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Mysterious Future [Vivi| Invite: Festival]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue May 01, 2018 10:20 am

She would barely recognize her own home town, when mostly Orchidia was green because of the plants, ivy and so on, you might forget the seasonal moments with their pretty pink of the cherry blossom and other flowers. Or she had kicked it away in her mind. No longer afraid to bump into people she knew, Phoebe would just dump her bags at home and notice that the shop was closed and that her father and sister were out. Her dad probably had his own booth on the market fair and her sister was probably flirting with twelve people at the same time.

Phoebe could imagine she was also wearing Phoebe her clothing. The raven haired mage shook her head, she had not seen her father after she changed magic and she wondered what he and Mary would say about that. She hoped that they would take it well, but Persephone was the only one she could depend on. Perhaps that did make her a bit nervous to meet her father again, she wanted him to approve of her, especially now she was second rate on her dead mother's list. She shouldn't think about that, she shouldn't think about anything that hurt her but there was this fire in her eyes and in the pit of her stomach that made her realize she could be perhaps too nice sometimes.

She stood at the beginning of the fair, staring at the stalls with the little shops, perhaps her father was somewhere around, but she could just enjoy her time in general. She didn't plan to shop, she planned to relax and not be bothered by anything in the past, she had to work out her way with Persephone and her power but soon enough; she wouldn't need anyone anymore.

#2Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Tue May 01, 2018 10:48 am

Vivi exhaled deepy now that she could finally, finally, have a stall of her own. Ever since the morning she had been busting herself off trying to get permission for one, the amount of people she had to talk to had left the girl quite tired but now, now she could lean on the shabby stall of her own. It wasn't anything special, a wooden counter with a shelf on the side she was on to store things, a small chair with a very weathered looking pillow and of course a sign that she painted with her magic:

Go on a small journey through the cards!
Learn your past, now and future,
Your love life, fortune and fate!

As cheesy as it was, it did have a festive aura about it. Leaning on the counter with her hand on her chin, Vivianna couldn't help but laugh at her situation. Who would think she would be here doing something like this? She certainly didn't. Trying to put off her shy side to a corner inside her would surely get taxing as time went on, but the fact that she could learn so much about different people, giving her a lot of inspirations was something she couldn't pass up.

Vivianna has a simple but nice attire. She had worn a brown skirt with a white shirt tucked in it. A simple bordeaux tie and a light cream thin jacket. On her head she had a bretonne hat with a fake red flower. From time to time, the woman would fan herself with her hand as she watched the passerby people. On the side of the deck was a pile of books she would read from time to time as time went on, and a small white candle on the other end, her tarot deck standing in the middle, the wooden box open revealing the flowery patterned back of the deck inside it.
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#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue May 01, 2018 11:12 am

Shoulders straight, and walk on. That's what Phoebe thought, she looked left and right again, still no sign of her father, which was a good thing. She didn't want to immediately be bound to family gatherings if she could enjoy her free time. So she decided to just mingle in the crowd, though it was the beginning of the afternoon, it wasn't very busy at this point. Perhaps there was something else going on where most people were and that would gave her enough space to breath and yet not be immediately spotted as there were enough people to hide behind.

For a short second Phoebe thought she saw her sister with a bunch of people but she wasn't even sure and the girl didn't even look at Phoebe so it was easier. She shrugged it off and listened to Persephone as her lilac eyes watched the stands and the descriptions, it would only be a matter of time before Phoebe would read about the stand of her father but he would be more in the middle which would be normal for him, being here before, "Now that sounds interesting." Persephone said, pulling Phoebe her attention away from her track of thoughts and seeing a description about fortune reading, "That's nonsense Persephone." The nature mage muttered but the Goddess seemed to want to know more while Phoebe was afraid of the risks and besides, most people were frauds anyway.

"You can never enjoy anything now can you?" The Goddess mentioned in the back of her mind as she guided Phoebe towards the stand to simply look at it, the deck looked amazing, this was something Persephone had watched when she was still in reign as you could call it. Phoebe simply was afraid to hear about the truth.

#4Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Tue May 01, 2018 11:26 am

While the woman had some attention to her stall, nobody seemed to be interested an actual reading, disheartening her. Could it be that people were afraid of getting scammed? Of course, Vivianna would appreciate the jewels for more books and gear, but at the same time she really did want to give people what they wanted. A more accurate reading meant that people would be more inclined to tell about themselves, which was material for inspiration for the aspiring author. Deciding a different course of action would help her, she went in front of her stall and knelt down, gently moving her hands on the sign to add something to it.

