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[Travel] Oak to Era

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#1Faust Noire 

[Travel] Oak to Era Empty Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:44 am

Faust Noire
Faust was heading towards Era. The suffocating air surrounding the god-forsaken town was enough to drive the Coyote psychotic, even more so than his personality gave off. It wasn't a particular quality that irked Faust. Rather, it was the entirety of the town that encouraged him to vomit across the seas. The only quality that partook within Oak was the ability to be so dense. As to how the villagers could survive in such an environment, it was a spectacle to see. But even so, Faust had no reason to elongate his stay. Spectacles were only momentary, after all.

He had just entered the guild of blood red, Grimoire Heart. His tattoo, engraved onto his tongue, was a benevolent black. Despite the idea of Grimoire Heart having to stay low, Faust begged for his tattoo to be placed upon his tongue. The higher-ups only agreed after it was compensated by a mask; a mask that was to be worn at all times. He had just joined the guild. Arguing was not going to get him anywhere, causing him to take the offer presented to him. Grimoire Heart fascinated him, even giving him his own code-name, Coyote. It certainly matched his personality, his style, everything about it was accurate. His mask worked with his alias just as much as everything else. Though it seemed to portray a fox rather than a coyote, the young Grimoire Heart member could care less. The adornment was either creepy or beautiful; it all depended on the viewer. The fox mask covered the entirety of his face, henceforth giving no recognition from anyone other than his voice. Needless to say, Faust enjoyed his new life.

With his new identity on, the Coyote exited the town of Oak, having his sights set on Era. There was work to be done, at least with the orders he'd been given, in the near future. The details of the assignment were not yet announced or publicized; Faust doubted that anyone within the organization knew the details, at least other than Icarus and Crowley themselves. But whilst the intentions were muffled, the rules and directions given were clear. The assignment would take place in Era. Faust, being quite the little strategist himself, had decided to inspect the grounds beforehand. There were so many positive factors from inspecting a war ground before any battles took place as well as a number of factors to take into account. A big one was the people of Era. A million things could be said with the people alone.

All this was in his head as the canine paced towards the capital of the Council. He truly wondered about this action of his. Yes, he would be concealed by his new identity, granted protection by the higher-ups of Grimoire Heart to a certain extent. But would the best course of action be taking place right under his enemies' noses? Because of what he had done as a child, they were still on the lookout for him; perhaps they had given up over the course of several years, but slaughtering a noble family, especially one that was active in the economy of Fiore. A wanted individual, Faust sincerely considered to not partake in the quest at hand. But something in him strengthened his resolve. Something told him that he had to follow through with his actions; just because he was kept on the run didn't mean he had to play it in their little game of cat and mice. It was about time Faust stood up, if not to the Council, to himself at the least.

Humming a beautiful song of serenity, Careless Whispers, Faust kicked and jumped to the imaginary beat he created in his head. It was surely a sight to see. Eventually, the lyrics leaked out of him like a broken battery. "I'm never gonna dance again. Guilty feet have got no rhythm." he began, adding in the drama-risque character. "Though it's easy to pretend, I know I'm not a fool." The lyrics were followed by a series of humming once more, seeing as how he didn't know the lyrics to the part. It was a shame, Faust himself admitted it. The song was legendary and even so, he only knew bits and pieces. Alas, he reached the chorus once more. "Should've known better than to cheat a friend and waste the chance that I've been given. So I'm never gonna dance again, the way I danced with you." As his lungs elongated the final word in the song, he thought about the meaning of the song as a whole. The lyrics reached out to him, as it did with many people. Having his head on the song alone, the Coyote had not realized that he eventually made it into Era, the enemy's headquarters.

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[Travel] Oak to Era URfIrNm

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