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Eyes Wider Open [Seira]

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Eyes Wider Open [Seira] Empty Tue May 23, 2017 6:50 am

The faint sound of something being slipped under the door slit could be heard, but Seira didn’t move. The room remained dark for a few more hours, seeing how it was still way too early for the young woman to get out of bed. She was tired, and even though the sounds of footsteps by her door and awoken her, she decided not to give in and get interrupted by it, but rather to continue her sleep. This was nothing unusual by now and Seira had gotten quite used to this sort of behavior as well. Usually, when Khalash wanted her to do something he would send a letter. Many other people from Magnolia perhaps did the same but he was a more frequent user of that technique. They all knew where Seira lived and in what inn she stayed at so contacting her was no problem whatsoever. Furthermore, if they needed her this was the best chance to reach her. Seira would only show up if she also had time but the letter underneath her door usually indicated that there was a job she actually wanted to do so she would do it. A few more hours passed until it was almost noon before Seira got out of bed. She was still sleepy and she had been sleepy throughout the entire morning. Lately she had been even more of a night owl and prefered to stay up late, whereas other days jobs required her to get up early in the morning. But Seira had never been a morning person so this sort of behavior and this rhythm became bothersome to her. She decided for herself not to bother too much with what Khalash wanted from her and started the day off slowly by getting ready in the bathroom. She took a refreshing bath and stared outside the window for another hour or so. Today’s weather was different than usual. It wasn’t sunny like the weather in Magnolia used to be, instead it was quite gloomy. There was no rain but Seira had no doubts that it would start to rain sometime eventually today. So as she picked some clothes for herself she made sure to wear something that could resist the upcoming bad weather. Yesterday she had been at a very famous bakery in town and bought some bread, which is why today she didn’t need to go out to buy breakfast for herself. Usually Seira would just dine in the lounge of the inn she was staying at but since there was no need for that today she simply eat her bread alongside some hot cocoa and eventually stepped to the door to check out the letter that was left for her. As expected it was from Khalash and as per usual he was very short and quick with his notes. He simply asked her to show up at his store again since he needed her help once more and Seira figured that she could do that. Not like she had anything else to do after all.

She packed up some stuff and left the inn, locking the door behind herself. Seira walked down the streets but instead of looking around like she usually did, searching through the shops to see if there was anything interesting at all, she went straight to the shop to talk to Khalash. He was already waiting for her and his face expression indicated that he wouldn’t have minded if she had decided to show up a bit earlier. “There you are, finally,” Khalash exclaimed with a sigh, “I’ve been waiting for you all morning. What were you doing?” Seira laughed. “I was sleeping. And the note didn’t indicate much pressure so I figured we have enough time. What do you need me to do? Do I have to watch your store again?” Khalash pulled out a little package. “When I had you watch my store the first time I brought some new wares home with me so I can sell them at the store. Turns out, however, that one of the uncommon items I acquired is faulted, which makes it completely useless. I have a meeting with the person who sold it to me today at 6pm, but unfortunately because of.. reasons.. I cannot attend said meeting. But I do need my money back, as it was quite expensive and would be a waste otherwise. My business doesn’t accept broken items. He was trying to take advantage on me so I want my money back, I don’t care what it takes. Can you do that for me?” Seira agreed and Khalash left to go by his business. Seira took care of the shop like she had before and for a good while nothing extraordinary happened. At around 6pm, however, as expected, the original owner of the weapon showed up. It was a beautiful looking lady and Seira had a feeling that she had no intentions of returning the money. She asked for Khalash but Seira explained that she wasn’t here and also indicated what was her job to do. “The item you sold was faulty, Khalash has no use for that. I’m afraid you will have to take it back.” The Lady was having none of it so Seira decided to use violence on her. Well, not literally violence but she would pressure her into doing it if she had to, Seira was a mage after all. The woman seemed to realize that Khalash had ordered a potential hitman to get rid of her if she had to and suddenly was willing to pay the money he owed him for the faulted weapon. After a few moments she gave Seira the refund and apologized for her behavior and quickly disappeared outside the job, after Seira had made sure that it was the right amount of money. Once she could confirm that she locked the doors and closed down the shop for the day, used the Lacrima Orb to inform Khalash that the deal had been made and removed 25.000 Jewels for herself from the refund before leaving back to her inn, since she had finished her job.


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