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Collecting Information [Tengu]

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Collecting Information [Tengu] Empty on Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:40 pm

Finally, Akuma had found it. After several long years of searching, interrogating, torturing and killing, Akuma was very close to his goal. He could feel it in his very fiber. Every time he thought about what he would do once he reached it, it would always amount to the same thing,


Once he found the person who ruined his life, he would murder them.

"Tengu, let's go over what we are going to do again," Akuma said. He spoke to the bombshell of a woman that he started working with not long ago. Together, they walked down the streets of Orchidia, both seeping with murderous intent. Of course, tonight was a murder night for them. They would probably kill over a dozen people by the end of this night.

"We are going into a common bar that's frequented by scummy individuals. The man who owns the bar is who we want. He goes by the name of Fransua around here. He has information that I want, but it's going to be tough getting it. We might need to break a few of his bones."

Akuma had already told Tengu to come prepared for a fight. Fransua was known to have a heap of guards around him. He was a cautious man when it came to his business, but he wasn't the type to worry if a mage would come after him. Fransua mostly dealt with normal people, thus he hired normal guards.

"He's a crook," Akuma continued. "But I don't care much for that. It just means we're going to have to be very careful with him. We don't know what he's got up his sleeves."

Akuma had come prepared. He didn't carry any fighting gear, just a leather top that only covered a quarter of his body and some waist wrapping, and pants, that were common accessories in Joya. Other than that, Akuma carried his fists, which were the greatest and deadliest weapons he could own.

As they circled around a corner and came up on the bar, Akuma made sure to tell Tengu one last thing. "Prepare yourself," he said. "There is going to be people waiting for us, and things are no doubt going to get bloody. If we have to kill someone, we'll have to kill them fast before anyone reports us to the knights."

A speedy job was what this was. This was partly why Akuma brought Tengu. He didn't know anyone else that could assassinate better than she. For this very task, he would have to rely on her a bit. Hopefully, nothing would go wrong that would ruin this night for them.

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Her favorite pass time, killing with Akuma. There was nothing she found herself enjoying than taking on waves of enemies alongside her partner in crime and tonight they were going to have some fun. Her blood lust boiled in her gut and she could feel her desire to take souls rising with each step, tonight they were in for a killer time.

Nodding to Akuma she merely listened as he spoke. A quick summary forming from each of the instructions he was giving the woman, he wasn't usually so talkative but when he wanted something he wasn't quiet about it. So the bar owner, a man named Fransua, was somehow connected to the man who Akuma was after; that was good enough for her.

Any offense done to someone she cared for was taken very personally, and he was soon about to realize.

"He doesn't know what we have up ours."

She retorted, rounding the corner with Akuma dressed in an all red qipao sweater dress with the skirt stopping incredibly short, slit going up either side to the same level as her navel. Was it classy? No. Did it offer her plenty of leg room to get the job she needed done? Absolutely. On top of that was a black coat that she had zipped up with thigh high black fish nets and red heels covering her lower half.

If one weren't mistaken they would assume she was a make-up free hooker. Not that there was anything wrong with that, it was just a wildly accurate interpretation.

"Ready when you are. "

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Akuma nodded to Tengu when she gave the okay. She was just as ready to fight as he was. There was a slight hope that Akuma would get a kill or three out of this, but he also hoped that no do-gooder from the outside world would try and interfere if things got a little noisy.

Nevertheless, Akuma walked towards the tiny bar and entered it.

The first thing he noticed when he got inside was how empty it was. Fransua was a fairly wealthy man, thus he had a large bar. That bar could normally accommodate half the city of Orchidia. However, for this night, it seemed completely empty, with only a male bartender at the front bar, a male grunt worker sitting at the bar itself, and four men that gathered at a table towards the side.

"Ah. The place is empty," Akuma said to Tengu. "Lucky us." He didn't sound that enthusiastic to note his observation. It was probably because he already knew that this place would be empty. Fransua's bar closed at a certain time in the night. Akuma was fully aware of this, which was why he picked this moment to come and visit Fransua.

The fewer people that were in this bar, the fewer that would see the evil that was about to take place.

"For now, let's get some information."

Akuma stomped his way over to the bar and picked a seat. When the bartender noticed him, a fresh cold sweat started to drip down. Akuma could swear that the man almost recognized him.

"We're closed for the day," the bartender said to Akuma. "I'm sorry dear customer, but would you please leave?"

"Well, that's just convenient. I'm not here to order something. I'm here to speak with someone." Akuma looked the bartender up and down, trying to see if he knew the man. While he did that, his attention was removed from the other people.

The man at the bar slowly began to pull out a knife from his clothing. The other men at the table continued to stare at Akuma with vicious eyes. The air slowly became thick with tension as the conversation continued.

"My my, dear costumer. And who might that someone be?"

The bartender seemed to tense up himself. He was sweating profusely now. Fear radiated from him like a deer being stalked by ravenous wolves. Since Akuma was a ferocious predator himself, he could recognize fear by the way it presented itself to him. It was the same way he recognize when someone was bullshitting him.

"I don't have time for you to be playing dumb." Akuma said. "I came here looking for a man named Fransua. Or, as you know him in the underworld... Caterpillar."

At the drop of that name, events began happening. The man that sat at the bar suddenly stood up. He lifted the knife in his hand and sent it down towards Akuma. Akuma was too focused on the bartender. He wasn't prepared for the knife. He tried to raise his hands fast enough to defend himself, but would that do any good?

