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Power Rangers: Legend War RP

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#1Jun Nakamura 

Power Rangers: Legend War RP Empty Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:37 am

Jun Nakamura

Power Rangers: Legend War RP 2d1l2de

Angel Grove is Destroyed. Most of the Power Rangers are dead and Lord Zed is in control of the planet. The world is in need of heroes but none are to be found. Zordon in order to save the world has given his life to open a wormhole across the dimensions to summon the strongest rangers throughout the multiverse in order to help put an end to Lord Zed. Do you have what it takes to Join The Red Ranger and Alpha V and stop Lord Zed for good, or are you a monster ready to join Zed's ever growing empire?

Power Rangers: Legend War is a Story oriented Play by Post roleplay set in the Power Rangers universe. With a more mature approach than the campy television show, this site is for fans of Power Rangers, Superheros or apocalyptic roleplays. If you are an old fan or saw the movie and are interested in the Power Rangers Universe we welcome everyone and would love to see people join the site.

If you're interested you can find us at: http://powerrangerlegendwar.proboards.com/

We're a new site looking forward to getting people involved and getting playing.

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