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Bad Publicity [Quest: Tengu and Akuma]

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Bad Publicity [Quest: Tengu and Akuma] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 7:21 pm


The request had better of been worth it.

Tengu was in Orchidia with Akuma to do some work, mainly to pass the time but also to satiate her hunger for chaos. It was like a bottomless pit of longing to create pain and suffering among the masses all in the name of incredible power. Not to mention it was always pretty fun to raise a little hell, and her partner in literal crime could vouch for that as well.

For today, however, she suspected their mission would be less catered to assassination and more so to something more... domestic. How she hated domestic crime. Petty thievery, and street justice, she would much rather go after the king of a foreign land. Though she supposed not everything could ALWAYS go her way; but it made things easier.

"This looks like the bar, Akuma."

She spoke to the man beside her, a tall frame of pure muscle and sex appeal if you asked her. Akuma was probably the only man within an 100 mile radius that caught her eye and she didn't know if it was because of the aroma of death that lingered so beautifully around him; or the devastating nature of his magic. Both were enough bring her to her knees weak with lust.

With long legs strutting beside the man, Tengu sauntered through the door of the bar looking for the owner. A man she only knew as Mitya, nothing more and nothing less. Her violet gaze seemingly cutting through the thin crowd until he was in her sights and that's when she moved. Like a jaguar observing it's prey before striking them down in a dance of elegant gore.

Dressed in a red tight fitting crop top, a high waist khaki mini skirt, a long white coat and a black choker; Tengu didn't exactly look weather appropriate. Save for her black boots and her outer wear she looked almost like a tourist, but she didn't mind it in the slightest. Besides, she didn't need anything she did here linking back to the guild that so graciously took her in and allowed her to wreck sweet havoc.

"You have business with us?"

She stated, more matter of fact than questioning of the man as she merely stood in front of him; hand on her hip and weight displaced to match. Her incredibly long, raven haired tied into a high pony tail yet still finding its way hanging just below her knees. Tengu's eyes like that of a hawk on the man and he shakily explained the situation, showing his motive being apparent greed and jealousy... typical of a man.

With their mission clear, Tengu glared at the man as she turned giving him a side eye of death before smirking to herself. Intimidating little men was always so amusing, and she knew good and well that Akuma and herself were more than enough to cause a ruckus. So with that she would make her way back to the door and look over to the man beside her. A playful air in her tone and movements.

"Ready to have some fun?"


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Bad Publicity [Quest: Tengu and Akuma] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:19 pm

Anything that wasn't killing was just boring. That was normally always Akuma's thinking. It was the reason why he was never happy to take the jobs that were less serious and more prankish. They either had Akuma causing needless mischief or using his skills for something that was completely stupid. Unfortunately, there had been little requests for interesting quests, so Akuma was stuck with doing the smaller jobs for some cash.

Probably, the only person that made this work worth it was Tengu. She thought on the same wavelength as Akuma, at least when it came to killing, and understood how to turn boring situations into fun ones. It was one of the reasons he kept her around- the fact that he also found her interesting was another reason, and the fact that they worked together as a team was the final.

Akuma followed Tengu to the bar location, not really paying attention to where he was going. He figured that Tengu was better at noticing the details. His usefulness wasn't held in thinking half the time but in fighting.

When Tengu pointed to their destination, Akuma nodded and followed her into the bar.

They met their client for this evening, a rather scummy looking man named Mitya. Mitya's request was a bit selfish. He was jealous of his competitor who sat next to him. Their business was far better than his' and he wanted to screw with them a little. He hoped that, with Tengu and Akuma's help, he would be able to steal some of his competition's customers.

Honestly, this all seemed very childish to Akuma. If he was a good businessman, he would figure out a way to be successful without ruining another person's livelihood.

Even still, money was money, and Akuma wanted money to feed himself tonight. So, Akuma kept his mouth shut about everything and allowed Tengu to do all the talking. Once the task was given to them, Tengu walked to the door with a pep in her step.

A light smile appeared on Akuma's face when Tengu spoke back to them. "Of course, of course," he said to her. "Lead the way."


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Bad Publicity [Quest: Tengu and Akuma] Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:58 pm


That devilish smirk of hers, she couldn't wait to get started. Relieving her annoyance of the task on the faces of some poor patrons was going to be all too satisfying. So with each step she could feel her excitement rising until finally they were at the door of Enil's bar, and her eyes looked around hungrily. An aura of damnation hovering around her as she stepped in and moved calmly to the bar. Swimming seductively through the crowd until she was leaning against the bar, Akuma at her side.

Tengu's hand would quickly take the drink from a mans hand who looked over to her with wide eyes, in a state of shock. That was until he saw her quickly drink down the rest of his murky beverage and lick her lips seductively, leaning her face toward his and speaking in a low voice. "You will do just fine."

With speed unmatched by most others the man would find himself suddenly sliding across the bar, fragments of broken glass in his face and hair while Tengu merely dusted her hands off. Spilled ice and drinks stained the floor now, and flabbergasted faces stared in her direction. She merely shrugged them off with a sharp smirk and amused chuckle.

