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Hi there!

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#1Cinder Rose 

Hi there!  Empty Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:55 am

"Hello I'm Cinder Rose I'm a battle mage who uses fire I'm glad to be joining this great Guild called Fairy Tail! In battle I'll admit I'm a bit hot headed and quick to action...I kinda charred a few train cars...HEY IT WASNT MY FAULT! But out of battle I'm a bit of a...carefree person unless I'm angry. But im not shy and I can be pretty bubbly!" She said bowing her head at the door not having opened it yup practice! She wanted in and wasn't going to screw this up. //FYI I'm not new to roleplay and i tend to stay character I'm prone to misspellings and grammar errors but I'd apriceate it if you slowed me into the fold..//


Hi there!  Empty Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:09 pm

Hey, I'm Geb. I'll most likely be the one looking at your application. If you need any help, hop into the discord chatbox which can be found here. I'm sure everyone there would be happy to help. Have fun, and see you around!

Hi there!  BORZAPv

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