"Money back guarantee if you are unpleasant with the reading!"

Adding the line, she got up and gently swept up the sweat from her forehead. She was still novice at mage craft, it wasn't the best idea to waste her energy like this. Turning around after going to her place behind the counter, she saw a woman looking towards her stall, her deck especially. Feeling a little flushed at the premise of a potential customer, Vivianna tried to take on a relaxed posture. "Hey," she said with a casual tone while taking the deck out of the box and starting to shuffle it. "Care for a reading?"
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#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue May 01, 2018 12:26 pm

While the two of them were looking from a distance, the tarot reader or well that's how Phoebe called her in her mind and Persephone didn't correct her, came from behind the stand to change something on the sign, "I doubt she is a fraud in that case." the Goddess mentioned and Phoebe shrugged almost invisible, that was a risk, everyone could claim they didn't want to hear something like that. Perhaps she should say something about it, perhaps she should give in to Persephone her wishes and be the first to take the reading, after all, she was from Orchidia, some people would recognize her even if she did change a bit in appearance. She would like to say that her whole body become more elegant and that she was showing some inner beauty that she had not shown before, that perhaps happened thanks to Persephone but just the citizens from Orchidia wouldn't know about the Goddess.

Persephone actually wanted to meet her family but she understood that Phoebe needed time. Now that they took a few steps forward to inspect the desk, which Perse liked, Phoebe was of course seen by the reader. "Go on." Perse pushed and Phoebe turned her lilac eyes to the lady, "Sounds interesting." and she took the stool on her side and went to sit down, "So how does it work?" Would she know that they were two beings at once? She was slightly afraid of that, she didn't want to know Persephone her future but rather hers than Phoebe her own.

#6Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Tue May 01, 2018 12:45 pm

Delighted that her first customer had approached, Vivianna cracked a smile broader than before. The approaching lady was a sight to behold, and Vivianna couldn't help but appreciate her beauty. Her raven hair, her posture... Gulping slightly, Vivianna straightened herself and separated the deck between her two hands, the cards, as if magnetic, jumped between her hands. Hoping to captivate the customer as she sat down, Vivianna brought her chair closer and sat. Looking at the woman in the eyes, she nodded at her question and began to explain.

"You can tell me what you want this reading to be about, and afterwards, I will choose an appropriate spread-" She paused for a second as she felt goosebumps, almost dropping her deck. Something, during a swift moment, had felt weird about this situation, however she wasn't able to discern what it was. Was it the woman? Was it her shy nature kicking in? Probably not both, probably random. Coughing, she continued her explanation.

"After you choose the spread, I will ask you to focus on the deck as I shuffle it. When you think the moment is right, you will tell me to stop and so I will," the witch explained as she shuffled the deck twice. "Afterwards, I will split the deck into three parts, and ask you to put them in any order you want. From there, you will choose how many cards I tell you to choose. After the spread is completed, I will begin reading from the first card to the last."

With her explanation done, the witch exhaled quickly and leaned back on her chair, starting to shuffle her deck. "So, what will it be? Love? Fortune? Glory? Perhaps even you want to get info about a special person, what do they feel, what to they think... Perhaps you want to consult the elements, ask them for guidance on your life," she said, trying to sound mysterious. Doing her card trick once again, she stood softly, with a smile, waiting for her customer to choose what they wanted a reading on.
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#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue May 01, 2018 1:33 pm

She didn't want to give off a persimistic feeling, especially not because it wasn't this reader her fault, it was just Phoebe being sceptic about her present and future plans and influences of things. She brushed the long hair over her shoulder and looked at Vivianna, without knowing her name that is and Phoebe wondered if she would ever show such a elegance as this lady did. Perhaps one day, she rather had not all the attention, basically also because she got bad attention and it was time to get rid of that too. Phoebe had to watch her step, stop being such an annoying little being and stop.. her track of thoughts in this way.

Phoebe asked her how tarot reading worked and listened while looking at the cards, as Persephone had thought before, they were beautiful. What would they want the reading be about, Phoebe wanted to avoid love but Persephone strangely seemed to be willing to get some answers about that. She couldn't help but nodd every time again that the lady explained something to her. The two were not really agreeing, we don't need anyone, was simply what Phoebe thought, which was usually the thought that the Goddess would linger on, "We would like to see the Glory." She just noticed too late she said we. So she tried to pretend she didn't, or else say it was a joke for the future to make her a queen. Glory could mean a lot though.