"It's been some time since I've had a appeasing bar fight. Try not to disappoint me."

Her words laced with ice as the mans girl friend moved to punch her, only to have her ribs jabbed by a swift fist, hunching her over to have a knee slammed into her nose just as quickly. A spinning kick was enough to send the woman stumbling into a bar stool, knocking it over and then Tengu was picking up another drink to splash onto the head of a man too drunk to pay attention.

Leaning back against the bar, she shrugged as if she was clueless when he turned around and pointed to another man in the crowd. Angrily, the drunk charged the other man and began to wail on him which prompted both of their friend groups to raise all hell. Something that only brought joy to the Phantom Lord mages heart.

She wouldn't stop there however, her fun hadn't even begun yet, and so she snatched another shot from a man beside her and chugged it down. Before he could react however her fist was meeting his throat and slamming his cranium against the bar, flinging the glass into the eye of another person attempting to get away from the violence.

Tengu merely watched the scene escalate to a damn near riot as more drunks joined the ongoing fight and everyone else was running across the street to continue the party. Enil had lost his business and Mitya would be satisfied and all of this was confirmed when the bar owner was coming out demanding they leave. A fake sigh of disappointment and Tengu was shoving the man to the ground, walking away with Akuma in tow... easy money indeed.

Returning to Mitya, she found that the bar was now packed and the man was ecstatic at their job well done. He was nearly jumping with joy to pay the duo and with a small nod Tengu was turning on her heels and walking out of the establishment. Money and ally in hand, she was off to raise more hell.


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Bad Publicity [Quest: Tengu and Akuma] Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:46 pm

Akuma followed Tengu all the way to the bar. He had little interest in doing anything. He knew that Tengu was more than enough to cause a commotion in this establishment. Akuma was a bit surprised to see that this place was actually booming, though. It was a shame that it was all going to come to an end tonight.

Enil's business will plummet, and Mitya's business would rise.

Akuma watched the events unfold. Tengu caused chaos like a natural. First, she drunk a man's drink, one of the ultimate signs of disrespect to a man, then she slammed the drink across his head. From there, it only got more anarchic.

Honestly, seeing Tengu work made Akuma a little jealous. He wanted to have a little fun too. So, Akuma looked at the man who sat next to him, enjoying his meal with a smile on his face.

The guy seemed so happy and at peace. He looked like he was having a good day. It was a big shame that that good day ended when Akuma's rammed the man's head directly on the table, bursting his face open, breaking his nose and causing blood to gush out.

Akuma didn't stop there, though. He picked the man up by his shirt and tossed him on another table that people were eating on. The table crashed upon meeting the man's body.

The behemoth of a man took the drink that the poor soul was once drinking and chugged it down. After a second of nothing but large gulps, Akuma slammed the drink on the table and boisterously declared "Anyone who doesn't want to fight, get out of here and go to Mitya's bar now! Otherwise, you're gonna get your bones broken!"

One of Enil's bartenders came to Akuma and placed a hand on his shoulder. Big mistake for the fool. Akuma slammed the mug across the person's face, knocking out a few teeth. The man doubled back and tripped into a drunk guy. The drunk man got annoyed and gave a good right hook to the bartender.

From there, more and more people started getting into fights.

Akuma looked over to Tengu to see what she was doing. He noticed that she had started an even greater commotion than him. She stirred trouble far better than Akuma, almost like a masterful instigator. Maybe Akuma should learn a thing or two from her?

A slight chuckle sounded from Akuma mouth before someone decided to walk up and punch it. Akuma didn't flinch at the punch, but it definitely stung him. He looked back at the person that did it, a bald man with a red face that showed he had one too many drinks, and gave a violent, animalistic snarl.

What followed next was probably a blur for the bald man. Akuma gave one good punch and the drunk literally spun in the air before falling directly to the ground. Akuma picked him up and hurled him with all his might into the bar. The drunk clashed into a wine rack, causing bottles upon bottles of wine to crack open and spill onto the floor. Akuma was a bit sad to see such a good selection of alcohol being wasted like that, but like hell he actually cared.

The bald man staggered to get up, but he managed with the help of Akuma's large hands around his throat. That's right, Akuma wasn't done with him yet. One more time, Akuma pulled the man in the air and tossed him. This time, it was out a window. Thankfully, the window was opened, otherwise the man would've cut himself by falling through the glass.

With a job well done, Akuma stood beside Tengu as the owner started yelling at them. He allowed Tengu to do her thing one last time and push the owner down before leaving.

They walked back to Mitya's bar, where they discovered that Mitya actually had good business now. Mitya cheerfully thanked them, giving Tengu the bag of money he owed them.

With that, the quest had been completed.

As Akuma and Tengu were walking side by side after the job, Akuma spoke to the hellraising woman. "You seemed to enjoy that," he said to her.

He mentioned her enjoyment of their previous activity, but he couldn't deny that he had some fun back at the bar too. Akuma normally lived by a motto. If it wasn't killing, it was boring. Though, after today, he would have to change that motto wouldn't he? Ruining another man's business wasn't boring in the slightest.


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