Simultaneously, the men that sat at the table rose from their seats. Each and every one of them pulled out a weapon of their own and dashed towards the bar. Their eyes were filled with fury, and it appeared that they weren't going to let Akuma and Tengu leave without putting them in a body bag first.

With just one mention of a name, chaos erupted.

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Tengu walked in behind her killer in rusted armor, allowing the door to close before smoothly locking it to not allow anyone in or out without her knowing. She would smirk while doing so, watching as Akuma walked up to the bar and slowly sauntering after him. The eyes of a huntress observing her prey, picking which gullet she would bite into first.

"Lucky indeed."

She added, a playful tone in her voice before Akuma was engaging the barkeep. The man was frightened, that was obvious, Akuma was a lot to handle at a first meeting. Not manky people weren't pissing them selves when they actually gazed into his petrifying features, but Tengu found it charming. Such a grumpy, power hungry man... it brought a quiver down her spine.

Her features on the outside however, unmoving, simply standing a small distance away from Akuma. Not too close to avoid crowing him but close enough to where if anything went down she could jump in and the fun could begin. The whole 'playing dumb' bit being all she personally needed to retaliate but Akuma was good at keeping a handle on his sadistic nature.

Suddenly, with the mention of their target 'Caterpillar' the bar had gone into a frenzy; a cacophony of noises instantly filling the room. Tengu could see the man beside Akuma attempting to stab him but she knew it would be wiser to take on the three men running to join the brawl. Unacceptable.

With ungodly agility, Tengu was quickly leaping forward and landing in a hand stand in the pathway of the three men. Suddenly she shifted her weight and opened her legs wide enough to the point where when she spun, her feet would gracefully connect into the faces of the first two men; tripping the whole group up. This allowed for her to take the focus off Akuma, she wouldn't have him getting overwhelmed.

"Underestimating me because i'm a woman will be your demise."

Picking up one of the men's dropped knives she would aim it gracefully towards them and motion for them to approach. Her eyes filled with battle lust and her tongue sliding across her lips in anticipation, her tone was low and hungry.

"Who's first?"

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Akuma wasn’t ready for the knife that came down upon him. The blade pierced his skin, driving deep into his right arm. It was painful and prompted Akuma to let out a grunt. He had been wounded, though what followed for the man that stabbed him was much worse. Anger rushed through Akuma’s blood which dripped down from his arm. He stood up to his full height with red shot eyes and looked at the person that had stabbed him.

”Big mistake,” Akuma growled. His massive hands wrapped around the throat of the man that attacked him. He wouldn’t allow him the chance to do anything more as he squeezed tightly on the neck, destroying the man’s windpipes to prevent him from breathing. The man slowly began dying while Akuma stared at him with rage filled eyes.

As he heard Tengu speak in the background, a sadistic smile came upon Akuma’s face. ”Tengu!” Akuma called out to his partner. ”Don’t allow a single one of them to escape.”

It was at that time that Akuma noticed the bartender. The sweaty and frightened man tried to escape through the commotion. He ran towards the back of the bar and through a door. A soft growl came from Akuma. The man that he held in his hand breathed in his last breath, prompting the behemoth to drop him, and Akuma set himself to chasing after the bartender.

”I’m leaving this to you!” he shouted to Tengu as he ran towards the back and kicked down the door the bartender ran through down. Without even thinking, he entered the back.

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The woman was suddenly alerted to Akuma's words, his voice ringing out through the small establishment. Her eyes would divert a bit to look over and wait for whatever he had to say and when he did speak it made her giggle quietly. So he was going to let her have some real fun after all, perfect... how her blade craved the lives of these fragile men.

With the bartender suddenly bolting and Akuma chasing behind him, with the thud of her partners victim onto the ground she took off as well. Her body slid gracefully through the air while she planted her foot into the gut of the man in front of her, knocking him into a seated position on the ground; his back cracking the wooden structure of the bar. There he laid, back against the bar and lungs depleted of air, trying to recompose himself.

In her same movement she managed to drop to a crouch and slash the second mans Achilles tendon, dropping him like a sack of coins. Her clutched his ankle in pain while screaming before her blade was opening his throat, taking his life. The third man tried to rush her while she was on her knees and she rolled backward to avoid the swing of his baseball bat.

"That was close, you wanna give it another swing?"

Tengu jested now, raising herself to her full height and smirking devilishly. Taking her advice was likely the man's most foolish choice as with his second attempted strike she was lunging onto his back and ramming the blade she'd stolen into his back. Tearing through his kidneys, lower back and eventually his spine in a blind fury of sadistic stabbing.

A cruel laugh escaped her throat as she allowed the man to drop from her lethal assault and slowly sauntered over to the last man standing (or sitting in his case). He managed to begin crawling away and Tengu merely placed a foot onto his upper back, pinning him to the ground. He squirmed and tried his best to get free and the merciless woman laughed again while speaking out.

"I wish I had more time to play with you, but we have more important matters to attend to."

Her hand would grip his hair and bring his head up before slamming it down repeatedly into the ground. Only stopping after ten slams to finally jab him in the neck with the blade until he went limp, which meant it was time to look for Akuma and that bartender. Assuming he wasn't on his way back, so she moved with the speed of a hunter. Somersaulting over the bar and out the back door to meet up with her executioner and their next victim.

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