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Clean Up Crew [Akio Hisao]

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#1Akio Hisao 

Clean Up Crew [Akio Hisao] Empty on Tue May 16, 2017 1:39 pm

Akio Hisao
Standing upon the top of a building in the streets of Oak during the dead of night, Akio adjusted the sword upon his back as he made his way deeper down a back road towards the edge of town.  Dressed in his normal wardrobe consisting of his black half jacket, black pants, and matching combat boots, Akio blended into the shadows as a ninja would.  Noticing the man he was looking for, he nimbly jumped from the rooftop and landed on the balls of his feet, knees bent, soundlessly.  Getting a better glimpse of the man he was supposed to meet, Akio finally made himself known, stepping out into the light.

The man seemed shocked, yet not frightened, at the silent approach of Akio.  Though he quickly pushed his shock away and nodded a greeting towards the adventurer.   “Thank you for coming.  I know this job is a bit...shady, but you seem to be a bit shady yourself.  Anyhow, I am Remy Martello and you will be helping me today.” They had begun walking and he was talking quietly, as to not let anyone that might be around hear their conversation.   “We had some trouble recently with another crime family in the area.  There were...quite a few casualties on both parts.  We must remove the bodies before law enforcement can find them.  Your job is quite simple, bring me the bodies, and I will chop them up.  There are three inside with tattoos on their necks, before we leave you will remove them to the back as they belong to our family.”  The man explained as they walked.

Soon they stumbled upon a building that still seemed to be under construction yet it seemed to have been put on hold for a bit.  The moment Akio stepped inside, he realized why the man had needed to get rid of the bodies.  It was a bloodbath within the place.  Bodies littered the floor giving off a foul stench from sitting only a day.  Remy seemed to be used to the stench, as he ignored it and pulled out an arsenal of things.  The adventurer could not help but be jealous over the axe he held confidently in his hands.  The weapon was beautiful and deserved more use that to simply chop up dead bodies.  The axe deserved the chance to taste blood and take a life itself.  Pushing the thought aside as Remy cleared his throat and announced he was ready, Akio got to work.

He decided that he would take care of the larger bodies first, as he knew he would become fatigued by the end.  Dead weight was not something that Akio was used to carrying.  Usually the people he would help along would at least be somewhat...alive.  Sure, he had seen enough dead bodies in his lifetime, but only ever had to dispose of two, and these were two he himself had killed.  He was not used to having to clean up someone else’s mess and somewhere inside, he loathed the fact that he was fixing someone else’s mistakes in leaving the bodies out.  Though, the man he was helping did not seem fully evil, maybe a voice a reason for his family.  

Akio picked up the first body and threw it over his shoulder before lugging it to the next room where Remy had set out a large tarp upon the ground next to dozens of trash bags.  Sitting the body down, Akio only stayed to watch the first chop be made, not flinching at the amount of blood that squirted out of the dead man's arm.  He picked up the next two bodies, one on each arm and carried them to lay there where, surprisingly, the last was already being stuffed into a bag.  He noticed that Remy was stuffing the bags of like parts, arms in one, legs in another, heads in the third, and the rest of the body in the last.

Ignoring the look upon the dead guy's severed head, Akio continued his job until seven of the bodies were chopped up.  As Remy wrapped up the bags, the adventurer began moving the three of his family members to the back of the building where the car would pick them up.  He kicked one of them gently.   "Well, buddy, seems like you have seen better days.  I guess I have too.  Never thought I would be making money by moving bodies." He chuckled, amazed that he had gone crazy enough to start talking to dead bodies.  He guessed that is what happened when you started losing all your cares in the world.

Soon enough, Remy was dragging the bags out the back door, leaving a trail of blood behind them.  They waited in silence for a few minutes until a black car with tinted windows pulled up beside them.  Remy placed the bags in the trunk and the bodies in the back seat before he turned and handed Akio the reward he was promised and dissipated into the night.  Akio pocketed the jewels with a chuckle and dashed off into the night.

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