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Caravan Guard [Waylon:Mission]

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Her eyes wandered confused as her head was filled with nothing but air. Even though that was true, she was walking forward, left to right, right to left. Over and over she would go along the trail in which she pretended it was a path to 'gold'. ''C'mon Mei Ling, we have things to do. Don't we?'' Fye would say as she would then look forward, trying to think on what she was doing. 'I think I forgot already...' she thought and lowered her gaze towards the cemented ground. ''Something to do with the town or guarding. Right?'' she would question softly and innocently as her head turned to her companion. Mei would nod and looked towards a certain direction. ''Over there?'' she would question and looked towards the parking lot of some caravan. It was quiet in the area and there was no one around. ''I don't think so since there aren't people there.'' she spoke and looked with her wide blue ocean eyes. The area started to get dark with the night lights making halo shapes underneath ever lamp post. ''I guess we'll just start here then.'' she would guess and went towards the caravan. Mei would follow alongside Fye, closely as to watch her back as they would go to guard the thing, possibly alone.


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What a good way to spend a trip by working. Waylon thought to himself anyway, After all work was always good just as much as tea was and a few other things. But it was a simple job for Waylon today, Guarding a Caravan. so far Waylon thought he was alone in this too but soon enough he would be proven wrong.

He did as he always did, peacefully hummed a song he did do while traveling and going on trips and missions just this time he was alone, Since he spotted the Caravan he would walked over to and stand by it. "This is the right one right?....." His thoughts went over in his mind about it " I don't see any other or hear any other being out at this time of day." Waylon then opened his bag for the moment he stood still and used it to open and take a drink of his water bottle, waiting.

Looking around he noticed some one sitting alone, she looked unsure and lost, walking over to her he asked. "You both lost? you both need a hand?" Waylon asked after realizing she wasn't alone and had some thing else with her.


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Her eyes would look at the caravan as she walked slowly to it. Her arms dangled against her side as she would then think. 'Something about the caravan...'. Her mind was completely lost as if there was nothing in her mind. Her head would turn left and right to then straight as well as her eyes. Her legs would walk around the caravan area as she would then look up at the dark sky. Her eyes were dark blue above as they were light on the bottom half of each eye. Swiftly she would turn to see who was behind.

A boy of blue hair and eyes yet they were much darker than hers, appeared. He questioned her on if she needed help. For what though? Help? Mei would walk in front of her in some defensive stance as the guy was a stranger. Was he a bad stranger? ''Who are you?'' she would question and look up at the guy. The halo lights would light up the top of her eyes to reveal stars. Fye's soft full peach lips would depart to breathe softly to then speak again. ''I think I was to do something at the caravan, but I don't remember what. What are you doing here, stranger?'' she questioned softly and tilted her head a little towards the left. Was he here to harm the caravan or was he here to protect it? This could be his perhaps... She felt all of the sudden lost again as her head turned left and right, after so long straight again to look at the man. Mei would look up at the guy with their beady red eyes and made sure he made no bad movements towards its fair lady. Mei was very protective as much or equal to how Fye is towards her sister.

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He figured he might have scared her in some way, with the starting reaction anyway. "My name is Waylon, I am here on a job to guard a Caravan, since it has not started yet and you seem." Waylon then pause for a moment to think of the right word. "Lost, a bit unsure i figured I would ask, it would be rude to leave you and well your companion if there was trouble." Waylon admitted after he figured out the word.

"But just to be sure i am here on work, since I move between towns and cities doing jobs because i have nothing else to do currently."
He was trying to be nice and normal about it to make sure it wouldn't a bad situation for the both of them, Waylon came here to work not to fight anyone.

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Swiftly she would turn around with on foot on the ground and one hooked behind in some girly-like twirl. She'd have her back towards the guy and then she'd start walking around the caravan. ''I feel like I should do this.~'' she would speak in a rather soft soothing tone. Her hands went behind her back and behind her was her companion, Mei. Mei walked and waddled behind, listening for any sounds that would appear. The only one that Mei tried to accept was this stranger's. Her blue long ocean hair would flow backwards as she would go around the caravan like some game of ring-around-the-rosie.

''What's your full name?'' she wondered softly as she had to ask for her own reasons. Any name that sounded like it'd come from her Country, she feels worrisome. Her head felt lost still though. The reason she was here, this 'waylon' person...Who, what and why? Her head turned to look at the caravan she was walking around of like some dog being territorial. Why was she 'guarding' this? Her head then turned to the boy who was still in place. Why was he? Did something come of this?

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Well so far Waylon then just seemed to not worry about the woman anymore, she was friendly and such for the moment that Waylon wonder if she was spacing out as well, knowing he did that as well, along with a few other things...Like falling on his face often.

Walking back towards the caravan, Keeping in mind that for the moment she seemed harmless in his eyes spaced out and at least happy as well. "Full name? Well I have not needed to say that one in a while." Waylon smiled about, But would answer anyway. "Waylon Cornelius Karlinius." He said with a smile about it, since he had no idea what else to do or say for her really but Waylon was clueless that way.

