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Creatures of Habit [Káilčtte]

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Creatures of Habit [Káilčtte] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:02 pm

Her eyes looked at him as she saw him, not as a lich, but as he is inside and what he was truthfully. To her he was Odin, the man who grew on her as she grew on him. There's a chance that this would've never happened if he didn't change from a human, but alas it turned out swell for both of them. Without knowing 'Arisa's' past, she was going with this. She soft fingers from her right hand grazed against his bony cheek as she smiled joyously. ''Well, I was thinking perhaps we -'' She started, but as she was, she was still  human and yawned. It was getting late as her left hand covered her beautiful lips. Once the yawn was gone Kairsa rested her other hand on his shoulder and smiled. ''I suppose I should rest before we go on our adventure.~''.

She let go go of him and stepped back with her same smile. ''I know you don't really sleep, but will you at least lay by me?~''. She wondered, questioning with her soft lovely tone. Hopefully, he accepted as she then walked towards the bed anyways. A shower sounded lovely, but she felt sleepy by possibly the alcohol. Once she was in bed, she covered up and cuddled into him, if he did join her.

''I love you, Odin.~'' She whispered with a smile on her face before falling asleep.

'For Eternity.'

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Creatures of Habit [Káilčtte] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:31 am

Odin waited with anticipation to see where Arisa would like them both to go, their first outing as a 'couple'. In that moment, he couldn't care less what anyone else may have thought about their union. A nephilim and a Lich, a servant of Illumin and one who was damned by that same god, perhaps it wasn't supposed to work, but Illumin be damned. Odin loved Arisa, it had taken him some time to realise this, but it was the truth, and he was going to give her everything. She was his everything.

She looked like she was going to suggest somewhere, but her drowsiness overtook her for a moment and she yawned, clearly tired as it was getting late. They couldn't easily tell in their little cottage, but outside the sun had set and it was getting to the time that humans would now sleep.

She asked Odin to do something he hadn't done in years: she asked him to rest, to lay beside her as she slept and keep her company. As Arisa gracefully made her way to their bed, Odin moved to join her. There was no hesitation in the Lich as he made his way under the covers with his love. She said she loved him, the last thing she uttered before succumbing to sleep. Whispering as she fell asleep, Odin's voice was the only thing echoing in the otherwise silent cottage.

"And I you, for eternity."


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