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Clean Up Crew [Geb]

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Clean Up Crew [Geb] Empty Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:34 am

The smell was disgusting today. Geb felt like he was gonna gag. Well, he wasn't quite sure now. Could robots gag? That would be a nice bit of research for him to do, but later. He was in this mess now, and he was getting money from it too. Despite how disgusting it was, Geb needed the money. He wouldn't of believed 2 weeks ago that he would of stooped this low just for a little bit of cash, though... it was truly hard to believe, but here he was anyways. Time to move these dead bodies outta here.

So how exactly did Geb get here, and what was he doing? Well, Geb had taken on a job from a local crime family for a little bit of money. Geb, desperate for cash due to his loan on his shoulders, had to take it. He didn't care who it was from or what he was doing, every penny counted in this desperate struggle against his loan. He didn't want to be killed by those loan sharks, after all. They were pretty damn scary in all honesty. Gave Geb the creeps in his sleep, having nightmares about them coming for him. Yep, Geb was for sure gonna pay off that loan to the bank. No joke.

That morning, Geb woke up to go and get some work. Upon accepting a job from this crime family, he met this guy named Remy on the streets of Oak. Remy would explain the situation to Geb. You see, they had recently clashed with another family in a building in Oak. Now, the local authorities would soon find out, but the building was littered in dead bodies. So, it was Geb's job to help them out by getting all the bodies out of the building and disposing of them. It wasn't his most glamorous job by far, but it was good enough for Geb. He was thirsty for money, and even the small amount of 25,000 jewels would be good enough for Geb here. Plus, he could use some new parts after he paid off his loan.

The building had been in construction for a while, but now it was stalled, probably due to the whole incident that happened here. Geb was sure he didn't want to work in a murder site either, especially if he was just a civillian. Then again, the workers were probably paid by the family to keep quiet and just go on "vacation" for a couple of days. That seemed like the most likely option.

Walking into the building, Geb could feel how cold it was.It was somehow even colder in here than it was outside, probably due to the stone walls. Littered on the floor was 10 bodies, 3 of them being from Remy's family. Geb was then told first to bring the 7 bodies from the other family to Remy, as he took out an axe. It seemed Remy was going to chop up the bodies from the other family to put into bags or something. A good plan, would most likely save Remy a lot of space. He was a smart man, it seemed like. Good for him.

Geb took the bodies over, their weight being a cakewalk with his strength. Getting some blood on him, Geb hated the smell that they were making. If robots could gag, he would be gagging a shitton right now. Bringing the first body to Remy, he began to chop it up with an axe. He was a true mobster, Geb could tell Chopping up that body with his axe seemed like it was nothing for Remy. What an interesting boy he was, Geb had to admit. He was probably raised that way since he was just a young child though, which could explain how he was able to do it despite looking somewhat young.

The two stayed quiet during almost the whole thing. There wasn't much of a need for words right now. Besides, opening his mouth would just let more of that horrible smell in, though Remy didn't seem to flinch at all.

Bringing the last of the 7 bodies over, Remy then directed Geb to take out the Martello family members. He didn't want to cut those ones up, which was very understandable. They were his own family, after all.

Remy then directed Geb to just take them to the back of the building, so they could be picked up for a proper burial,. What a nice family, except for, you know, the part where they killed people. Oh well. Geb took the bodies one by one outside of the building, to the back, resting them down on the ground so they could be picked up later. The smell on these bodies was a bit less potent, most likely due to the fact that Geb had gotten rid of the majority of the bodies. He made sure to handle the bodies with respect, as he was sure Remy would of wanted him to do that, even if he never really said it to Geb. Besides, it was an extra precaution. Geb didn't want to end up like the other family that was here, after all.. yikes. What a scary way to go. Probably even moreso than the loan sharks indeed. Geb really was gonna need a shower when he got home, though. This was gross.

By the time that Geb was done taking out the Martello family members, it seemed that Remy had already finished chopping up the bodies and putting them into bags. He thanked Geb, as the two would carry the bags out to the back. Remy would give Geb his pay, and send him off. It seemed Remy was going to be picked up, so there was no real need for Geb to stick around. Taking his money and getting out of this smelly place, Geb would go back to the art gallery to wash his hands. He was extremely dirty now, a shower would be very appreciated at the moment.



Clean Up Crew [Geb] BORZAPv

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