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White Claudia [Quest | Solo]

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White Claudia [Quest | Solo] Empty on Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:45 am

It was about damn time, Odin thought as he held a piece of paper in his hands. A letter, from his recurring client Dr. Stephan Mabuz of the little magic shop in Oak town, had 'requested the presence of the illustrious Lucifer Morningstar for aid of a magical substance known simply as 'White Claudia'. Please come at once'. That's what the letter had said, and it's message confused the dark mage. It was no secret that Dr. Mabuz despised Odin, wanting nothing more than to see the boy whimper like a dog as the olive haired mage mocked the doctor's repeating failures. It was a mutual hatred relationship, but they both saw the uses of the other, and so they stayed in contact: Odin for his abilities, Mabuz for his money. Any mage, even a dark mage, needed a steady source of income. The doctor was Odin's. Still though, it was surprising how formal this letter read, especially since the only person who would've read it would've been Odin himself. He actually smiled as he saw it addressed to Lucifer, forgetting that only Nastasya Crowe, also of Grimoire Heart, knew his true name. A question would constantly go through Odin's mind as he got dressed and started walking through the streets of Oak, having left his own pub in the care of his second: what would cause the doctor to be unnecessarily formal, and almost polite, in his letter. It made no sense.

The answer came almost the moment Odin stepped into the quaint little shop belonging to the doctor, to be met with the doctor pacing on the floor of his shop, constantly looking to the door. As Odin entered, the pacing stopped and Mabuz, who seemed much more on edge than usual, looked the way of the dark mage, as pleased as he was annoyed that this was the one he had to test on. "Good, you're finally here. Come with me right away, there isn't a moment to lose." Following the doctor, Odin would walk past the shop into a hidden room in the back, before following some stairs underground to enter another room, a room which only housed a single chair. Gesturing to the chair, Mabuz walked over and waited for Odin to sit down on it before continuing, "Listen Morningstar, this is not like any of the other quests I've sent you on so far. This", he said, holding up a vial of some strange white liquid Odin had never seen before, "is the White Claudia, but it isn't like what I used on your friend, that was simply a weaker dosage. I managed to find the source of the serum, and I am currently holding a much more potent variant. I require a willing subject to test this on, otherwise the serum kills the taker, which is why I've had to call on you. Don't make me ask twice, are you still willing to have the serum injected into your system? You saw what it did to your friend, and that wasn't as strong as what I'm going to give you. I need you to say it, I'm afraid."

Odin knew what this serum had done, he remembered Nastasya's reaction to seeing Mabuz after she had experienced it, threatening to tear him apart should he ever try something like that again. Whatever she had seen under the effects of the serum, it had greatly affected her, and it was to be nothing compared to what Odin was going to have to experience. For a second, he was almost tempted to leave, but he only looked straight into Mabuz's eyes with a fiery stare, "I accept any and all repercussions of this serum. Let's get this done, Mabuz." With a mild snort from the doctor, he pressed a button, causing straps to wrap around Odin's wrists and ankles, causing him slight discomfort as the doctor injected the White Claudia into Odin's bloodstream.

It didn't hurt all that much, the injection itself that was, but what came next had nothing physical about it. Just seconds after having the serum enter his body, the world before Odin started changing. The metal plates of the ceiling and the walls started rusting and peeling off, as if the place had aged by a hundred years in just a few seconds. Slowly, more plates began to rust and change, and a familiar sight started to dot the walls, changing them from a brown metal to an equally metallic crimson: blood. It took a few more moments to settle, but once it did Odin looked at the industrial factory, long since abandoned, where he now found himself. The room had increased in size, as Odin now found himself sitting, still strapped to the chair, in the middle of a large factory floor, with a ceiling rising high into the brown, post-apocalyptic, night sky. A truly rare sight, and one Odin would likely not see again, he felt strongly impressed by the drug, which is when he turned to congratulate Dr. Mabuz on a successful dosage, his breath leaving him before he even got the first word out.

Doctor Stephan Mabuz was no longer there. In his place, where he had been, now stood a being many would call beautiful. An angelic creature, white wings spreading out from its back as it spoke to the dark mage sitting down. "It is time for justice to seek you out, Morningstar. Justice for your parents, and to rid you of the demon that plagues your soul." Grunting and getting much more uncomfortable at the situation, Odin watched the angel bring forth a large, burning sword from out of seemingly nowhere, as Odin activated Lucifer. Nothing happened. It took a few attempts before Odin realised he had no magic, and couldn't escape. Grunting much more now, and struggling to get free, the angel approached and lunged, embedding it's sword into the heart of the dark mage, causing a bright light to engulf them both.

It wasn't until around half an hour later that Odin awoke, Mabuz standing over him with money in hand. "I don't know what you saw, kid, but keep quiet about it. Here's your payment." After a few more minutes of regaining his bearings, Odin went home, eager to get to his bed and sleep off what he had seen.


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