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Bandits Abound [Request | Leyaria]

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Bandits Abound [Request | Leyaria] Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 7:11 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

A lot of work had been going on as to ensuring that Leyaria had built up a respectable enough of a reputation within Marigold Town, to the point where at least she was able to walk around and no longer be wholly treated like that of a foreigner. There was no way to dispute the fact that she still was, that her role within the city, the fact that she had been there had been largely limited to the fact that she was someone who had come at the right place at the right time, having had a chance to take a request which did enough immediate good so that people otherwise recognized her as a friend than that of an enemy, than that of a threat. That said, it wasn’t until just recently that she had truly and wholly been accepted as one of the people in this area, particularly amongst the royalty of Marigold.

It had not taken too much for the people, the farmers that worked within the fields that surrounded Marigold to accept her. After all, they were the ones who were posting requests, they were the ones who were working throughout the fields, spending their days tending to the more menial jobs while it seemed that everyone else, or at the very least according to those who were working within the fields or otherwise had regular jobs in Marigold, namely those of royalty were allowed to simply sit back, relax, and otherwise not have to worry about anything. They didn’t need to invest any further into their work or time, nor do anything more, certainly to no reasonable degree to the level and extent at which the farmers and every day people had to deal with.

In fact, if it were not for a simple request in which somehow or another had managed to find her way on behalf of the nobility within the city, it would be ery likely that Leyaria would only be confined to that of the common people within the city, which was not a bad thing, nor was it something to be depressed towards. It was simply a case that she wished for more variety than working out in the field, and upon having received that quest in which to display and showcase her White Dragon Slayer Magic before the king and several of his companions and advisers, that was the key. Now, the royalty of the city knew her, the farmers idolized her, and the people as a whole had come to overall respect her.

It was in that respect that this latest mission had been given to her, the expectation being that she had demonstrated enough of a trust within the people to work and do what was expected while not being put in a position as to be compromised. It was smart, as she was a young woman, unknown to those who may not have had the chance to work with her, nor those who otherwise weren’t eligible to be present at the feast held not too long ago. Whatever the circumstances for which they may not hae known Leyaria, it worked to her advantage, especially under the circumstances of the mission that she was going to be carried out to accomplish, the task before her would be made that much easier and potentially that much safer considering the likelihood of her being dimissed as simply a woman.

She was to go out and seek a number of bandits who had been linked with several crimes throughout Marigold. Relatively tame and isolated in comparison to that of what was common throughout both Era and Crocus, she considered this to be something that would not be all too difficult or all too physically demanding. However, she did not dismiss the fact that the people who worked and lied here were strong. Field work had done them right and if they were people who had been heavy into farming nad such, then it was going to be a tougher challenge she expected, but not too tough that she couldn’t imagine simply just using a quick Dragon Roar or something along those lines as a means of coming away safely. She worried though, particularly about eh fact that her Roar was so strong in relative relations to what the task she was carried out to accomplish. It wasn’t as though she were being asked to kill anyone, and she had seen the effect and aftermath of what her roar had done to the wolves nad deer that she had encountered before. They were simply livestock so there was no serious issue or concern regarding their safety, but people, it would very likely be the same scenario there. Her roar stood the very real potential of being able to rip through a person entirely, leaving them little more than a husk, a broken body with no life to them.

She figured that she must have been walking through the streets at night for a matter of hours, her golem companion Geth standing beside her as they struggled in vain to find any evidence of a robbery or heist, or just some sort of criminal activity at all. She also found herself in a very compromised position, namely trying to find someone while at the same time trying to preserve her cover and make sure as to not be seen. If there was one thing that she did know too, it was that if a person were put into a serious enough of a situation, then they would not hesitate to act, to strike at whenever possible, maximizing the potential damage that could have been caused by someone in a state of desperation. For this reason, she did not rule out the fact that the people, if there were any actual robbers around or intended to possibly be, that they may not have ended up being someone with whom she had interacted with before.