This mean she had to focus on the desk, which was a bit of a difficult thing with Persephone wanting something else but Phoebe tried, would she reach somethign amazing? She wanted to be better than she was now, she wanted to be as good as Goddess was before she was cast away.

#8Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Tue May 01, 2018 1:47 pm

The woman was... Interesting. Vivianna had caught that she had said "We" in her sentence, and had cracked a quick smile. That really hadn't felt like a normal mistake, but yet she lacked the experience in life to know what was going on. She seemed to be always in some thoughts, but Vivianna wasn't sure if she was actually, or that it was just how she was. She stopped shuffling as she listened to the request of her customer and started to tap on top of her deck in silence. "Glory, you say..." she said. Then pause, silence, as Vivianna stood there with her eyes closed. "Okay then."

Suddenly, the burning candle's flame color became a bright orange, burning brighter than before. It was actually a mage trick candle Vivianna had bought for this occasion, but anything for the atmosphere. The more she was "in it" the better the reading would be. She exhaled and started to shuffle the deck. "I want you to focus, and then, when you feel the time is right, I want you to tell me to stop," she explained. She would then shuffle until the woman told her to stop.

Afterwards, she would split the deck in three in exaggerated motions. "Now, put the three decks on top of each other in any order you wish," she'd explain. Afterwards, she would take the deck and spread them in a bow on the desk. This was her favorite part, the whole deck suddenly, almost fluttering, becoming a bow of floral patterns. With her open hands, Vivianna would point to the cards with their backs turned.

"I want you to pick five cards, simply touch them and I will take them," she'd say to her, and then wait.
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#9Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue May 01, 2018 2:20 pm

Finally not long after Persephone gave in, love was useless, there were no other gods that they know about, well not that Persephone had met before, there was of course the soul that Xandra possessed but Persephone had not heard about the god before and only had been a bit uncertain as she had felt a presence when they were working together. At some point, probably here in Orchidia, she would meet Xandra again and they would figure out a few things together. Which Phoebe looked forward to but she didn't need Xandra to figure out answers, she and Perse would figure it out themselves. So she picked Glory as that was what Phoebe wanted to know the most, what happened before with Victor, King, Videns, Jeroy and Silver... surely made her hurt her soul. She didn't need men, they were all the same, weither they left her after kissing her, or didn't try to find her, left her for a friendship better or were the child that her mother loved the most, Phoebe didn't need anyone but Persephone and she kept repeating that and repeating that, trying to still the anger in the pit of her stomach but still it wouldn't leave, that would take ages.

Her lilac eyes turned towards the candle and she wondered if the person was a mage as well and what that meant for Phoebe, it could be a.. she was thinking to much negative thoughts. She had to focus on the thoughts of her own glory and she didn't want to think about the only negative things, the power Persephone had given her was a good thing, and many more things went through her mind. "Stop please." She had to be friendly and she looked at the card reader and at the deck of cards after that. Following the instructions giving out to her one by one.

Placing the deck in an order and picking five cards. Suddenly she felt nervous, but this was bullshit, right? Although she wasn't sure if she really thought that way or if it was Persephone.

#10Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Tue May 01, 2018 3:13 pm

One by one, Vivianna would begin to open the cards.


"Ah, what a wonderful card..." Vivianna would begin to speak. "It appears good fortune had found your way, or perhaps is about to. This could be a new love, or a new friendship that will bloom very quickly. Ace of Cups is one of the most positive cards of the deck, but like all aces, it also means an opportunity, and opportunities might be lost. It's like a seed you need to take care of to make it sprout. However..." she trailed off. "Looking at the other cards, this situation might be a whole different. If the Ace of Cups shows the past, then perhaps some hardships await you, let's talk about what they are..."


Vivianna gulped with a somber face. "Heartbreak... as you can see," she started to tell her. "An end of a relationship, being done wrong by someone close, and perhaps, that new blooming relationship ending in such a way that it left a mark on you.. As I said, it's not always love. While that's the general gist of the card, let's talk about it in the sense of glory as you wish to know. This is a card of disappointment, which leads to heartbreak. I want you to be strong, and prepare for some sort of problem that might block your path. Remember that the fate is ever changing, and you are not locked to these cards, I hope.. I hope things go for the better."


