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A new face [Festival Zhu-Lin]

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on Mon May 07, 2018 7:54 pm

TK really didn't know where to start off everything at the festival looked so fun and but something just told him that it would have been better if he had someone to join him. Should I try some of the food, or play some games...WHY IS THIS SO HARD?! he asked himself looking at the food and game stands around him this may have been the first time he actually had to choose between food and games. The air was filled with all different types of smells and sounds it was like a dream come true, No family around to tell him what to do and eat it was like he officially had become a man.

After a few minutes of thinking really hard the young knight made his choice and went with food from the sweets stand, "I'll have one of everything sir!" his eyes lit up with excitement as he started to eat his candy It tastes so good! I could just die right here and be happy he thought looking at the other stands that were set up. TK shifted his attention to the games that where being played and some looked a bit weird while others seemed to require better hand-eye coordination than he currently has. "Man I wish these games didn't need so much skill to play or I would totally play." he thought aloud walking into a man that was holding Ice Cream.

#2Zhu-Lin Feng 

on Mon May 07, 2018 8:33 pm


Name: "Haruna" Zhu-Lin Feng
Rank: C
Word Count: 269
Tagged: @T.K.
Muse: 8/10
Notes: Eat noodles!
Zhu-Lin had been a bit busy today, and it wasn't a boring job kind of busy, but a fun and focused kind of busy. She had been wearing her normal outfit today, and her headphones had been turned up pretty loud as she played some of the games that the festival had to offer. They were fairly easy games, or at least to her they were, and she had beat them with ease. She could see a few of the smaller kids struggling, so she would go over to give them tips to help them out and they would also soon beat the games. She loved being nice to others, and the smiles that she would put on peoples faces were everlasting in her mind, and she had ended up creating more with every passing day.

She had taken off her headphones to hear someone talking about needing more skill to play games. She had merely laughed and turned around to see a male maybe 1 or 2 years older than herself walking over to a man holding ice cream. She had calmly walked over to him, her headphones around her neck, and tapped on his shoulder. "Uhm... excuse me, I overheard you talking about how the games require a lot of skill to play?" She was a bit curious on why she had heard this honestly because of the fact that no games take too much skill to be able to play... except maybe twister. But that wasn't the point, the point was that if you had the right mindset, any game could be really easy for anyone.


on Wed May 09, 2018 9:44 pm

TK wanted to ask the man what flavor he had but right before he could ask someone tapped him on his shoulder asking about his comment just a few moments ago "Oh well you see I have the worst luck when it comes games." a sad but true fact. When he was younger he and his parents took him to his friends birthday party and somehow he always managed to hurt himself or someone next to him. He didn't think that someone would even be able to hear him over all the cheers and shouting around them but hey maybe she can help him enjoy the festival a bit more.

the young knight couldn't help looked at the girl's outfit and thought it looked kinda cool but a bit tight around some parts but "I take it you play a lot of games on your free time then?" she seemed like the gamer type and if its one things he's learned about gamers it's that they also gamble and take thing a bit too far. Hope she doesn't try and get me to gamble with her he thought taking a another bit of his candy bar.

#4Zhu-Lin Feng 

on Fri May 11, 2018 3:02 pm


Name: "Haruna" Zhu-Lin Feng
Rank: C
Word Count: 208
Tagged: @T.K.
Muse: 4/10
Notes: Eat noodles!
The girl had been a bit confused with the boy's words. Luck really wasn't a factor in any games, it was all about whether you had the willpower to try again if you ended up failing. She wasn't trying to change the boy's view on anything though, so she merely said, "Oh, well that stinks! Maybe one day your luck will change, and you might even make it to my level." Maybe giving him a challenge would help him out a bit, but of course, that might just put him down even more. That wasn't something that she wanted, but if it was going to go that way, then she couldn't change it. He had assumed she had played games a lot, and she replied with, "Well yeah, when I'm not doing my Rune Knight duties or performing, games are normally my thing." She couldn't lie, as she was a really bad liar, and this guy seemed nice enough. Maybe she would end up becoming friends with him, even though it was kind of a strange way to meet a new person. She smiled at the boy as she adjusted her headphones again, making them fit comfortably around her neck, avoiding the irritation that would come later on.


on Tue May 22, 2018 12:58 am

After hearing what the girl out he couldn't help but wonder what kind of games she has played so far and what he could try and test out his gaming skills "Hey would you mind showing me how to play some games if you have time?" the question was a fair one as everyone has a different way of playing the games at festivals, Some like to make a plan before starting, some just wing it, while others so a little of both. It had just ran through his mind that he didn't even ask for her name or even give her his name "Oh ya my names TK it's nice to meet you Miss." he took off his hat and gave a small bow to her, he put his hat back on and smiled at the girl.

"It's nice to see a fellow Rune Knight having fun once in a while, everyone is normally so focused on work." Which seemed to true as every Knight that he has run into was more focused on getting things done than having time to relax. Now was not the time to think about the others but to have fun and meet new people I hope she picks an easy game to start off with, he thought waiting for her response. Oh ya I have to get a room at the Inn, he remembered looking at the number of people that were just walking around "Sorry I have to go but maybe next time we can play the ring toss." TK rushed off to find an inn with an open room.


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