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A Knight's Shattered Pride [Tori/Private]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

A Knight's Shattered Pride [Tori/Private] Empty on Wed May 03, 2017 9:33 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura

Hans sat outside in the waiting room holding their beloved little white fox named Alaska. The poor fox's ears were dropping much like Hans's. This was the third time week she pushed herself too far. Cell took a number on her with her present condition at that time. The illness was getting worse reacting to how much mana was drained out of her. This was the first time this had gotten it has gotten this bad in a very long time. He sat in the waiting room that was nice and cozy was more of a lounge as Rune Knights entered and exited. The Rune Knight hospital took care of his fiance, not any regular hospital. This was the only one LeeAnn would agree to go to since her father and brother had ties here. It was more a comfort. Alaska felt uneasy in her harness and leash.

The Snow Vulpix kept on tugging towards the hospital rooms. Hans shook his head. "Alaska, we cant go in there just yet. Come here girl...this is all my fault. If I did not leave her side, this would never had happened" he said. The fox did not listen as she yelped and yipped loudly for LeeAnn. She chattered and barked demanding to see her. Alaska was a good little fox, but she had grown quite attached to LeeAnn and Hans, more so LeeAnn. The white hair kitsune got up as he tugged on the Snow Vulpix's leash to get going. She did not move, but only pulled forward. Hans walked over and keeled down next to her. "I know. I know. I want to see her too, but all this griping is not going to get you what you want" he said. He picked up the fox and sat back down remaining in his spot.

#2Tori Lancaster 

A Knight's Shattered Pride [Tori/Private] Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 11:23 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori was in a hurry for the first time in a long time. Walking down the street, Tori was stopped by a Rune Knight asking if she was who he thought. Upon verification of her identity, the guard told her that he was sent to find her by LeeAnn Nakamura, and that she wanted to see the Fairy Tail mage at the local hospital. Without another word, she took off running towards the hospital to see her newest friend. Granted, they hadn't known each other long. They actually only just met the other day, but Tori could sense that there was an instant friendship, to some degree at least, with the young girl. Clearly she felt that too, or she wouldn't have called for her to come see her in the hospital. Tori could only imagine what could have happened.

After wasting no time and taking every shortcut she could think of, she found the hospital and looked around for a receptionist. As luck would have it, she found the girl's fiance, Hans, sitting in the waiting room holding a white fox with multiple tails. She ran up to him panicked as could be. "Where's LeeAnn? What happened?" she questioned, worried about LeeAnn and confused as to why he wasn't with her.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

A Knight's Shattered Pride [Tori/Private] Empty on Mon May 22, 2017 10:36 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
Hans was startle a little by a alert voice. He looked back to see a fimilar face. It was Tori. She seemed distress as their gazes met. The fox in his arms griped to be let down to see LeeAnn. She wined and barked and made weird sounds that he had never heard of before. The kitsune's ears drooped thinking about his fiance. Soon they had to rounded up on their wedding plans. Tori asked where LeeAnn was. Instantly, Alaska barked tugged on the leash to go into see her beloved owner. She knew something was wrong. "She's...having a huge oporation done. Her body collapsed and was rush to the hospital all because of some creature named Cell that beat her" he replied. The fox broke free and sped off making Hans sigh.
"Gotta catch her see ya around.
Alaska! WAIT"
he cried running after her.


#4Tori Lancaster 

A Knight's Shattered Pride [Tori/Private] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 9:54 am

Tori Lancaster
Hans answered Tori somewhat solemnly, explaining that some creature named Cell attacked LeeAnn, and caused her to require an operation. Tori felt the anger swell up inside of her. Her fists balled at her side and her teeth gritted. Tori snapped out of her rage for a moment when she heard the couple's pet fox cry out and escape from its owner's arms and run towards the operating room before Hans caught the small animal. As it tried to claw its way back to the floor, Tori vowed to all three of them that this creature would pay.

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A Knight's Shattered Pride [Tori/Private] Empty

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