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Knife Throwing [Festival Booth]

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Knife Throwing [Festival Booth] Empty on Fri May 18, 2018 8:04 pm

Ladies and Gentleman! I'd like to welcome all of you lovely people to play a game of throwing knives! Yes I know, I know this isn't the safest thing in the world, but hey, I'm a crazy woman, I don't give a shit.

How to play

Alright so basically you and a group of friends (if you bring any, if not you can play alone) will establish an order in which you'll post. Enter accordingly. Once you all have entered, I will make a post and roll 1 time with D100, and that will be the number that we go off of. Then the next person posts and rolls, and if the number that you get is within a three number radius/whatever you want to call it then you win! Of course each person will roll for themselves, and at the end the winners will get rewarded. Taylor will give you a variety of giant stuffed animals to choose from, and if you lost then too bad so sad, you get nothing. Then you can make your exit posts.

Clear? Clear. Alrighty then let's get to throwing!

Current player: Leo
The Bringer Of Terror
The woman watched as people of all ages decided to come up and be brave, throwing the knife at the target. Sadly, all of them seemed to miss every time they went. There were a few who decided to come back and pay the price more than a few times just to gain more humiliation. There seemed to always be a crowd around her booth, and the money that she would be getting from this would be way too much for what it came from. She laughed as she watched another fail, and as she got up from her seat she said, "Haha! Pathetic, truly pathetic. Who's next?" She was eager to see who would decide to give her money to fail. She made sure that it was almost impossible to win, and even though she could hit it easily, some lowly townspeople would have much trouble trying to hit such a small spot on a board about 1 1/2 meters away from them. Sure, if she hadn't had as much practice as she does she would have a bit of a harder time hitting it too, but due to the fact that she's done a lot in her time, there was no chance she could miss. She smiled as she waited for the next brave soul who dared to get embarrassed.
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Knife Throwing [Festival Booth] Empty on Mon May 21, 2018 3:00 pm

Leo Darwin
Leo found himself wandering the festival again. It was so lively, the whole atmosphere of the event made him excited. He loved the spirit that the entire festival gave off. Nature was blooming and it made him think of just how beautiful life was. He admired all the sites to see there. The amazing flowers, the constant laugher of everyone there, and even intoxicating aroma of the mix of flowers and great food.

Eventually, one booth in particular caught his eye. It seemed no one was winning, but everyone wanted to play. He mentally shamed himself from walking up. Although he knew if no one else could do it, then he likely couldn't either. Clearly Leo didn't care though, because he wasn't discouraged in the slightest.

He wanted to try anyway, and he wasn't disappointed with what he found. Knife throwing, although not one of his strong suits sounded fun. It wasn't like knifes were new to him, but he never used one in such a way.

Without a second thought, he walked straight up to the booth, smiling brightly at the woman in the booth."I'd like to play please." He said joyfully to the woman in the booth.

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