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Reconciliation [Quest|Sage]

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Reconciliation [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:19 am

Sage had picked a rather easier quest that day. He was trying to get some stress off his shoulders but he still needed to make some money so that he could survive in a world like this. He was making his way to the horizon apartments and he heard that his client was an old lady who had trouble with her child of some sort. He also heard from last night at the bar near where he was staying that the old lady was not herself these few months and that rumors had rose that she was having alzheimer's, the one sickness that all of the elders fear. Alzheimer's makes one forgetful and Sage had seen the effect first hand. But he doubted the old lady to have such sickness as she could requests something to a mage. After a while, he could see the Horizon Apartment where the old lady was staying. He stepped into one of it corridors and checked the numbers of the doors. As he walked deeper into the apartment he could smell the stench of a cat's piss. He wanted to cover his nose from that drenched smell but then he could smell another hting. This time it was rather good smelling and it indulges Sage's senses to draw near it. It was the smell of cookies being baked. He had heard that the old lady was exceptional at baking cookies and most of the townsfolk said that her cookies were aboslutely amazing in every way there is. Sage hadn't had a taste of this cookies but from what people say and that the smell he was smelling, he couldn't wait to taste one.

He saw a small light shining in the dark corridor of the apartment. As he walked nearer, he could smell the cookies even better. He then concluded that that was the old lady's apartment. He pushed the door and knocked on it, "Hello is anyone home?" he asked before walking in just to not be rude. The old lady then peeked from the inside, "Oh come in come in," she said while making her way to the sofa and sat down. "Take a sit," she said to Sage and he did so without any rebellious act. "So how can I help you today?" Sage asked her softly with a warm smile of his. The old lady poured tea into a cup and hand it to Sage before she began to talk. She started by addressing her son Mitya, and how she loved him so much. She started with the ridiculous stories of when Mitya was a baby and how he would ask funny questions to her. She also added the times when Mitya peed himself in class and how she had to go to the school to pick him up and how embarrassing it all was. She then started to get emotional and told Sage about the times she was there for him when he was sad and sick after a cold rainy day.

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Reconciliation [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:31 am

It all got pretty emotional and Sage swore he could see a few tears at the edge of the old lady's eyes. He could even feel the force of the sadness from where he was sitting as she started to tell him that Mitya would send her to a retirement place. She said that he didn't love her anymore and he had acted all weird. Then at one point she broke into tears and told Sage that they used to be so close, would be there for each other every single day and worried about each other too. She missed those days and she couldn't beleive that Mitya would forget her so easily. Sage could only watch her as she speaks, he couldn't say anything into this matter as he had no experience on this matter. He and his mother and father have mutual understandings and aren't clingy that much. but they still love each other nevertheless. But thinking back his parents weren't that old so maybe he would face something similar or maybe not, who knows. the old lady then asked Sage to write a letter for her and Sage willingly did so. He took a paper and pen that was already lying on the table and waited for the old lady to say something so that he could write sometiing. The old lady started to say what to put into the letter and Sage just followed her. He wrote something about the anecdotes of her and Mitya from the past and all. Begging him not to put her into a retirement home as she was happy being with hijm and that she didnt want to go away from Mitya. after that she gave sage mitya's working address and before he knew it he was already on his way.

It hurts him to see such old woman in grief, but at the same time, after hearing all her stories, he wondered what coulve hit her son to do such extreme measures, it peaked his curiousity and he wanted to find out. when he arrived at the place mitya was working at, he walked up towards him and hand over the letter, saying that it was form his mother. he wasnt happy that sage intruded his working time but he accepted the letter nevertheless. as he read the letter, his expression changed and he started running off towards horizon apartment. he met up with his mother and they both hugged. he then explained that the apartment was not that luzurious and he wants the best for her. the mother then replied that she only wanted him and wouldnt care if she live in a medium class house. it all was sweet and sage nsiffed a little. mitya noticed sage and thanked him, then giving him a few jewels as a reward. as sage was about to walk out of the door, the old lady stopped him and gave him some cookies of her. sage grinned and accepted it, then walked off from the apartment.


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