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Family Crest [Law]

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Family Crest [Law] Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:30 pm

It was a normal day for Law. He had just been eating, but when he went to pay, there was a problem. "Sorry sir, you don't have enough money to pay for this."

Law blinked, a little bit surprised, shocked, scared and sad - all at once! "What are you t-talking about?!" he asked. This had never happened before. While he couldn't deny the possibility that one day he may be out of cash after eating, he didn't think that today would be that day. It seemed like Law's money was simply just running out on him. He couldn't live off of the money he got from sports prizes forever, after all. Maybe he was just slacking.

This actually made him think however, that even since he became a mage, he hadn't even bothered to take any jobs. Wasn't that the main purpose of mages anyways? It had to make him feel a bit embarrassed for not knowing in the first place. While Law was lost in thought, the waiter spoke again, snapping Law out of it. "So, how do you intend to pay for this?"

Law gave a thumbs up. "Don't worry sir, it'll be payed before you can count to eighty six thousand, four hundred second. Which is essentially 24 hours. My name is Law Valentine, so if I don't get it back, feel free to sue me or whatever. Sound good?"

The waiter sighed to himself, as if this kind of thing hadn't happened before. "I suppose so.. but if you don't get it within that 24 hours, you can never enter this establishment again. Understood?" A bit scared at the though of never having his favorite noodle dishes in Era again, Law gulped and nodded. "Understood, sir." The waiter nodded and sent him on his way as Law walked out of the building.

Taking a deep exhale, Law focused. He needed to get that money and fast. Luckily for him, this gave him an excuse to do real work as a mage, something that he had no experience in at all. But it seemed that mages worked often in this kind of setting, so really he was just behind the times was all.

Skipping forwards hours later..

Here Law was, with a job. It was quite simple really: a knight had lost his family's crest, and Law just had to look around the city of Era to find it in time. Luckily for him, he had a handy little drawing of the crest in his hand, so that made it a lot easier. The first step that Law should take as the best detective to ever grace the earth would probably have to be asking around at the people roaming the streets. They were bound to know something, or at least one of these 1000 people. Rolling up his sleeves, Law decided it was about time to get to work. Walking into the endless crowd, he was ready to find this crest and pay back the restaurant.



Family Crest [Law] Empty on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:56 am

Law looked around, asking a lot of people on the streets, worrying that perhaps he was being a bit of a nuisance to them. He had to find this crest though, as it was really the only work he managed to find within 24 hours. The streets were packed, and everyone was moving around, so it was kind of hard to find someone who was actually willing to stop and talk to this kid for a second. Law should've expected that, to be fair. Maybe if he found someone calm he'd be able to get some info. And just as he thought this, only a few minutes later would Law see a group of elderly people on a bench playing cards. This was perfect actually.

Approaching the old group, Law spoke. "Hello sir, would you happen to have seen this crest anywhere?" Law held up the drawing as the old man's eyes seemed to light up. Maybe this was it? Had Law finally found it?

"Yes, indeed I have, youngster. A fellow named Gaud purchased it off some thug earlier. That man, always looking to buy something..."

Law was a bit confused as to who Gaud was, but at the very least he had a lead now. "Who is Gaud, exactly? Where can I find him? This crest is very important." The old man scratched his chin. "Well, Gaud is usually in the park sitting at a chess table. Check there, perhaps." Nodding, Law thanked the old man before leaving the crowded streets. Looks like he was almost there, and would be able to repay the restaurant soon. Thank god, he couldn't live without their noodle bowls!

Heading over to the park, Law looked frantically for the chess tables, before seeing a man sitting alone at one. It seemed there were no other people in this area, so chances are this was Gaud.

Approaching the man, Law spoke. "Are you Gaud, by any chance?" the man looked to Law. "Indeed I am.. what brings you here, young man?"

Gulping, Law placed down the drawing of the crest to the man. "I need this crest, and it belongs to a Rune Knight. I was told you bought something like it."

Gaud's eyes widened, before he sighed. "Well, I had no idea it was of the Rune Knight's.." taking the crest out of his pocket, he placed it on the table. Jackpot! "I don't wanna get in trouble with them or anything, so I'll leave it to you to give back to them. There goes jewels right down the drain.."

Taking the crest off the table, Law thanked Gaud before heading back to the place he was employed. Standing at the gates, he simply gave the crest to the guard. "For Joachim, if you would." The guard nodded. "He told me about this, said to reward you. Here you go, young lad. We hope to see you again."

Smirking, Law took his money and walked out of the establishment. It looks like he would be able to pay off his debt - and have more food to boot!



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