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Intimidation Tactics - [Erebus/Job]

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Intimidation Tactics - [Erebus/Job] Empty on Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:41 pm


Money makes the world go 'round as they say. Too bad not everyone can realize this for what it is, they'll complain, be stubborn. Dumb stuff. It really does get annoying how often a dark mage is called out to beat the snot out of losers who won't pay their dues. If a mob is protecting you, it might not be a good idea to piss them off. Growing up in Era, Strategist learned this early on. When he wasn't wasted or with bimbos twerking on his lap that is.

No matter-- times' change. He wasn't that kid with nothing to do anymore. He was a villain. Evil, bad... Yeah that was what he'd be in this world. Grimoire Heart was kind of affecting his will to not be someone scary. To seek that validation that was rightfully his. Proof was meant to be explored. He was meant to be seen as an S-rank onslaught someday. He knew this to be true.

Moving along towards the job-- Erebus crossed thoughts. He noticed most of his partners had been girls for missions and the like, wondering if maybe he should get a guy best friend or a rival or something. The idea didn't seem preposterous after all. In fact, it might give him some recognition around the world to be at toe and toe with a great hero. Or a righteous vigilante. Hm... Thoughts for the future definitely; for now he was just getting into his story.

He'd gotten considerably popular and was no longer a recruit per sey. Instead he was moving onto what could be taken as a novice, or maybe a low-scale intermediate. Not that it bothered him one way or another it was just kind've annoying to watch everyone scale miles above his capacities. To an arrogant ass such as himself, this sure was a dent to one's pride. No matter, this new mission would get his mind from the gutters.

The young adventurer slid a cigarette between his lips and lit it as he normally does. Inhaling fumes of nicotine and cancer with every ingestion. His feet pounded the cobblestone ground as light showers touched his shoulders. The smell of food escaped nearby restaurants on the far left and close rights. Chicken, cheeseburgers, quesadillas. You name it and he could smell it.

Frankie was a dick, but at least that spare cash could buy him a meal after all this was done and over. To be blunt honest, that was all Erebus could ask for in a time like this. More food... He was starving! The boy kicked open the door to the bar and met the man. This was planned out, no worries. However, after being under the other mobs job requisition, the idea of helping a Vincenze left bitter ass upon his tongue. He hated the idea of aiding the enemy to his enemies. Though... With jobs running low perhaps this is all he could do for now. if he ever hoped to spread his infamy far and wide.

Frankie told him where to find the stubborn shopkeepers place, the end of town. Far on the right. It was an open place, but was probably empty. Perfect night for beating some input into a dead engine... Erebus jested that the man might not live, but Frankie ensurd that if the guy died the money couldn't be relinquished. Stubbornly, the onyx-haired swordsman set out.

"Damn store managers and their bull..."

He thought out loud. Some twenty minutes passed by and there he was, nearing the job. His bronze short sword was strapped on, but he'd be using hands to enforce his will this time. Upon entering the shopkeeper looked quite glum, nondescript and unafraid. His eyes carried sacks and he knew true depression. Erebus could read it upon the fucker's face.

"Hey you, yeah you old man. I'm here on business from the Vincenze, you owe a lot of monthly rent you old bastard. Pay up now."

"What if I don't? My wife just left me so I relly don't care what happens to me. Beat me up I'm done taking the mob's abuse."

This guy was straight-up, he was done with the lifestyle. Erebus, grinned. A truly competent man, it's too bad he was an enemy now. This was the type of old guy Erebus would've hung out with... If they'd met under different circumstances.

"You don't leave me much choice."

The boy pulled out his lighter, lighting a chair seat up and preparing to do more. Seconds passed and the man's worry crept. He eventually gave up the cash. Hurried by the flames igniting the room. Erebus returned to the bar to get paid. Then he went to the ark to rest for the coming dawn.


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