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Two plus Two is [Akira & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Social on Thu May 17, 2018 3:04 am

It was still quite early in the morning so the festival seemed to be a bit dull, but it was the only times that Lacie would allow herself to get out and walk across the terrain, it would be easier to spot another ginger and her sister with her good heart would never suspect it was her while she could savely run away before they bumped into each other, all was good. She wore a long summer dress, specked with flowers and made up of light blue and white. Her hair was tight up in a ponytail and she wore wedges, so she could walk easier on the grass patches and in this case she walked to the river where the festival was next to. She had been here before, met a couple of interesting people that seemed to have disappeared of the earth surface.

She wrapped her arms around her, or actually it was that she disappeared of the earth as she had to hide, she needed to figure out where her sister was so it would be a lot easier to live. But how to track her down without using her cousin, who she had lost contact with as well, she thought Selena so called, cared for her but no. She had to find someone that did, perhaps that was a good new thing to do.

#2Akira Shimada 

Social on Sat May 19, 2018 11:19 am

Another all night patrol. The girl sipped on a warm drink that was infused with substances that helped her stay awake. A vague smile was sent in the direction of the stall owner who had whipped this up for her, before even setting his stall up. The poor dedicated man now worked to construct his stall in the wee hours of the morning. In the short conversation she held with him, he explained much like she had already deduced, the reasons for his early arrival. He was hoping he could be among the first to open and attract all the customers, the competition at the festival was quite brutal.

Her nightly patrols weren't even duty or habit based anymore. She just didn't sleep to avoid the nightmares that ensued after the two lives she had taken, reality was definitely better than the alternatives her traumatized created. This was probably the quietest time of the festival, the drunkards had passed out, the eager ones were still in bed... Akira sat on a make shift bench. The benches were made of the trees that were probably cut to clear out the area. They were just thick trunks that were cut down in half, longitudinally. One half made the low seat and the other half rested on wedges and served as a backrest. Lazily, her eyes scoured the area for the faces that would soon start emerging.

#3Lacie Eventide 

Social on Sat May 19, 2018 2:53 pm

Lacie picked up a little pebble and wanted to throw it so cool into the river but it didn't skip it just simply sunk with a loud sound. She shook her head and decided that it might be better to get something to drink, a coffee or something to get a little warmer at this hour. It might be very early and there was barely anyone around and well cold to be fair. She also kept a bit on her toes as she was still a bit afraid, with all the bad luck and good luck she had before, she could bump into her sister at any minute now. Better hide herself behind a newspaper.

So she stumbled back towards the festival or where normal people would stay and be if it was more crowded. At this point there was barely anyone. She brushed her red hair out of her face and leaned onto the counter where she soon ended up, the only place that seemed to be open, a life saver. And later well a coffee would warm her up again. She perhaps should just walk, wait for most people to wake up and than leave again before she would go back to the hotel and wait for the day to end and see the firework show from her balcony, that sure did sound boring but it was the way it worked. She checked out everyone that was at the stand but she didn't recognize anyone nor see a uniform, so she was okay.

#4Akira Shimada 

Social on Sat May 19, 2018 3:17 pm

Since her night patrol wasn't official, she didn't really bother with the uniform. Having sat herself a little distance away from the man who was still working on his beverage stall, she had a pretty clear view of the expanse. Somewhere beyond the tents and the clearing, the soft gurgle of the water, lilted in the air, a gentle cool breeze carried it to Akira. The caress from the scent-laced current, caused a host of goosebump to erupt over the girl's fair skin. The Shimada sighed, while she'd grown used to the beauty, it still was a welcome change from the concrete jungles in the cities she'd visited one after another.

Finally, the man had finished his stall and offered Akira another polite and weary smile. Was that a silent offer to get her another one of these magical beverages? she wondered. Maybe he was just grateful for the silent and distant company the girl had provided. She noticed a lone figure walk towards the newly minted stall, just as he finished nailing up his board, advertising all sorts of exotic and simple drinks. Upon narrowing her eyes, she recognized her immediately... It was Alice. Akira averted her gaze, but not for too long, she should probably face-up to the woman, despite their differences. Considering, now Akira had also taken lives, she understood just a little better what it meant and the circumstances that might push one in such directions.

Sighing, she slowly got off her seat and ambled towards the stall owner, who looked rather hopeful with two possible customers approaching. Akira simply cleared her throat as she neared Alice, to garner her attention. An apology and another heart to heart should probably cut it, but Akira was hardly good at those...

