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Proletarian Shopping [Geb]

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Proletarian Shopping [Geb] Empty on Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:28 pm

Geb was making his way through Oak that day, still looking for work. It was one giant clusterfuck of just him doing work over and over again. But, luckily for him, he was making a fair bit of money off of it. So, he didn't mind, not one bit in fact. The only problem now was how he was going to get more work. He had been looking all over the place for one last easy job he could do, but it seemed there was nothing. Not even on the request board was there a quest good enough to be done within the last few hours of daylight. Perhaps it was time that Geb gave up... he got lucky with being able to both do a job for the Martello family and being able to be called in by a shopkeeper to scold a brat. Oh well, he supposed all days had to end eventually. It was time to go home for now.

On his way home, Geb used his handy dandy folding map.This thing had been useful pretty much all day, luckily for him. Now, the best way to get home was probably through alleys. They were a bit creepy sure, but Geb knew he could handle himself in there. All he needed to do was just make sure he was careful was all. And of course, if someone did try to mug him or something, he had a fairly large strength under his belt, so knocking them out wasn't too hard.

On his way down Omen alley, Geb noticed some footsteps. They were small, and they felt light. Someone small, someone like a child. Geb looked back to see the brat from earlier in the day that he had scolded. "Ah, hello. Did you come back for more? I'm afraid I'm headed home." he said, as the brat then spoke up.

"Listen here, mister! I've got a job for you. You like money, right?" he said, as Geb then looked over in interest. "I suppose so. Now, what is this job you speak of, young one?" he asked.

"First of all, the name's not young one. It's Jerr! You get it? J E R R !" the boy seemed quite annoyed being called young. Well, if this kid had money, might as well call him by his actual name. Geb should be respectful to employers such as him no?

"Alright Jerr, what is it you want me to do?" he asked.

"Well, you see.." Jerr then spoke a bit more hushed, probably not wanting anyone anywhere to hear what he was saying. "You see, I figured.. I get in trouble if I steal, right? Well, then all I have to do is get someone else to steal for me. You see, me and my friends are starving. Look, you can see our ribcages clear as day. Or, at least mine.. so, here's my plan. 25,000 jewels if you can get into that old man's fruit shop and get us some food."

"Well, I'll admit that it doesn't sound so hard. But, you'll have to wait a bit, maybe a few hours, okay?" he asked, as Jerr nodded. "Alright, sounds good. As long as we get it by the end of tonight or something like that." It seemed the kids were pretty close to starving if they needed it so soon. Either that, or they were just kinda impatient. Geb didn't care either way, he was mainly just doing this for the money that was involved.

"Don't worry, I got this in the bag. I just need to get prepared first." Geb than walked away from the boy, waving his hand. "Meet me back here in say 2 hours! Remember that it's OMEN alley, not Gallent alley!"

First, Geb asked around for the man's hours. It seemed he was open for one more hour, but because it was a fruit STAND he probably packed up stuff in the evening. It seemed he was the last shop on the street to close, everything else having closed about half an hour beforehand.

Next up, Geb had to disguise himself. He first went to the gallery and changed his clothes. He then also got a ski mask from a local clothing store in order to conceal his face, and also his hair, since let's face it - there weren't many people with that style.

Now, it was time for the heist. Geb waited, watching from the alleyways for the right time to strike. He was waiting for when this man had his back turned and was loading up his good for the day. Geb then walked by when he was picking up a box of apples, walking slowly and quietly. Geb then gave one strong chop to the back of the man's neck, knocking him out on the ground. At this time of the night, there was nobody around. Geb then took out a large bag he had prepared for this purpose. He filled the bag with lots of apples, lots of oranges, and whatever variety of fruits that Geb could possibly get his hands on at the time. He then hurried out of the area, using the alleyways to avoid detection on his way to Jerr.

Geb eventually met with Jerr, who smiled when he saw Geb with the big bag of fruits. "Ha, you got it! Thanks mister...?"

"Geb." he said, as Jerr nodded, handing Geb the money that he would of promised him eariler. "Well, I'll see you again if I ever need your help, Geb!"

"See ya, Jerr." Geb said, as he walked away. It was a long day full of a clusterfuck of jobs. Geb would enjoy being able to sleep tonight, more than he ever had before. Let's just hope he wasn't interrupted on his way home AGAIN. Oh, let's face it. He would be. Because for every moment of relaxation, there was also a moment of work. And right now, Geb was taking the moments of work he had skipped out on for a while.



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