"What a direct continuation... A card both in suit and number and meaning that is right after the past one! You... you need rest sister, or will need to. But after such heartbreak, the desires, ideas and actions you want to unleash on this world need to wait. I know that you want to let them out, to share them, but they need growth, reform, and for that to happen, you need to take some time for yourself."


"My.." Vivianna spoke, the reading was telling a story that wasn't so uplifting. "..It appears you won't be able to hold them inside, friend. Or they will consume you and change you. There is glory on your future... but it might be at the cost of things that are dear to you right now. This loss, this pain, it changes you to a cold and calculated woman. While that is not a bad thing, it appears that you will constantly be suppressing your emotions, it will be hard on you. This is the figure of a mourning woman, who shows her sadness with anger.

But yet, also, she is a strong, smart and wise woman. Someone who uses her past experiences to not repeat mistakes. I see now that if you can handle this loss correctly, you will be able to leave it behind with only minor scars, and important lessons."


"Hey," she said to the woman. "For your advice... please be careful on your endevaours. You don't have to do anything that you don't want to. Sometimes we feel pushed to things, but most of the time there are other alternatives to things. Whatever you want to do or plan on doing, it is a dangerous line that might end up hurting you. Physically, and or mentally."

After the reading was done, Vivianna needed to lean back. It was a reading that was painful to go through. With a somber face, she looked at the woman.
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#11Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue May 01, 2018 3:51 pm

Phoebe bit her lip softly as Vivianna started the reading, she wasn't entirely sure why she was so nervous. These cards didn't mean anything.. right? She kept saying that in her mind, removing the argument in her mind everytime that it could be real. It was that Persephone mentioned it could be like that in the past, that they were pretty accurate and at first Vivianna started possitively but Phoebe her lilac eyes only turned bigger and she started fumbling with her hands.

It was impossible, it's exactly what Persephone had warned her for. How did she know, did this count for her or for Persephone, she needed to know, she held her breath for a while and stared at Vivianna, listening to every word she said and understanding that her life would not be an easy one. She was even a bit afraid when it came to this. She looked at the cards and stared at the reader as she was done, she didn't seem to be happy about the reading either but it wasn't her influence, it was the cards. "That didn't sound like a great life." But both were now wondering whose life was that about. Because even if Persephone didn't say anything, Phoebe could feel that it was like her past and that she didn't want to share this information. But there was a raven haired mage that wouldn't be able to shut,

"So hypothetically, if I share two souls in one body, whose fortune will this be?" It was a risk but her future was way too important to her to be obsessed by something that could have meant Persephone all along. She didn't want to be hurt, she didn't want to get scars and leave things behind. Where was the beauty in life after all of is. There was already the start of what was happening what Vivianna told her and Phoebe knew what it meant, she had to set things up before she could and start leaving things behind.

#12Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Wed May 02, 2018 9:58 am

While packing the deck, she heard what the woman said and bit her lip, "Don't say that," she spoke. The woman wasn't wrong, the story depicted in the cards was one of hardships, however: "After all, the woman in the cards learn from her mistakes. Despite all the sadness and pain she has to embrace, it's never late for people to change their position life. The lessons will stay with her, but she does not have to stay in the same state of emotional being."

Vivianna was having a hard time finding the words to tell to her first customer. With a tap on the candle, she made the color of the flame take on a more natural form yet once again. "Sometimes what we are to learn, despite how much pain it can bring within, is all we need."

She leaned on the table and exhaled. There was a lump in her throat and she was trying to desperately lower the tension she was feeling around her stall. Kneeling down, she took a tea urn from the shelf and and pack of matchsticks. Lighting the tea urn's stove, she added some water to it with her magic and waited for it to boil. "I'll make some tea, hope you like some, I have green, jasmine and apple. But I can blend them if you wish," she said smiling.

Hearing the woman's question, Vivianna didn't move. Could this be an insight into the weirdness she felt about her? "Two souls..." she mumbled. She didn't know what the woman meant. Was she suffering from a mental problem? Or could it be something of magical origin? The world was vast and had surprises hidden in a lot of it's corners. A tale like her's wouldn't be far off. "Well..." she spoke while trying to think, and to not stay silent for so long. It was said to gain time, in a way. "I would say whoever you had on your mind when you were concentrating on the deck and while picking the cards."

