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Learning the Language [Open to 1]

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Learning the Language [Open to 1] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:49 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
In a small part of the city, Ghost sat in a tree reading a book. She finally met up with her father at the cafe. While getting there, her first impression of Fiore was confusing. She missed her homeland. The harsh winters. The hardy people. The warm fires. The closeness. Now she had to start all over and also learn the language. It was difficult enough trying to navigate the area without speaking any Fiorian, but now she had to do everything one her own. Growing up, she was lucky to be in a small little village with a few good friends. They all promised to go exploring together and see the different countries when they were young. Now those times were over, Lydia and her mother were dead. All she had now was her father and whatever family she had here. Her father's family never met her, which was odd.

Her pure white hair stood out amongst the brown bark of the naked tree. As used to the cold and winters, she was never bothered by it. The book she was holding had the title of:

Learning the Language: Fiorian Edition

A book her father bought her to help learn. He said that by trying to observe and be around people who speak the language would help her better understand the culture. That was easier said than done since she was not at all interested into learning hte culture, she wanted to be back in Iceberg. But what was there? Nothing.

She was very focused on reading the book and trying to sound out the letters. "How...are you? How are you"" she whispered outloud. She repeated it a few times and read what in meant in Icebergian. She was still getting hte hang of how to hold a simple conversation, but she had learned a little bit since hte incident.

Her shoulder was wrapped from the stabbing the Lich hit her with. It was sore still, but healing nicely thanks to the doctors. They did was wonderful job cleaning and dressing her wound. "I am good. I am bad? I am okay?" she spoke outloud.

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Learning the Language [Open to 1] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:04 pm

Eryll walked quietly through the woods, his jacket hugged tightly against his body. He missed the warm days of Astera and southern Stella. He loved his guild and its town, but winter was certainly not his forte. Eryll held letters from Killoua in his hand, apparently his father had managed to fall yesterday and hurt himself. Eryll was not truly worried the man was fully capable of taking care of himself when he was sober. But Eryll had not seen him for over a year and had no idea how his condition was. He had had a relapse a few weeks ago but Eryll and Killoua has solved it and had put him back on the path to sobriety. Eryll thought about returning to Worth Woodsea to check up on his father, but he had to take care of himself in the moment, something that went against his values greatly.

Eryll was so caught up in his own thoughts he did not see the pale haired girl whispering to herself in the tree. Eryll wasn’t looking to where he was going and ran into one of her dangling feet, stumbling backwards Eryll cursed in Stellan ”Whose feet are these?” he yelled, before looking up and noticing the girl. He gave a little wave, she did not look fiorian.

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Learning the Language [Open to 1] Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:36 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
She closed her book and laid her head back a little. It was exhausting having to learn a new langauge and one her own too. Her father was too busy as a high ranking Rune Knight to really fully pay attention to her. Besides, she rather learn on her own since it would give her more experience of what to expect in the new country. She was half Fiorian, half Icebergian, but looked mostly Icebergian due to her pale complexion and hair. The only thing she carried from her father was his hair. It fit well with the Icebergian culture due to everyone being light haired, somewhat.

Hearing someone come up and asked 'who's feet those were', she looked down to see a wood elf. It caught her a little off guard with the voice, but she gave a warm smile. With her best Fiorian, she spoke. "The feets are mine. Sorry, I did not mean to disturb you" she spoke with her thick Nordic accent. It was clear now she was a forgiener and was a little hard understand her.She jumped down from the tree branch now face to face with the wood elf. Holding out her hand already, she wanted to greet him. "My name is Ghost Ozoulf from Iceberg. Vhat about
she spoke.

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Learning the Language [Open to 1] Empty on Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:43 pm

The woman, who spoke with a heavy accent apologized for her feet being in the way. "it's okay, don't worry. I was not looking where I was walking." Eryll said. The woman introduced herself as Ghost Ozoulf, from Iceberg. Eryll smiled kindly, "I am Eryll Wyrm, born and raised across the world, Stella and Fiore more specifically." Eryll said. It had been almost a month since he had returned from Stella. He had been born there but moved to Fiore when he was younger. After he finished school and became a wizard he had traveled back to Stella to do some training. Eryll tucked his letters to Killoua into his jacket and returned his attention to ghost. He had never been to Iceberg, but he had had a few classes on it in school, he was not very good. Trying his best, he spoke in Icebergian, "Why come Fiore?" He asked. His words were slow and stiff, he did not remember all the words and he knew he missed a few articles here and there, but he wanted to communicate the best he could and he did not know if Ghost knew any Fiorian, or Stellan. He was certain she did not know any of the Elvish languages, that would make for an interesting story. But, he relaxed and listened.

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Learning the Language [Open to 1] Empty on Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:34 pm

Varjo Ozoulf
The fellow elf seemed friendly and upbeat. Finally, someone who was not trying to kill her or take advantage of her lack of understanding. A kind looking half elf she could see. Or at least she thought? Yeah it kinda looked like it. The human womna only smiled. He introduced himself as Eryll, he was half Stellan and half Fiorian. A smile appeared on her face. Someone who was a halfing nationalities much like herself. It felt a little good to have someone who at least similar to her. "It's good to hear. Pleased to meet you, Eryll. Icebergian and Fiorian...guess we share some a same nationality...is that what it was called" she replied, questioning her Fiorian words again. She tapped her chin trying to figure that out. But she shrugged. She was learning on her own from a book her father had given her. He was not much of a teacher anyways. Since he was a Rune Knight and monster hunter, he really did not have time to teacher her anyways.

To her surprise, he spoke Icebergian. It was broken, but she could understand it. It brought her to question if she should reply in Icebergian of Fiorian. That was difficult. He asked her why she came to Fiore. This brought a little pain from a flash back, but she gave a warm smile. "My mother has past away last year due to an accident. So my father live here in Fiorian as a Rune Knight. He said I could come here for work and start anew. I am currently looking into joining what you Fiorians call guilds. He said there are plenty to choose from" she spoke in Icebergian. She hoped Eryll would understand all of that. in case she would repeat it in Fiorian the best she could. It was difficult, but she had to learn the language if she wanted live here.

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Ghost stated that she too had parents of two different nationalities. I’m Eryll’s case, he didn’t look like he was from one country or another. He looked like a wood elf. Ghost seemed happy that he knew a bit of icebergian. She spoke in it and then to help fill in the gaps, spoke in her broken fiorian. Eryll had been lucky. His parents taught him three languages and he learned a fourth through exposure. Trying to make the conversation easier for ghost, he tried in his icebergian agajn. ”that is bad! I am from a guild called Lamia Scale.” he said. He didn’t know the the iceberg Ian word for sad so he hoped Ghost would be able to decipher what he had said. ”What guild you like?” he asked. He would gladly introduce her to a guild like Lamia Scale. Everyone there was friendly and he was certain that she wasn’t the only person who was from iceberg there.

Eryll himself had moved from Dtella when he was ten and his parents had taught him fiorian from birth so it was his second language. The language he was most uncomfortable with was Elvarin. But he was fluent enough to use it easily.

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