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Dance of the Undead[Private/Request]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Dance of the Undead[Private/Request] Empty on Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:53 am

Shichiro Uchida
"Ridiculous." That was the first word that came to Uchida's head as he held a report regarding the next task he was on. He's seen some odd things in his short life but, this seems to out do them all. Zombies? As interesting a sthat sounds, Uchida was hoping his first encounter would be something normal. You know, something along the lines of being alive? None the less, the report clearly stated he wasn't suppose to engage them and he was just suppose to check the superstition and rumors surrounding the nearby woods of Era and that's what he was going to do.

He contemplated on if he should wait for Finn this time around or just go and search by himself for a little while and see what turns up. After a few minutes of thinking, he decided going on ahead couldn't hurt so he decided to go on and have a look by himself at  first. Quickly, he folded the report and shoved the piece of paper into his pocket before walking into the direction of Era's woods. He thought to himself about what he'd do if he DID manage to find dead people just walking around. He also wondered how dead people even act. Were the the same as him? Did they walk and talk like normal human beings just being resurrected by magic? Or was it like the rumors and stories? Rotting flesh, incoherent moaning, need feed off of the brains of the living?

Well he assumed he'd never know until he met a zombie face to face. Well... He wasn't exactly eager to meet one face to face but you get the idea. Uchida had been searching around for what seemed like hours on end. A few times, he thought he heard something and often stopped to listen but they were always met deafening silence. After the few times he tried to listen, he passed them off as his imagination and decided to move on. At this point, it was best for him to take a break and go back to Era and wait for Finn to show up. Folding his arms whilst closing his eyes, he lowered his head in frustration to think to himself. "Man, this is a waste of time. Of course these stupid rumors weren't true,
just being paranoid over stray sounds and shit.When i get back, i'm telling Finn i already checked this place out, there's nothing more to be seen here. Stupid Mounties, getting all worked up and wasting my time. Must be too much mountain air since they're so damn high up all the time."
Uchida groaned and mumbled a bit himself before walking back to the initial place he had started and decided to wait for Finn to tell him about his search.

#2Finn Mertens 

Dance of the Undead[Private/Request] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 2:34 pm

Finn Mertens
Finn had made his way towards the edge of town to go on a new mission with his team. To claim that it was his team was actually a bit much, actually. In reality, it was him and a single other member of the team. Shichiro Uchida, the dark skinned rather independent fellow whom he had met only recently. The guy was a unique character, and to be honest Finn didn't quite know what to make of him. The guy was quiet, but at the same time always managed to speak his mind in seemingly the rudest way he could think of at the time.

He wasn't necessarily a bad guy, though. He was still in Blue Pegasus after all, which was a light guild that enforced its regulations pretty vehemently. Still, Finn hadn't really known him long enough to fully understand the guy, let alone get to know him better. Still, he was the only one of their team who had made it to Era with Finn, and so it would be with him that Finn would be completing these quests. This newest one was one that would take a bit of a weirder turn than most. At the very least, it would be different than their previous mission of guarding a caravan.

Their job this time was to search for zombies, also known as the undead. Supposedly there had been sightings of the walking corpses around the edge of Era, though such a thing was relatively hard to believe. Finn had killed a lot of things in his day, and quite a few people. Not once had he ever seen any of them get back up, nor did he have any reason to believe they were already dead before he killed them- Again. Still, the boy wasn't one to take his preconceived notions and hold them to a golden standard when it meant adventure was involved.

Besides, at the very least he'd be able to complete the quest and find himself something new in the near future. It was the problem that he had come to address while guarding the Caravan. If he wanted to be able to take on more advanced quests, he would first have to dominate these lower ranked ones to get his name known. Until then, he'd be pressing forward in the more tedious works. It was as his mind was drifting back towards these thoughts that he made his way into the forest, finding Uchida.

His companion and himself both had copies of the request report. They were to journey into the woods and look for any traces of truth behind the rather radical claims. Upon reaching his teammate, Finn would raise the hand with the paper. "Sup." He wasn't always wild and excited. Sometimes Finn was cool with just chilling out, melding in his brain stuffs. As he approached his friend, he tapped his arm and motioned with his head. "Lets get searching bro." With that, the two of them would make their way into the forest.

Anything that Uchida said, Finn would respond in kind the way that Finn would. "Yeah" and "Okay" to show he was listening, "That's bunk" to any sort of crass comments, so on and so forth. Before long, Finn would put his arm out to stop Uchida. They had gone in a different direction than the mage first went into, and this direction seemed more fruitful than the first expedition. Quickening his pace and getting behind a tree, Finn would point out towards it. "What's with that biz?"

Before them was a statue of some sort of entity, though Finn didn't know enough about it to decide what it was. Around them, rotting hands and skeletal heads were climbing out from within the ground. Further back, idle in the shadows, were tens if not hundreds of these very same undead, with more apparent in the far distance coming up to join their numbers.

"The reports were true! We gotta go let Marwin know so that we can come back later and beat them all to a pulp!" With that being said, the two of them would race back towards the gates so that they could turn in the quest, bringing with them the knowledge of what they saw.


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#3Shichiro Uchida 

Dance of the Undead[Private/Request] Empty on Fri May 05, 2017 6:28 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Waiting a few moments, Uchida had started to fidgeting a bit. He wasn't sure how much longer he was going to have to wait for Finn to arrive but he decided to tough it out. Eventually, Finn had shown up to the meeting site and he decided to explain to him what he had already did and wanted to do next. "I checked this forest out already, didn't find a damn thing in there. These people probably already lost their minds living way up here on the mountains and shit. We should just go back but if you wanna check it out a second time, be my guest. This is just a huge waste of time to me." He had said, not realizing he was already walking into the forest with Finn while raging. A little while had passed as they trekked through the forest, Finn had discovered something Uchida didn't notice the first time around. Granted, they went in a different direction he did, he was still sure he would have been able to hear something like this near by.

Following Finn's lead, he had also gotten behind a tree as well to observe the situation they were in and wondered what was about to happen next. Around them, rotting hands and skeletal heads were climbing out from within the ground. Further back, idle in the shadows, were tens if not hundreds of these very same undead, with more apparent in the far distance coming up to join their numbers. Uchida had then heard a worried shout come from Finn, saying they needed to leave and warn Marwin of what was going on. He wasn't so sure about that last part but if it came down to it, he would.

Uchida sprinted back towards the gates of Era with Finn, to tell the client of what the saw. Of course the client was concerned, but he was sure to make the best course of action. Hopefully, he won't ask them to help them with the zombies but if it does come down to it, he'd better be paying them well but as it so happened, they weren't needed, which is also fine in Uchida's eyes. After receiving payment for confirming the rumors, Uchida had went and continued on with his day, wondering what next request awaited him.


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