#5Lacie Eventide 

Social on Mon May 21, 2018 9:39 am

She walked towards the stand, the man seemed to be eager to get an order in. Probably waiting for jewels, perhaps the life of a festival couldn't be all about flowers and happy faces. She didn't care, she was glad someone was open at this hour and she simply placed an order for a coffee, she would rather have it extra strong as she would probably fall asleep later today if she would be stuck in the inn again where she stayed. Lacie pouted a bit by her own track of thoughts, it wasn't always about flowers and happy faces indeed.

She wasn't very sure if the person that showed up next to her meant her, it would be another discussion about her lovely twinsister again and she wasn't ready for that, she wasn't ready to hear if Alice was in Orchidia or whatsoever and not ready to play the game of lieutenant. So she would simply turn her face, her brown eyes looking at a girl that she didn't know and at this point didn't want to know. "Hi." she simply said before turning her face away again and accepting the paper cup of coffee and handed over the jewels. This person could either not be too familiar with her and now chatter to her as if she was Alice or apologize and saying she had the wrong person, she would wait, it would all be fine and she could make a last stroll, think some more about why someone else wouldn't get out of her head and move back to the inn.

#6Akira Shimada 

Social on Tue May 22, 2018 2:05 am

It was a bit odd, for Alice not to provide anything more than a mere greeting Akira's brows furrowed together as she awkwardly returned the monosyllabic recognition of existence. 'Hi!' she tried to pump her response with something that resembled brightness and keenness. There was just enough of a somber note to lilting in her tone, to highlight the fact that she was guilty about the harsh judgement she'd bestowed upon the woman the last time they'd met. Then there was silence again, the woman had ordered a simple coffee and Akira was tempted to tell her about the elixir she was having, which was so much richer than the banal coffee... But she bit her tongue.

The stall owner asked Akira what she'd like and she merely pointed to the container he'd offered her last time before saying. 'Some more of this, its brilliant!' she exclaimed, beaming at the man quite gratefully, hoping the praise might draw Alice into changing her choice too. After serving the orange-haired woman her drink, he slipped back into the depths of the stall to make Aki her beverage. The young Shimada cleared her throat again as awkward silence enveloped them. 'Sorry about leaving so abruptly last time... I had to be somewhere.' she mumbled, finally giving words to her feelings and still lying about the reason, which Alice had probably predicted. She tapped her palms on the counter of the stall. 'Er... How're you doing anyways?' she asked, her voice was still soft and unsure and she kept her eyes peeled for the man.

#7Lacie Eventide 

Social on Tue May 22, 2018 2:35 am

Right so it was again a day to pretend she was Alice, she wasn't very good at that. She had not seen her sister recently and the lies were only more impossible to continue. All she knew was that she was a lieutenant. If that was even still the case, so she had to be more vague but this conversation seemed to be more personal than she was ready for and she looked at the girl from the corner of her eyes. What had happened was beyond her, but it at least was a satisfying feeling that Alice wasn't perfect either. So she took a sip of the burning hot coffee even if she didn't really noticed that and looked at the girl a bit more. She gave a small smile, "I'm not fully awake yet, sorry."

How would her sister react, she wasn't exactly sure if she was a morning person or not. "Been a busy few days." She answered as the girl asked her how she had been doing, that couldn't be difficult to predict. She simply eyed the girl, no name, no idea, never met her before. She bet she was a knight and hopefully she could trick her like she did with that Xandra Queen. "Let's forget what happened before, a fresh start might be a good thing." Because she had the idea that she was lying as she mumbled that she 'had to be somewhere'. It had taken her a few seconds before she said it as well as mumble, which made her think that Alice wasn't perfect, they must have had a fight or so and this girl had stormed off, something like that?

#8Akira Shimada 

Social on Tue May 22, 2018 3:26 am

'Oh, yeah... I get that. To be honest though, I didn't even sleep.' Akira responded, just as she stifled a yawn. She didn't mean to try one-up her mentor or anything, but it just sort of slipped out in her dazed state. Finally, the stall-man arrived with her magic infused drink, it was thick liquid, that had a glimmering quality about it. Its color vastly more extravagant than the brown liquid Alice consumed, Aki's drink was composed of a lush, royal purple. Aki absently watched the tendrils of steam that billowed from her cup, before wrapping her digits around it.

When the woman spoke of how she'd been busy, Aki simply nodded in an empathetic manner. 'Tell me about it...' she said, rhetorically. Surely Alice knew about what had transpired in all the time since Aki left Crocus. Being higher ranking and all, someone must've told her what happened... right? Akira frowned, lost in her own thoughts momentarily, wondering if her boss had been in the loop or not. 'You heard what happened right?' she asked, vaguely, wondering if the woman would pick up on it and respond accordingly. Based on how she reacted, Akira could either tactically evade the topic of the operation or try to glean more understanding on if the Knights always worked this way.

