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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

Gang Tension | Solo Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:16 am

Celeste Vagarosa
Waking in an inn at Oak the woman looked around, it was a shabby and broken inn. Of course it was free to stay as long as you kept up with your own room, however having that as a sort of rule in Oak was not the best place. Celeste had watched several people simply destroy parts of the building just for fun. Just In the past week, a pyromaniac tried to burn the whole building down, just for his own amusement. However Celeste ignored his actions and helped the Inn workers put the flames out. The day before someone made a snow storm inside the inn, which other residents instead of assisting the Inn workers they made snow slides and had a snowball fight.

The Oasis-Native girl was having a hard time adjusting to a life of crime with the Guild, but she knew this would be the best route for her, she could use the guild's power for her own personal benefit. However blending into the regular lives of blended attitudes outside of her usual, native star-worshiper village. At times she found herself making a small prayer to the stars, in the night however luckily nobody seemed to notice Celeste's actions. However at times people gave her weird glances when she offered her help, it was clear the town wasn't use to kind-hearted people.

The woman made her way to the open shower rooms of the Inn. As she disregarded her clothing she was quick to make use of her private time since no one else was awake this early except for the workers who maintained the desk in the front of this establishment. Pulling out of her private bag she got her shampoo and conditioner with a scent that filled the room with an aroma of vanilla. Next using her body wash which had an artificial smell of strawberries. After finishing up her shower the woman was quick to wash off her body and redress herself after she had made sure she was dry. Styling her hair and putting in her ball-hair pin she was ready for the day.

The woman, days before had picked up a mission, today she decided she could start the mission without any issues, the days before it had been raining which would've ruined the missions intentions.

"I'd like to formerly apologize for being late on the mission." Celeste bowed before her client.

Remy had nodded, "Understandable, what you are about to carry out would've easily washed out before it could set."

Celeste nodded, the paint of the insignia would've messed up and ruined the point of the mission.

"I'd like for you to visit all his buildings in this town and mark the ones that are most active, that way more people can witness our insignia." Remy informed the woman

With that the two had parted, Remy awaiting for Celeste to successfully carry out the mission. Celeste had made her way to the accounted locations, a magic shop nearby. Entering the store a man had greeted her. She simply waved back at him, and refusing his help. Looking around she found multiple things from books to swords, even magical rings. She was focused on her mission though, watching people walk in and out of the store and crowds gathering at the windows to look at what the shop's ads had to say.

"Target acquired." Celeste nodded.

Walking outside she would wait for the crowd to disperse, as soon as no one was around to watch her actions she quickly pulled out the spray-paint and painted the insignia all over the building. Before the seller inside could catch her she had ran off, to the next location a well-known restaurant in town owned by Vincenze. Seeing a line at the restaurant she smirked, her second target it would seem, however the line was dreadfully long so she'd go check on her third target. Vincenze's bank not far from the restaurant.

"Easy enough, no ones around..." Celeste whispered to herself.

She made quick work of the bank, painting the family's insignia all over it just like she had done the magic shop, hopefully people would recognize her work, you couldn't miss it, especially with it being all over the building. Making her way back she went to check on the restaurant, the line now all inside, Celeste was swift, spraying paint all over the building to make huge a insignia on the back of the restaurant and the sides. Decorating the front with several mini insignias of the family crest. Making her way back to the rondayvoo point for her and Remy.

"Just like asked I carried out your requests, Remy." Celeste bowed, gracefully.

"Thank you I appreciate your efforts, I already saw reports and heard people talking about how his bank and magic shop were defaced, so excellent work!" Remy cheered.

Celeste smiled, taking her reward, also taking her leave as well.

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