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Oak to Hargeon // Travel

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Oak to Hargeon // Travel Empty Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:06 am


He sat on the motel bed, packing his things. Deep in thought, swaying in a trance… It was time to depart this place, this town that lay in turmoil. Hunted by serial murders, mafia wars, and mercenary fighters. He had one destination, but it would be no easy travelling. His eyes opened, as he pressed full lips against the bud in his fingers. He inhales… Taking in the toxic, but pleasing, gases. He leans back, the lighter laying beside his head. The boy sighed, agitation draining out of him and into open air. He was now once again debating where to take himself. He made many connections here in Oak. Though-- he couldn’t be more glad to exit it. There were others worlds out there. Ventures one could only dream of. He grabbed his hoodie, throwing it over his body. He grabbed a backpack off of the desk-- that was it. There was money left, but no trace of the infamous Strategist ever having resided here.

He recounted the many faces he’d met. He grew fond of some, others he was glad to be away from. He explored the body, the heart, the mind… Of another member. Sadly she could only disappoint. Forgetting her would be like losing a blanket on a highway trip. Not a bother… Not even a worry to fester really. It did teach him not to open his heart as much, that relationships were built on a vastly more depressing concept. Lust. He was a hopeless romantic though-- the trait had bled through his perverse nature. He had a heart, even if it could deep into a funnel of scales. A snake is a snake after all, but what if… What if it were more? He didn’t have an answer yet. He still searched for that reason for prolonging. Victor still needed to die, but he was still too weak. However, with every mission successfully completed-- he found himself growing more confident.

Oak had given him one thing. Experience. Now it was Hargeon’s turn. Now-- Hargeon by far was less criminally controlled. But it would make his game more challenging. The air grew still around the adventurer, as he halted. He figured a chess game against oneself would never take him far. However. Say he were to play with someone else? Now that was a game to get down with. Surely, he would find someone to harbor in as a player. He felt remorseful of his loss against Maarschalk two months ago, but Maarschalk was by all definitions a superior human. He was like a weapon, a schemer up against a literal war machine at the start of their stories? Of course his loss was assured. But had he grown into the title of tactician. Then perhaps loosening the gap in power against the giant was plausible. Erebus wished he could say the man was his rival now, but Maarschalk finished everyone in that tournament. It would be too far fetched to even consider the older man in the same league.

Real recognizes real, as they say. However… He doubted the other person noticed a fire there. Perhaps, losing is okay so long as you aspire to become more powerful yes? To defeat the obstacles surfacing around you and to win the game. It was all really up to the beholder to decide. For E? Erebus knew he was not the strongest out there. But there was a need, a longing, to be out there. To stand in a hall and see his face plastered up alongside others. He didn’t care if it was bad reputation, if there were morals attached. Irrelevancy like that was not something a hungry man gave two shits or three fucks about. Surely, he was no different from a hungry man. He was a mad man. An animal. The Lycan.

With days having passed, Erebus was nearing Hargeon. He stood outside a restaurant on the sidewalk. A bag of french fries and a cheeseburger were lingering inside a bag tucked on his lap. His hood pulled up, he began to get lost in his thoughts once again.

The wolf bit into a french fry, watching with a careful eye as a stranger passed by. It was once every few minutes, sometimes a cute housewife would cross him. "Fresh starts are always nice, aren't they?" He only gave a nod and a grin. Before thinking to himself-- he had spoken to no one in a particular. But a woman did stop to stare at him, she had a questioning look in her eyes. Did she know him? She must've... Was his infamy reaching this far from home? The girl took a hop step away and began speed walking off. This was far from home. Perhaps he had gotten just enough that he was elevated rumor? If that were the case he'd be definitely causing some chaos in Hargeon. Had it not been the case and everyone knew of his criminal activity, he might have to be on lower key profile.

He began to move from his spot, walking whilst cupping his bag and soda between his arms. The sun was setting-- might as well find somewhere to rest. Hargeon was a day off from now so getting up early meant he could arrive late afternoon tomorrow. His pace was slowed down to enjoy the rich scenery of the new area. But he wouldn’t be here long. He located a motel off the side of town and stayed there. Pleasing himself to the desk lady, as they say. You can the dog out of the pound, but you can’t take the pound out of a dog… Or uh, something to that effect. Regardless; he was definitely having fun there. It was early morning when awoke to the birds chirping outside. He showered, fixed his hygiene and teeth, and set out. A strenuous journey was the obstacle at and. Thankfully though, he arrived right where he wanted to be as planned. Hargeon was a pretty quiet town. Not at all as he’d imagined.

It was a port town, with fish being it’s source for income aside from shipping. In addition to that, he soon discovered this was here Blue Pegasus resided. Interesting, Strategist recalled a finalist from BP being in that faction. They must be a pretty impressive group. Perfect. He wanted a good challenge. Challenge breeds champions. Champions breed legends. Legends leave you etched into eternity. The boy would begin his life here staying at a local inn. From here out this would be his natural setting. His temporary home. A smug grin cut way to his expression. The trip was completed.


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