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I Cant Belive he pays people for this ~Beach Gym[ D Rank Request]

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I Cant Belive he pays people for this ~Beach Gym[ D Rank Request] Empty Wed Jan 25, 2017 7:33 am

Shyvixah awoke Abruptly from her alarm clock buzzing and hissing at her to wake from her slumber, it seemed she had some sort of plan the night before to set the god forsaken alarm, laying in bed for a moment she moaned and Groaned about getting up so Early with the lack of sleep she had gotten. How long did she manage to get? She silently Asked herself as she counted out on her fingers and muttered numbers quietly in the dark of her room “three to four, four to five, five to six and a half. . . 3 and a half hours. . .” She softly cursed, she was most Surly going to have heavy black bags under her eyes. Silently She Cursed as she sat up to think as to why she was trying to get up, slamming her hand on the top of the Clock to stop its Aggressive and offensive sounds.

It wasn’t until she was in the bathroom Getting ready for the day did she realize why she had gotten up so early. “Jay Holiday” she suddenly busted out probably much to loud for this time of day (if you can call it day). It had been such short notice that she almost forgot her ~date~ having found his Request she had promptly accepted the night before and said shed meet him at the beach in the morning.

Shyvixah smiled now despite her displeasure in the time of day, because she was going to get paid to ogle Body Builders all day, or more specifically Jay Holiday a Hargeon Resident that was quite famous amongst the town. Thinking back as she recalled the brief conversation they had.

“ I heard you were looking for work” * Jay’s Representative asked Shyvixah after she had just ended a conversation with a previous client. Getting a bit creeped out by the Rodent Faced man that had approached her she shook her head as she Responded with “Sorry sir but I’m not that kind of Girl” *she recalled saying to the agent before she turned to leave, but before she could the man each and touch her Arm “ No, no Miss you misread me, I represent Jay Holiday.” * Shyvixah didn’t remember Too much more after that, almost melting on the Spot, as she had most Definitely had heard of Jay Holiday.  One thing lead to another and now she had a Contract stating she would spot for Jay Holiday.

“ Easy choice, Easy Money” *she Said now sitting at the kitchen table reading over the terms of her request as she eat a small bowl of Oatmeal. Slowly chewing up the last bite before getting to her feet with a Slight wobble and slide the bowl into the sink with a slight Crash. Shyvixah Folded the Contract up and slide it into her pocket before she went into the Small Apartment bathroom to do her Makeup and Get Ready to be seen With the Hunk of a man.

With her Makeup done and the bags under her eyes as concealed as possible she loaded up her Tattered Old Bag with water bottles and a few snacks before she swung it over her shoulder and Feld from her apartment, down the stairs and out into the dead Streets.  Living in the Residential Area was quiet at this time of day but as she got closer to the beach it seemed to Docks were quite busy.

As Shyvixah Approached the Location talked about by the Agent, she looked about for any signs of a Set up, but all she seen was a small beach hut with a Patio, which a figure sat, quite a large man it seemed, and upon getting closer she seen and recognized this to be Jay.  Instantly Shyvixah’s felt her arms and knee’s getting weak but she progressed anyways. Getting to the Patio Where Jay was sitting on his Bench press.

He Greeted her with a wave and a rehearsed smile and said “Hello, you must be Shyvixen right?”.  Shyvixah’s Eye Twitched as he messed up her name, but she quickly corrected him “ Shy-vix-ah ” she said sounding out each Syllable in her name for him “ and good morning jay.” * by this point the sun was getting to be just above the horizon and the Light of Dawn Shined About the Beat in a orange glow (which made Jay look Amazing)  

“So what was it you needed me to do?” Shyvixah askes while looking at jay admiring her bulky arms. Jay gave enough rehearsed smile before leaning down on the bench he was sitting on “right Straight to business. this is called a bench press, its mean to help hold weights when I’m working, your job is going to be to keep her hands near the barbell encase I can’t lift it high enough to rest it on the prongs here” *he says touching where the barbell rested.  Shyvixah moved slowly around the bench before tossing her bag into the corner of the patio.  Her eyes watching now as she went to work. “so you just need me to make sure you don’t hurt yourself, makes sense.” *she said reasoning more with herself and reacting so he would continue.  Jay looked at her above him arching his neck so he could see her before continuing “you also need to motivate me if I’m starting to fade, it takes quite a bit of encouragement sometimes, half of the battle is mental, I also am doing reps of eight”.

