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Of Flowers and Stars [Sage|Aurelion|Festival]

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on Sat May 12, 2018 1:27 pm

Aurelion heard of Sage's plan, wondering how good the hearing of an elf is to be able to hear a whisper from a distance, the blue-haired boy was astounded by how amazing and unique elves can be. Nodding his head in a positive manner he agreed to the boy's plan and headed outside as he gestured him that things were clear. Aurelion closed the cafe door behind him and stood beside Sage, looked at him and smiled as he winked with his right eye, "This way." he said in a cheerful tone and pointed at his apartment's direction.

Normally he avoided walking out at night, when the bar where he was working at was open he went there a little after it got dark so there were still quite a few people around in the streets and then returned back home after the sun had risen so he wasn't used to walking around past midnight. This time however he felt safe with the elf by his side, walking more relaxed than usual and not hurrying up to end the night. "I should probably tell you that I'm not living in a hotel, but at the apartment area." he said while half-way looking at the sky, explaining that he's been living in Orchidia for more than a year now so a hotel would end up being more expensive than renting an apartment. Turning to look at Sage, he saw him with his hands in his pockets, is he cold, he wondered. It was a bit chilly that night but Aurelion didn't mind much, taking off his black cloak he wore it on Sage, "There that should keep you warm." he said and smiled at the boy.


on Sat May 12, 2018 2:06 pm

He was actually surprised to know that Aurelion lived there, a more easier target for him to get assassinated since the dark guild would've researched about Aurelion first hand, but the other part of him was also excited to know what's Aurelion's living style was like and how easier it would be to train him in a more private property like the apartment instead of a hotel room. It was quite romantic too to feel the cloak suddenly being wrapped around him, plus by someone taller than him and by someone who he found quite attractive too, "Thanks," he said blushing a little wrapping the cloak closer to him as he was really cold. He felt like leaning closer towards the taller man, being in his arms, but no he can't, he must stay on his toes and be aware of his surroundings, and the warmth of the cloak provided him the ability to focus even more on his surroundings, while they are walking things got quite and Sage doesn't like it when things go quiet and awkward so he sparked a conversation where he could also know more about the man of his dreams who was standing just next to him, "So what do you do for a living?".


on Sat May 12, 2018 3:17 pm

Aurelion felt his purple robe flow more elegant and free now that he gave the cloak to Sage, he hoped that the boy liked it as he picked the material himself and had it sewn for him. Seeing how Sage thanked him and he was getting comfortable with the cloak made Aurelion smile as he looked at the starry sky. So many little sources of light, lighting up the night veil that spread all across Fiore, the sky under which him and Sage met and now they were heading to Aurelion's apartment. Things had gotten somewhat quite and that's when the elf wondered about Aurelion's occupation. "I work at the local bar, but it closed for the festival so I got a job at a pub stall that opened in that place until the event is over." he said with a smile. He also explained that he made sure to have the afternoon shift which allowed him to return home early at night because he didn't want to be around wandering very late. "I also handle a few mage quests here and there, the easy ones, no fighting or anything." he continued hoping that things would change with Sage training him.

As they continued down the road Aurelion saw the night flowers were now in full bloom and the fragrance they exuded was making his nose tingle in delight, such a powerful aroma, he thought as he gestured Sage to get closer to the flowers at the side of the street, "Come and smell them right at the source." he said with a chuckle as he looked at the boy, then turned his attention to the flowers.


on Sat May 12, 2018 3:41 pm

Having a kind of 'waiter' boyfriend was all Sage could daydream about and he was screaming on the inside telling himself that he was walking next to a charming waiter under the stars while wearing his cloak, he then joked with himself that this is one of the reasons why he should've been a rune knight or a detective long ago. Then hearing about Aurelion mentioning about mage quests and fighting, it reminded him of the magic training they are going to have, "Oh yeah, I can't wait to teach you how to fight, dueling is very fun by the way and I believe with your celestial magic, things would turn out very excitingly," he said with an excited tone in his voice, he really like magic, and seeing different magics throughout his life is like miracles budding in his life, Aurelion would then head towards a group of flowers and invited Sage to join him, he could only smile when Aurelion went to the flowers to smell them because he wants to show something that's very spectacular, he would move his hood, revealing his ears and his whole blonde hair, he rested Aurelion's cloak on his shoulder so it won't fall to the ground, then he would gesture both his hands, as if he was conducting an orchestra or something, tiny spores would glow at lid the area, different variants and types of flowers started to bloom around the area with the tiny glowing spores accompanying them, Sage then stopped the movement of his hands and looked at Aurelion, a smile carved on his face.


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