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Tried & Tested [Keryth & Fibi]

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Tried & Tested [Keryth & Fibi] Empty on Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:48 am

Zyra Elroth
After struggling and watching her fellow elf partner-in-crime struggle against those fiendish goblins, Zyra had made a pact with herself. She decided to channel the fear that she had felt, now mingled with a sense of achievement and triumph at having survived, into a new found discipline. Not only was she going to work harder and get better, she was going to try and share her spirit with those around her. Of course, her noble pursuit would have to wait for the time being.

At the moment, she waited by the infirmary. The two unconscious Scales had been transferred there to recuperate following their tryst with the abyssal beings. The elf hadn't realised that her Keryth had sustained a nasty wound on his chest and that his injuries would need more attention than anticipated. Her own cut had been addressed rather swiftly. Much to her secret discontent, had she been home, people would be fawning all over her for the smallest of things.

The healers had been rather practical in their approach and dismissive too. But Zyra loyally stuck around, she had been checking on the progress of her companions by the hour. This often put her in the way of the overworked hospital staff, which probably didn't help remedy her rapport with them. Finally, one among the several nurses took pity on her, or perhaps admired her diligence and concern for her guild mates. She let Zyra know that they were stable and stirring. 'I'll try sneak you in for a bit.' she whispered in a hushed tone. Zyra wasn't used to displaying gratitude, but she managed a gesture that resembled something of that sort.

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