Finally, after what seemed like it had lasted for forever, there appeared something that was off, something that may have been as much nothing as it could have been a lead or evidence of a crime. Proceeding down the street, but being careful, she couldn’t help but notice what appeared to be several men, surprisingly small given the usual individuals that she had started to become accustomed to seeing within Marigold. Rather, they appeared young, like children or young adults more appropriately. Leyaria realized that this made things all the more difficult if it turned out that there may have been children who were committing crimes, as the act of committing violence against them was going to be looked heavily against, regardless of the circumstances or that of the provocation that they have inflicted upon her. Especially, especially considering the fact that she was not from the city, nor was she a resident. She was by all account a guest and nothing more. She had no business in trying to initiate or attempt to commit a serious offense against the people, lest it come back to bite her instead.

She kept close enough to be able to smell the people. There weren’t too many of them, maybe five or six, no more though. As she smelt them and tried to better understand and determine if they were someone who she may have run across before, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at knowing not a single scent, meaning that not a single one of them were someone that she had encountered before. Therefore there would be no chance of them of them having seen Leyaria, or at the very least that they may have seen her without it being a possibility of her having been seen without them having seen her either. She considered it a win, knowing that she could exert a bit more force without having to feel quite as guilty for what she would be forced to do.

She took a few steps forward, bearing little reason to keep to the shadows anymore. Instead, that would be more of a waste of time than anything else, and it was very clear that the men were not interested in trying to keep quiet either, as their voices and sounds made by their acts were audible for quite a distance against the otherwise silent night that it was. Leyaria came very close at that point and moved towards them, now at this point having disregarded whether or not she may have been heard, and it turned out to be just that case, that as soon as she came into eye sight of the people that they had begun to scatter, running as quickly as they could in various directions. She could tell that there was little chance of catching them all, nor any reason to think that she had to. That would have wasted time and much to her delight, there appeared someone who remained, apparently willing to fight against Leyaria. He was larger than some of them, a behemoth compared to the child-like fames at which they carried, and even compared to Leyaria, he towered over her, but by all accounts, he only ha muscle to go with. She had Dragon Slayer Magic and she had no problem using that. The only question was, would it be justified if she uses it in a lethal sense.

The man started towards her, his pace slow but very quickly building up, closing the distance in almost no time at all, which left Leyaria with very little choice. Taking in a deep breath, she unleashed a large roar of White Dragon Slayer Magic, narrowly missing the head of the man, a bit of the corner of the blast graving the man’s skull as he stopped right in his tracks, Leyaria terrified that she may have killed him. However, as he fell to the ground, she couldn’t help but smile in relief at seeing the damage that her blast had done, being very little in the overall scheme. Blood did appear to pour from the wound, but it did not appear to be overly lethal or anything that required an immediate tending to. If some time passed, he would still end up being fine.

She wondered though how she was going to be able to move a man of that size. She may have been a bit strong, but to move this man, especially after the fact that her Roar was going to draw some level of attention, it was a foolish endeavor. Much to her relief however, there appeared several Rune Knights, or at least they looked a bit like Rune Knights. She had become so accustomed to the Rune Knights of Era and was otherwise so unfamiliar with everyone who acted as the guards in Marigold that she immediately assumed that they were Rune Knights. However, upon further inspection, they were nothing of the sort. If anything, it seemed like a small militia-like unit, composed of various people who were assigned tasks rather than that of a well trained army that the Rune Knights were. Fortunately too, they had come to know who Leyaria was as well, and perhaps even had been tipped off as to what was going on, as as soon as they came into eyeshot of her, they had begunt o ask if that was the man or not, the one who had been involved in the destruction of some of the properties during the course of the robberies. Leyaria explained the situation, that she had encountered a number of them, that they had scurried away before she was able to stop them and this one had remained instead. She explained that she had to use her Magic in self defense- which it was – to stop him from causing harm, but also at the same time it was agreed upon by the two guards that she had done a good job. Taking the man into custody, saying that they would tend to his wounds, they provided Leyaria with their reward that they were designated to provide her and allowed her to be on her way.

Word Count:
Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

White Dragon's Roar

Name: White Dragon's Roar
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: White Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Offense
Element: Light
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Leyaria takes a deep breath as White Dragon Slayer Magic builds within her chest, being released as she exhales in an unrelenting blast - consisting of numerous layers of intense light energy - extending outwards to a distance of 20 meters at a speed of 20 m/s and having a width and height of 5 meter, dealing A-Rank damage to those struck by this blast or otherwise come into contact with it as it travels its duration.

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