Shyvixah watched his eyes as he shifted focus a few times ~ men and their wandering eyes~ *she thought to herself as she listened nodding every now and then to show she was paying attention.  Hoping that he would start soon so she could finish this one and be on to the next or at least find another request for the next day.  As much as she would enjoy watching him workout, a girl needs to eat.

Jay Smirked as he got into position “are you ready?” he asked his focus now on his hands resting against the bar. Shyvixah moved her hands just above the barbell and nodded “ Yep, all set here”  *she Claimed as she watched him, making sure she did her job instead of ogling was tough but she liked to make money so she took her work quite Seriously.  He began with a few reps, and Shyvixah counted out loud for him. “ one, two , three, four, five, six, seven and that’s  eight” *she says her hands hovering over the barbell as she seriously doubted that if the strong man couldn’t lift it that she wasn’t going to be able to grab hold of it and stop it from falling but maybe if the worked together she could do so.

Shyvixah watched now as he got up and added a bit more weight to the bar bell and then laid back down, getting ready to start the reps again, And Shyvixah moved her hands to hover over them again, “ one, two three, four, you look like your struggling now, five, six , seven, eight” she claimed as she this time helped him Load the barbell into the resting position before she smiled “ how much weight are you adding?” she asked as she laced a hand on his chest to stop him from getting up, as if to say shed load it “ 10 pounds on each side” Jay Said wit ha bit of a huff before looking back at Shyvixah.

Shyvixah picked up the two 10 pound weights and moved to the bench placing one on the floor before unclipping the Weight stopper and then sliding the 10 lbs weight on the one side, and refastening the clwip to hold the weights on. before picking the other weight off the floor and moving around to place that one on as well making sure it was on right. Before she nodded towards him “ You ready for the next one?” *she asked as she placed her hands over the barbell and waited for him to start.

This went over a few more times before she asked  “how much weight are you at now?” and through his closed teeth  he Managed to say “320” but it seemed that the reminder of how much weight he had on Seemed to block him mind, sometimes it was just mind of matter, and this was the case. In to his 5th set he started to fade out a bit and struggled. Shyvixah watched his arm twitch before he started to lose the pushing power he had before “ What The hell are you doing, Push it up~” *she Called out to him getting ready to help him ( if she could) but panicked a bit about the what if, of what if she couldn’t help him get the bar bell back up 320 pounds was quite a bit of weight even for two people. “Lift the god damn Weight you wuss!” *she Verbally abused him, but it seemed to be a slowly losing battle “  your not going to make a girl  save your @$$ are you?” *she asked frustrated, wrapping her hands around the bar. “ here ill help you” *she said not actually pulling the bar up,  but instead tricking him into thinking he had help.  The bar suddenly lifted up and he went to place it back on the rest “ No no, that was all you , three more left in this set, you can do it” she said not hindering him but stopping him from resting quite yet,  he struggled with the next one,  and she could see the twitching in his arms as he pushed the weight up. Shyvixah quickly grabbed the bar again and attempted to help him through his last two reps.

It Took almost all she had,  her arms Straining to hold the fraction of the weight he was pushing upwards,  “ Last one” Shyvixah called out with a struggle to get oxygen into her own lungs as she Strained to move the bar bell.  

The last Rep went down so Easy, it was like it was almost dropped but their hands stayed in position, and Shyvixah Pulled with her entire body pushing with her legs and arms and Arching her back slightly to compensate for the Reach and weight of the Barbell, luckily together they managed to get the bar bell back In the Resting position “ PHEW!” *she Exhaled as she  wiped her brow now, wet from Sweating in the Strenuous exercise  she could feel her arms were sore now.  But she gave his arm a slight rub as she smiled” well done” she said congratulating him before she left to grab her bag and two water bottles.  Jay nodded towards her but didn’t speak through catching his breath. And Shyvixah popped the cap of her water and downed most of the bottle. And Jay did almost the same thing.

“ I guess I should Pay you for your Service” *Jay Said obviously a teasing remark about what she had said to his manager the night before. “ Why do you have to put it that way” she Protested as Jay got up and headed into the small Hut to Retrieve the Jewels he owed her. Which Shyvixah smiled at him and nodded “ If you ever need a spotter again let me know “ Shyvixah said as she gave Jay a slight push( or what was an attempt to be a playful push) but the man Remained unmoved  and just smirked  folding his arm over his chest “  well See ya around” Shyvixah called out as she moved across the Sand with Bag in hand before waving, almost as if she was running away but in Actuality she was just a busy girl With things to do and people to see.

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