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Pizza Delivery [Quest: Kerii]

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on Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:03 am

Raindrops splashed dully on the mossy streets going every which way throughout Orchidia. Although the Flower Festival was still going on, she highly doubted that it would get as many visitors due to the weather. Kerii hardly minded the rain at all. She loved every aspect of nature and found the rain quite soothing. If she happened to get wet, c'est la vie. It was no big deal. Although she preferred to be dry, it wouldn't be the end of the world, and she would eventually dry off. She did have an umbrella, and she considered for a moment stopping by the Flower Festival, but ultimately decided that she would stop by it again on a prettier day. This day, however, was perfect for questing.

On a rainy day, most people would want to stay inside and maybe finish that book they were reading, drink with some friends, or have a day to themselves. Kerii would not be surprised if some mages decided to forego taking a request entirely, due to the less than ideal weather conditions. With that in mind, the pink haired elf was confident that there would be many quests to choose from the request board. In fact, she would be willing to bet that there were some well-paying ones still left on the board that hadn't been taken yet.

Elated that such a "miserable" day could turn out to work well in her favor, the mage rushed to get ready. She took a brisk shower, threw on a random set of clothes, stuffed a bun in her mouth, grabbed her umbrella, and rushed out the door. She popped open the umbrella and held it over her head. The raindrops went from dull thuds to higher pitched splashes as they hit its plasticky material. Walking towards the guild hall, Kerii noticed that there were few people out. If they were, they seemed to be in a hurry to get wherever they were, most likely to get out of the rain as soon as possible.

Once the elf entered the Guildhall, she was met with an abundance of clamor. It was even more crowded than usual, which was only to be expected. Just like she thought, most people in her guild were enjoying themselves -- chatting, drinking, eating, and even roughhousing a bit. The bulletin board, that contained all the requests, was filled with paper. There was hardly a spot of cork board in sight.

With all of the requests available for Kerii's choosing, she took her time to pick one out that she either really wanted to do or that she thought would need completing asap. The pink-haired elf ended up selecting one put out by Enil Issir, a man she knew to work at a fairly popular bar, which was also renowned for its pizza. In fact, they delivered as well, and Kerii had bought a pizza from there before. She highly doubted that Enil would remember her, as she was by no means a regular, but she would still help regardless.

WC: 505/1000


on Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:03 am

The mage tore the request off of the board and continued on towards the bar Enil Issir worked at. The whole way there, the streets were as scarce as they were when she first headed towards the Guildhall, which again, was not surprising in the slightest. It did procure a strangely eerie feeling though. Kerii was so used to how busy everyone and everything seemed to be in Orchidia. Everything was always so lively, and the mossy paths people called streets were always crowded with vendors selling little treats and trinkets, traders passing by to make a deal, or people just on their way to wherever they needed to go. Kerii always fell under the later, as when she was out, she was either going to the Guildhall, going to a location for her request, or going home. She rarely went out to restaurants or bars to hang out or meet up with people, but she did every so often.

Kerii walked into the bar she was supposed to help out at and saw that it was packed. Rain often had the tendency to draw business in and for someone with an assistant who called in sick, this was a far from ideal condition to work in. So, Kerii came up to Enil and said that she was a member of Lamia Scale, ready to help. He gave her access to the kitchen and had her fill some orders. The first order up was a pizza with pineapple and ham. She couldn't help but smile as she prepared the dough and preheated the oven for this pizza. Apparently, not a lot of people agreed that pineapple should be a topping on a pizza, but it was one of Kerii's favorites, and evidently, it was one of this customer's favorite toppings too. As she was making the dough into a flat, circular shape to spread the sauce on, another order came in for two pizzas topped with an assortment of meats. She kneaded some more dough and decided to make all three pizzas at once. She spread on the sauce, sprinkled some cheese, and dropped the toppings on each pizza. Once she had put them all in the oven, she received five orders of flavored chicken, which wasn't too difficult to prepare. As she was making the chicken, another order for pizza came in, which also had chicken as a topping, which was convenient. As the chicken was cooking, she made the pizza and topped it with some of the chicken she didn't use that was leftover from the flavored chicken orders.

Once Kerii put the chicken pizza in, it was time for the other three pizzas to come out. The crust was perfectly golden, the cheese was melted, and the toppings were fragrant. She placed them in to-go boxes, and those in a well-insulated bag so that they would stay warm while the other orders were cooking. Once they were finished, she put them in to-go boxes as well and put them in the same bag as the pizzas she previously made. With Enil's approval, she delivered each order to its respective location, and when she returned, the elf was rewarded, and she was free to spend the rest of her rainy day however she pleased.

WC: 505+546=1051/1000

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