Alice forgave Akira for her little outburst, or so it seemed, perhaps that maturity was why she'd risen in the ranks, apart from the undoubted help she had given her associations... Akira resorted to mumbling again. 'Yeah... probably best, thanks for understanding.' It was just then that Aki recalled what exactly could've been keeping Alice busy. 'Oh! Damn, almost forgot! You ready for the big day and all?' she said, steering the conversation into more jovial territory as she referred to the ceremony that was supposed to happen soon.

#9Lacie Eventide 

Social on Tue May 22, 2018 3:50 am

She made a clicking sound with her voice, didn't even sleep, how did people survive that, "Didn't sleep, my my my, you would need more coffee than I do." she tried to say lightly, she had no idea how her sister would react to all this, bonding stuff. "Anything that's bothering you?" She looked at her cup of coffee and took another sip, better turn the conversation to this stranger instead of to Alice because that would make it very difficult. But the thing was that that didn't go so easy.

She leaned on the counter, quite curious about the purple beverage that she was drinking, but she couldn't simply ask what it was or anything, how long had it been that she had seen Alice, when was she in Baska, heavily pregnant, right.. she got the kids right? Well she had to, because no comment on her missing pregnancy stomach, thank god. She could do this, hopefully, but another private vague question, so she had to play this right. "Heard what happened? There is a lot of things happening, you would need to be a bit more specific, I'm afraid." Best way to avoid this, she could say she was busy with something else and be just as vague, she shouldh ave done that, something about children, how long would she be a mom, oh boy, this was getting more difficult by the minute, especially with the question after that.

She was very enthusiastic, big day? What big day.... labour must have happened but what, christening? Or well mostly people refered to a big birthday party, but they weren't having their birthday soon it wasn't august and second of all.. a wedding. Alice was never the material for a wedding, "When can you be ever ready for such a big happening." she said smoothly but she was starting to get difficult things, was she getting married... how dare Alice getting married. She clenched her fist too harshly around the cup, she felt anger again, jealousy of her own sister.

#10Akira Shimada 

Social on Tue May 22, 2018 6:06 am

Strange. Alice usually wasn't all that sympathetic towards Akira, given the slightly prickly state of their relationship. Maybe the whole having children thing... and the impending marriage had softened her up. 'Yeah, I've got something stronger than coffee, you should try it.' she said sliding her cup towards the woman so she could take a peek. She'd been waiting for this opportunity for quite a while. The man behind the counter looked mighty pleased to be getting some advertisement for his special concoction. 'Oh, so many things... A lot has happened.' Aki responded, with a long sigh.

There were definitely certain things that the woman had to already have heard about, but looks like she wasn't quite aware of the whole deal with Phantom Lord. If Alice had been aware, she wouldn't need to hide the details from Aki, considering she'd have known that the Knight had been among the people that undertook that task. She could just be avoiding the uncomfortable questions around it, by feigning lack of knowledge, considering she was quite aware of the Shimada's skeptical tendencies. But Akira wasn't going to let yet another encounter sour between them, so she didn't press the matter.

'I don't know how far the news traveled about that vampyre, for one...' Aki said, staring into her cup as she reminded herself of the uncomfortable moments of that night. 'The one that stirred up trouble here, and was killed by a Knight...' she elaborated just a little bit, then punctuated her words with an elaborate sigh. She took a sip of her drink, almost like it would bolster her spirit and courage somehow. 'I was the Knight that dealt with her...' she muttered, shuddering rather gently, which could pass off as a shiver considering the gentle breeze that swept over the deserted area. She cleared her throat, hoping this was a fair enough answer for specificity and that they could avoid, or at least delay the awkwardness that the topic of the council might stir.

'Really?' Aki retorted with a hint of just a little skepticism and surprise. She smiled however as she took another sip. 'I thought you'd been planning this for ages, still all nervous?' she prodded playfully. The two already had kids together, at this point in Akira's head the entire concept of marriage for them seemed more like a formality. Perhaps it was just something to indulge the church, considering Konstantin seemed to have strong ties with that whole system, at least from what the Shimada had deduced.

