused as to where he fit in with all this so he decided to ask even though he feared sounding stupid. "So where do I come in with this plan?" Kyle laughed a bit and said "Well the Tessio family already think we are the ones who took him so we need you to interrogate him and get the info."

Right as K finished talking the two stopped at one appeared to be a nice 2 story family home that was for sale. However the house wasn't really for sale they just left the for sale sign in the yard to make it appear like it was. In truth this is where they are keeping the man to be interrogated. "Ok so remember get the info but no using magic just use your fist, you got it?" Amon let out a sigh as he said "Thats no fun but yeah I got it." Amon would then begin to walk towards the front door of the house but then K would say "Oh I almost forgot take this mask to cover your face." as he would throw the mask to Amon who would catch it.

Amon walked into the house to smell nothing but cigarettes and musty underarms. The guys in the house all pointed Amon towards the basement which must have been where they were keeping the captive. Before heading down the steps Amon would take of his shirt and trench coat so that he was now bare chested. He would then put on the mask and gloves so that he could begin the interrogation. When Amon went into the basement the man was tied to a chair and seemed to be a little afraid when he seen Amon.

"Ok listen guy, I dont wanna hurt you so how about you tell me what I wanna know and you can go home unharmed. Lets start with something simple like a name." Amon would say to the man while slightly changing the pitch of his voice to a much deeper and darker sounding one. "My name is Jordan but what else do you wanna know?" Amon laughed a little when he said this and said "Well Jordan how about you tell me about that cash transport yall got? I hear its coming up soon."

The man's face went from one of fear to anger when the cash transport was mentioned. He would then try to spit on Amon but missed his target which was Amon's face and the spit hit his shoulder. "Oh that was the wrong move guy!" Amon went into one of his blind fits of rage and began to beat the man senselessly. Amon wasnt stopping no matter how much blood became visible. The only thing that stopped him was the fact that some of the Montellos had put on mask so they could come and pull him off of the captive.

The man was now beaten and bloodied almost to the point where he could no longer talk. Amon let out a sigh and motioned the Montello members to leave. "Im sorry I lost my temper, but now that you understand im not a guy to play with will you give me the information I want. How about we start with a date? Thats a good start right?" The man nodded his hed and said "The transport is next week on friday.... If you give me a map I can draw out the route they are gonna take to get it out of the town. I gave you what you want now let me go please!" Amon laughed sounding like a cartoon villain stating " Oh not so fast my friends will let you go once you have drawn that route out on the map. Why are you in such a rush to leave? Are you not comfortable tied up to that chai? Well I guess not.... in any case you have fun im leaving so you have fun." Before Amon left to go and give the information to Kyle he would return what was given to him by the captive and spit on him making sure to hit him in the face with it.

Amon now back up stairs told Kyle of everything that had happened and made sure to tell him to get someone to send a map down there so he could draw up the route. "Good work as always Amon. I dont understand why Martin doesn't just put you on the payroll at this point."

WC: 1002/1000

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