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Magnolia - Marigold (Travel by Walking)

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Magnolia - Marigold (Travel by Walking) Empty Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:03 am

Tori Lancaster
After more work and more friends and acquaintances made, it was time again to leave Magnolia. This trip was far more urgent than the last ones, however. One could say that Tori was, more or less, on the run. She had taken a loan from some shifty looking characters who were later revealed to be ruthless loan sharks with an organization called Blackwood and had been given a strict due date by which to pay back the loan, with interest. Tori didn’t think much of it, thinking they would just show up if she was past due and have her pay extra or something , but she was wrong. She had found someone with info on the Blackwood organization and found that they won’t just come after their money, they’ll actually kill someone for not paying back their loan. That made no sense to Tori seeing as how dead men can’t pay their debts, but she learned they don’t just come and kill you. First they will actually beat you so badly, you wish you were dead. In most cases, they actually have a limb cut off or something to that effect. Tori didn’t entirely believe the more extreme claims, but either way she was not willing to risk it. She almost had the money with interest compiled together, but she was also running out of time. Once she started to think about it, she practically started sprinting towards the town of Marigold. She had heard there were plenty of jobs in that city and she could roll in the money easily within a few days. That was all the pep talk that the ice mage of Fairy Tail needed to hear. As she drew closer and closer to the town, she could swear that the town was glowing in the sunlight, signaling to her that the city of Marigold was her saving grace.


[center]Tori has traveled to Marigold[center]

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