#11Lacie Eventide 

Social on Thu May 24, 2018 2:17 am

It was too early to keep thinking about Alice while there was another person in her mind and she wanted to get out of here but as that was even more suspicious, she wasn't entirely sure what she should do at all. She tried to figure out how a friendly open person would behave, something she could do as well if the anxiety wouldn't hit her in the stomach every five seconds because people seemed to like Alice a lot more than her and she stared at the purple brew and pulled up her nose, it didn't smell bad but she was a bit afraid of it, "Who knows another morning." she tried to say friendly, after all she had already bought her coffee, was it healthy for young people to drink something like that, because this girl looked even younger than herself, with her doll like aura, so what would her age be.

Her brown eyes looked at Akira, she didn't know a vampyre so what would Alice know about that and what kind of reaction did this girl expected? She nodded, well at least the knight took care of it, she moved up the cup to take a sip of the coffee but she stopped as the girl (whose name Lacie still didn't know) admitted that she was the knight, shit, this thing was powerful too. She swallowed with difficulty and thought about what to say, "Sorry, I don't really know what to say. How are you holding up?" She thought was the best to say, it was true as well and most people like to be comforted right, especially when they considered they were good.

After that she tried to get her way out of this concept of the big day, for she had no what it could be. Planning for ages? Still nervous, she couldn't help but slam the cup on the bar, "That bitch..." she said out loud, realizing she did, she turned towards Akira, opening her mouth to say something but she didn't know what, talk about unfair, now she was getting married!

#12Akira Shimada 

Social on Fri May 25, 2018 7:32 pm

The entire encounter was rather awkward. Aki had always expected her meeting with Alice to be that way, except she'd hoped it'd be at the wedding, where the details of the ceremony and the various guests would take away the edge. Now here she was, meeting the woman much earlier than anticipated. Woman... mother... boss... Many labels attached to the poor soul, the least Aki could do was empathize with that. The woman wasn't too taken in by the strange brew Aki had bravely tried, the Knight was swift to retrieve her cup and continue sipping amidst the strange conversation and the tall pauses both the women took.

It really felt off... Alice was not someone too shy of words. Even the last time they'd met, she wasn't as hesitant as she was today, perhaps the wedding was stressing her out more than Akira could comprehend. Her words felt a little empty, maybe it was just Akira's perception, but she'd always seen Alice to be someone who was rather upfront and honest about her emotions. While the Shimada hadn't really thought there would be some crazy empathy, owing to the fact that Akira rarely cut the solar mage any slack, she had never thought she'd be on this end of such a practiced response. 'Er... I'll be- I mean I'm fine I guess...' she said, now reflecting the carefully measured words as she eyed the woman.

Akira rubbed her eyes, as though it would miraculously help her take the dark circles off. And suddenly the woman swore. 'That bitch?' Akira repeated, confused. 'The vampyre?' she asked quizzically as she put her fingers through her hair and raised an eyebrow. 'What're you on about, Alice?' she prodded, now letting her brows knit together in a frown.

#13Lacie Eventide 

Social Yesterday at 6:08 am

She had a slight moment of panic and to not fiddle with her hands, hair or pout or do something other crazy, she hid herself by drinking coffee, perhaps she should buy the brewery and get this girl to shut up, or something. She wasn't even sure if she made up in her mind that she and Alice, this girl and Alice that she meant, had a difficult whatever you wanted to call it relationship and now Lacie had to knit the ends together to figure out what she would do or more like: what her sister would do. She looked at the girl, where she had thought that this one was an easy page to pay off and let her go and running, it only turned out to be more difficult, was Alice her mentor or something!

That woman couldn't be a mentor for anyone she was probably just the lieutenant that people liked to rant about, wait was she still the lieutenant with that baby?! There was a baby right or was there a joy of a miscarriage and people were now so tender and caring around her to talk about nothing else.. no wait this girl had talked about killing, which was a very big probably if Lacie was busted and she didn't plan to die yet! Alice was first!

But than she slipped and the panic only grew more, that bitch, great calling Lacie, she had to figure something out, did Alice talk as much about her as she did about Alice because than.. "Oh ehm I mean.." yet the stuttering and stammering didn't stop, "You see, as I told you a lot, my sister.. Lacie." it was strange to say her own name, "I forgot I had to make sure she is ehm.. far away eh from me of course with the eh, wedding." Please let it be a wedding! Because else she had now made up a huge mistake and had to fix it and run off before this girl found out that there was no wedding, but what else could be a big day!

