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Having a blooming good time(open)

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Having a blooming good time(open) Empty on Mon May 07, 2018 6:29 pm

Despite the Flower festival being half over, it was still going strong. The weather was kind today as the sun shined down with not a cloud in the sky. Today the main attraction was the game booths that were set up in the middle of the city. The booths were surrounded on all sides by varies colored flowers and they extended all down the main street in Orchida. Each of the games were flower themed and offered various prizes ranging from a stuffed animals to massive jewel rewards. Caius was lucky as he woke up early and not many people had arrived yet. He started off at one end of the main street and would continue his way down playing all the games along the way.

At the first booth, the game master would tell him to take a seat and explain the game to him. In front of him was a water gun that he would used to shoot the sunflower in front of him. The flower would then start to grow and whoever reached the top would win. The prize was a big sunflower hat. However, the gamemaster said that he needed at least two people to start the game. Caius sat and play around with the water gun while he waited for the game master to pull another player over so he could start.

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Having a blooming good time(open) Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 2:22 am

Nastasya Crowe
Let's say that it was quite clear that Lilja wasn't used to having a part time job for almost every day, even in her vague amnesia memory she couldn't imagine getting up early and well do something for a longer time than just.. jobs as she had done by herself or with Kurdran for example. And she also didn't understand why she had to be up and running so early to work in a bar, who would drink already at this hour? Probably a lot of people htat had not gone to sleep yet, good she already start answering her own questions, wonderful!

She was dressed in some formal attire or so to speak that she wouldn't usually wear. Her hair up in a slight loose knot, she would have to fix that later and wearing a black and white dress, the top of the dress, reaching her diaphragm was white, with cute little puffy sleeves (which she hated) and the rest of the dress was easy black. Underneath that she wore short and thick black heels, enough to be a barmaid. If it had not been for Lucifer, she wouldn't have minded to be late, especially because it was probably cleaning duty with some other idiot and she didn't feel the need to actually do anything and that dibshit could do it. She gave herself a satisfied smile and made her way through the mainstreet.

Without any second thought, she prepared herself to do well anything, her magic still didn't work and well her memories were limited as well, but she prepared herself as someone came closer to her and invited her for a game, he told her how it worked (she didn't know why she stopped walking, she had no time for this), and that the game needed two people and he had already a person waiting. Her red eyes trailed towards the guy sitting and she closed her eyes shortly as it gave her a headache to look towards the man waiting, that meant she must know him, that meant more memories might return to her. Lucifer would know how important that was for her, "I'm in."

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Having a blooming good time(open) Empty on Tue May 08, 2018 11:29 pm

Twiddling his thumbs on the water cannon buttons, he waited as the game master tried to pull in more players. Most festival goers walked past him in favor of other attractions. However, he did manage to convince a young girl to go over and join him to start up the game. Caius turned around in his seat made eye contact with the girl. Though she looked slightly different, Caius could never forget that face. It was his former associate at Grimoire Heart Nastasya Crowe. She was a vampire who specialized in missions in the shadows. Ever since the guild took over the country, they all split up and went their separate ways. Being a guard in the capital, Caius had a hard time keeping up with his old comrades. It would be nice to catch up.

Caius stood up and would walk over to greet her. As she got closer to him, she seemed to wince in pain. His demonic aura currently was being sealed so that wouldn't be affecting her. Perhaps she was just feeling sick? He put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. "It's been a while Nastasya. Ever since the guild had dissolved everything has changed. How have you been? " The game master waited impatiently for the two's reunion to before so he could start up his game.

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Having a blooming good time(open) Empty on Thu May 10, 2018 2:15 pm

Nastasya Crowe
This person, this man must be someone from her past as she did recognize him slightly, there was a pain in her head considering something like that. Which was normal but it would be nice to understand the idea of the headaches. She looked at the tall man as she was but a small being and stared as he said her other name, the one Lucifer told her and looked at how he placed his hand on her shoulder. The guild must mean Grimoire Heart, so they were former colleagues, alright hint number one. So she gave him an apologizing look, "I'm sorry, I have amnesia so I barely remember anything." So how good of a friends were they, would it hurt him if she would say so. It had shocked Lucifer clearly and she didn't know what to say in this case, "You did look familiar and I do now know that my name is Nastasya and what guild you mean, so apart from that I must have it rough but I'm doing fine." she said with a smile to not make a gloomy situation.

After all she got a few memories back, some bad like the one about Victoire but it was nice to figure things out as well as her magic. Which was nice to not have to do alone, she looked past her old friend, whose name she didn't know and didn't know how to ask without being a bitch about it, "So they strict you for this game right." she said looking at the sunflower, it would be nice to catch up. If all she could remember; she felt younger and more carefree if that had to do with the release of the guild or with not being a vampire, she believed that her amnesia didn't suck that bad anymore now that she was slowly gathering thoughts. She would no longer be afraid about Nastasya, she would be the improved version of the being.

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Having a blooming good time(open) Empty on Fri May 11, 2018 2:00 am

Amnesia? Could it have been Crowley? The former guild master did posses an ability for anyone who left the guild. It was an old magic that would make any members leaving Grimoire Heart forget who they were along with anything relating to the guild. It was a way to assure their plans were kept in secret. Caius stayed part of the royal guard once they took over so his memories were not altered. Perhaps the others that chose to leave were wiped clean before being set free despite the guild being gone. It was something he would have to ask him once he returned. Nastasya had many questions for him for now so he would oblige her.

"You might know me as Caius. Other names that might ring a bell would be Varian and Black. We were partners in Grimoire Heart for many years." As soon as he mentioned the name the game master took a step back with a shocked look in his face. Though the guild was gone, their reputation gained from previous attacks shook fear into many. "I'm sure you have many questions. Stay with me today and I'll tell you everything you need. " Caius turned around and grabbed the water gun. "Before we get to that, We might as well enjoy the festival while were here. How about a game?"

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Having a blooming good time(open) Empty on Wed May 16, 2018 5:19 am

Nastasya Crowe
Lilja nodded softly, because well there was a familiar ring in her mind. She knew the name Black and she heard the other names before too. She knew that her guild had been Grimoire Heart and perhaps she needed to tell him that. "I have heard the name Grimoire Heart before and it does give me some vague remembering but I don't think it has done to do with that, something about me not being a vampire and something about changing magics. It was all too much." She had not even noticed the game master at this point. She simply didn't care her memory and her previous friends who she tried to remember dearly were more important.

She grinned at  Caius, "That would be nice!" So that meant that she could consider any question she had in her mind and that she had been forgotten to ask Odin at that point but she saw him regularly too. She looked around him as he turned around to do something and as she listened, she snickered, "I'm in." she stepped aside to stand next to Caius and take the other watergun, the game master shakily stood next to her to explain the idea of the game again and she didn't understand what the fun was for it but it was funny to give the idea of getting a sunflower hat.

And so her day went on, asking Caius questions that maybe he could answer, she was at least glad to know that there were people out there that tried to help, so she did have friends as Nastasya.


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