So, in an idea Waylon would keep in thought to be helpful when he could with this lady, she could hurt herself like Waylon could hurt himself too when he was spaced out and clueless. "It is a simple job just follow the caravan and see nothing bad happens to it." He would mention stretching out slightly and keeping a content and slightly happy smile, Waylon liked the company it passed the time.


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Fye went around and around the caravan as if she was playing a game more of less. Her eyes that were half bright and dark would look around while her ears would listen too all around her. The night felt slow, but was it truly going fast? She didn't know as she continued her little game. Her ears listened to 'Waylon' say his whole name and once she was where he was in the first place, she stopped. ''So I must call you Karlinius.'' she nodded simply with a sweet cheerful smile that was half-open. Her arms hugged herself and twirled. Mei would stand behind as to guard her still.

Her eyes cornered back with her still smile, ''It's okay, Mei Ling. He doesn't seem dangerous.'' she would say in her foreign accent. After she spoke that, Mei's ears perked up and looked towards another Caravan. ''What did you hear?'' she wondered as her head turned towards a caravan that was making noises. Slowly she walked, arms dangled against her sides and peaked in a little. Her eyes widened a little, her face blushed. 'W-what is that that they are doing?' she thought and then looked back to see Karlinius. ''Hey Karlinius, what are those two doing?'' she questioned and tilted her head towards the right. She wondered if it was something all people do or if it was bad. Mei just stood there beside her.

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Getting asked to look Waylon walked over. "Hold on ill give it a look." He said even finding it weird being called just by his last name over his first but Waylon was nice about it because it was not insulting to him so he wasn't worried about it.

He would be ready if it was something dangerous, Or maybe it was a wild animal Waylon would be sure two with him would be safe and okay. Walking into the bush alone Waylon realized it was two people, a couple just laughing and flirting with one another.

Waylon would turn back and say. "Nothing too bad, just two people in love enjoying their evening under the moon light." Waylon said walking back to the Caravan, just humming peacefully and nicely back to humming a lullaby he remembered his mother singing as a kid. Stopping for a moment and saying "It is safe." Waylon said while he for once took a walk around the Caravan.

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Her eyes darted to watch Karlinius walk by that caravan where she saw two people doing...whatever that was! Her body motions closer to the caravan once more to watch what Karlinius was seeing. The girl and boy were doing something, something that she never experienced. Her hands gripped onto the corner of the caravan that her body was against, gripping tighter as some weird feeling roams within. What was this feeling exactly? Her innocent eyes would just watch till Karlinius moved away from the area and back to the caravan that they were guarding. Her eyes looked on Karlinius's face to try to read what he was feeling. Mei watched as well.

"Nothing too bad, just two people in love enjoying their evening under the moon light."
She heard.

'Love...What is that?' she wondered as she would then walk around with Karlinius till some person appeared. He walked towards them and smiled. ''I guess all that shit was just some rumor, huh?'' he spoke and itched behind his hair. ''Here ya go lady. Guy.'' he spoke to them both, giving them money. She turned around to look at Karlinius and nodded. ''I guess I was supposed to do this to get money. I guess this is goodbye for now?'' she tilted her head and turn smiled happily. Turning away she would then leave with Mei.

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After the walk around the Caravan, Waylon went back to being himself thinking, humming and just being normal Waylon he did not think of it largely or any different, he would never know how to mention himself or most things with him. Then again he did have a feeling since he was slow thinking about it now, Then again Waylon did not have a problem he felt fine around the both of them.

The night did not feel long for this job, then again Waylon did not normally go on night time work so maybe time passed because he was a sleepy as well, But he could sleep later after all work was important and getting the job done was too.

His thoughts did go about how love in his life was going how empty his love life was for a moment but thinking how content he was about it because Waylon never really figured he would think about it mostly being around Arisa his best friend he never needed to think about love, Also his brain would be too simple and clueless for that most of the time.

But the job would be at an end as well, the listening to some one mentioning rumors, Maybe that was what this job was about, being careful about what the rumors were. Leading to wonder what they were looking after. Listening to hear you go being spoken Waylon had his job reward.

"Yes, this is well how I work anyway."
Waylon mentioned "People do different jobs for money." He said with a smile on his face being his normal and happy self. The peaceful simple way he was always.

Waylon's happiness slightly faded because she mentioned it was good bye. "For now yes."even if he disliked good bye, Waylon was enjoying him self and didn't want it to end.

But Waylon knew what he would do to pass the time until then, after all he had yet to sleep yet so he would do that before doing whatever he did next, Waylon hoped to meet up with Fye and Mei again mostly because he enjoyed the money he had a new friend well he thought friend it was also what Fye thought too."Hopefully we will see each other sooner then later." he said with a smile as he for the moment went away but waved good bye to them.

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