#14Akira Shimada 

Social Yesterday at 7:30 am


Crap. Akira finally put all the clues together. It took her so much longer than it would've if she wasn't sleepy. She rubbed her eyes more vigorously once again, now trying her best to get rid of the dark bags underneath them and sort of comically allowing for a cartoonish display of disbelief. Oh it couldn't be! she thought as she dropped her hands and curled her fingers around her warm cup again. It was only when the woman mentioned Lacie, that all the information that Akira had subconsciously taken in fell into place.

The young girl shuffled, she wasn't very good at pretending, but the easiest way to play this out, was to use the woman's tricks back at her. Akira's breathing got just a little shallower. As her focus returned, she took her cues from the twin, hiding her own face behind the mouth of her large cup as she considered her options. 'Oh yeah! I remember, Lacie...' she said, trying to sound as even as she could. Her words were a echoing mumble as she talking into her cup, before finally setting it down on the counter again and offering the woman a very small unsure smile, an attempt at faking reassurance.

'Are you worried that she's going to be here?' Akira said, staring straight into the brown eyes of the woman in front of her. She wanted to drop her gaze to the feet, the presence of heels would make this much easier to confirm, but she was afraid of betraying her deductions. 'Do you think she knows about the wedding? What do you think she'd do if she found out?' Akira asked, narrowing her eyes just a little bit as she proceeded to lift her cup for yet another sip, at this rate, she'd need a refill faster than she'd anticipated.

The first thing she had to do, was keep this woman talking and buy herself time to figure out a way to neutralize the situation, hopefully without violence. 'I mean, you did say you would have loved your sister to be there, happy for you... Did something happen after we last met?' Akira added, speaking into her drink again, as she smirked, somehow gleaning pleasure into making it difficult for the woman to keep up appearances. The Shimada didn't want to push it too much, plus she tried to seed the idea that Alice wasn't really out to hurt the woman that stood before Akira right now, maybe reconciliation was a distant option too?

#15Lacie Eventide 

Social Today at 1:42 am

It was a short moment of relieve when this girl mentioned that she knew her name. That did mean that Alice was as obsessed with her as she wanted to call herself obsessed with Alice, so perhaps it wasn't an obsession, it was perhaps that; a twin thing. A normal thing as they hated each other and the fact that made it a bit more of a relieve, of course it would be all better if Alice didn't exist but that was a step too far to go right now and she had to see how politically correct Alice would answer those questions always, because Lacie bet she did.

As the girl stared into her eyes, Lacie was oblivious to the idea that they had two different eyes, she nodded slowly, "Never ask for the odds that make it possible." she muttered because if she heard, she would sure as hell... wait what would she do? She wanted to ruin it, if it was the best day ever, why would she would not, but would she, there would be tons of people and as she wouldn't wear a wedding gown it would be easy to spot that she wasn't Alice and Kon always knew immediately. Until the point he was badly hurt but that didn't matter now thatwas once and he wasn't her issue, she was afraid of him that was true but her issue was Alice, the demon spawn after all.

But than she stared surprised at Akira when she said that she aka Alice had said she would love to see Lacie there, "I did say that hmm." How to answer, "It would perhaps indeed be wonderful if there was family around on such a big day." But we can't have all that we want and she would definitely want the unhappiest moment of Alice achieved.

#16Akira Shimada 

Social Today at 7:46 am


'Oh...' Akira said, now faking sadness as Lacie made her first response. I guess reconciliation is not an option. she thought as she finished slurping up her drink and set it down on the stall dramatically. 'Another.' she said with a small smile towards the stall owner. It was said in a manner that it wasn't exactly an order, still a request, but almost a friendly one, where she didn't need to rely on overt politeness and could assume that the beverage maker would be ok with it. Luckily for her, he was, the man played along seamlessly as if Akira was downing liquor instead of this special brew that basically worked as the opposite, keeping her alert, awake and now focused.

The Shimada ran her fingers through her hair and bit her lower lip to prevent herself from smirking as the woman seemingly recalled what she had said. It really was a little funny, first because Alice didn't quite say that and second this confirmed Aki's suspicion even more clearly than a peek at her feet would've. Brown eyes and then all this pretentious chatter, it was definitely good enough. The issue still remained, what was Akira going to do about it. This was the woman who had taken away the eye of the churchman, Kon... Clearly, she could be quite a mage to handle if Akira outright challenged her.

'So, I take it, nothing happened then and you've just been on the lookout for her? You think she is here?' Akira asked again, as another cup of the steaming purplish liquid was poured into the container beside her. She lifted it and blew the surface of the shimmering fluid to cool it. 'Who knows, maybe Lacie has changed and is just here to be that family for you...' the Shimada added, in an attempt to get more information and see if Lacie betrayed her side of the story while pretending to be Alice.

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