She opened the lid of the tea urn to see if it was boiling, then closed it since it wasn't.
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#13Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu May 03, 2018 1:03 pm

Phoebe gave a wry smile to Vivianna when the tarot reader mentioned she shouldn't say that, "Don't worry, it's a part influenced by myself right?" she listened to the reader about the learning of mistakes, yeah the game of life wasn't always just fun and games. It only proved what Persephone had said before, perhaps that's what made it more scary than if it had been something unknown to Phoebe, she would grab some jewels out of her purse to pay the tarot reader. She wondered if the pain in her corrupted heart would be even more worse than it was at this part, she was already hurt enough, left behind, cast out and so on. And now even by her mother, "I would bear it as there is no other thing I can do," accept it and try to move on to the next chapter of the Game of Life. There would be no other option, it was good to have a warning.

"Green sounds lovely." Phoebe said when the reader offered her tea, perhaps it was best to have a friend that could inform her of her future, she turned to Persephone in her mind who only was silent, she wasn't sure if there was something the Goddess wasn't telling but at this piont it didn't change anything, their game would go on and Phoebe needed to become better and prepared for it, "My name is Phoebe, I would at least say thank you for the reading, a warning for the future is a nice one." But there was another question she had, which was her next, what if the person shared two souls. The reader seemed to be struggling with the answer, which Persephone found amusing, "At least not trying to give an answer at first start." The Goddess mentioned to Phoebe.

"Our minds are intertwined, but so is the body, there will never be a separated version of either of us, we just have to bear with it together, at least that means I am not alone." Phoebe said with an amusing smile on her face, perhaps this road on the path of the game would be even more amusing and she wondered how the reader would react, perhaps they would show for the second time in their togetherness, that Persephone the Goddess of Nature was back on the Earth Surface.

#14Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Thu May 03, 2018 7:18 pm

Listening to the woman with a rested smile and occasionally checking the water to see if it boiled, Vivianna's face stood still when the woman placed a few jewels on the stall. With one hand on her chin, she brought up her other hand and with her index finger twirled one of the jewels on the stall. The muscles around her eye relaxed and gave an almost lazy look to her face. "Ah, no" she said, pushing the still spinning piece of jewel back. "You are my first customer here, I think the conversation and the practice will suffice."

Finally the water boiled, and quickly Vivianna took out the tin tea can that was separated into three inside, for each kind of tea leaves and a spoon. She took out two porcelain cups and placed them on the stall, gently sliding one of them towards Phoebe, who had introduced herself. "Don't mention it," Vivianna said with a soft tone and sat down back again while taking a scoop of green tea leaves and putting them on both cups. "My name is Vivianna, Tarot is a fickle thing; from my years of practice I've learned to listen to it, but to never let it control me." With a slight chuckle as she remembered her a few days from the past, she poured the boiling water to both of the cups. "After you finish, turn the cup into the small tea plate. I will give you a tea leaves reading as well,"Vivianna added. As much as she wanted to help the woman, saying that she wasn't interested at this mysterious aura she had and desired to learn more about it would be a lie.

Vivianna's eyes widened at the woman's explanation, and then squinted as she briefly tried to understand what she meant. Feeling a bit embarrassed if it was something she was supposed to understand, yet didn't, she played with her hair and turned her gaze to her right, her chin a bit down but back straight. "Whatever could you mean, I wonder...?" the witch asked, still playing with her hair, she turned back to Phoebe, an expression of curiosity and innocence in her eyes.
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#15Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri May 04, 2018 11:09 am

Phoebe looked surprised at the tarot reader, saying no to a piece of jewel? She gave a soft smile and Persephone seemed to mutter something about; and you called her a fraud. So she took the jewel back and put it in her purse. It was perhaps not that bad to just have conversations and not expect the worst. Even if her cards told her to be very aware of things that could happen and to be ready, she was but a beginner in playing the game that had been played with her but thanks to Persephone she could be ready, sooner than anyone would expect. It wouldn't be all that bad, it would sometimes be ashame but Phoebe would sure as hell be ready when it was necessary, she already suffered enough it was better to take the lead in her own life.

Phoebe looked at the reader getting the tea ready and introduced herself and she kept the soft smile on her lips now that she noticed Vivianna really cared about the readings but let it not control her, that was a good saying. It was a good instruction, "It is nice to meet you." She shouldn't let the reading define her, it was her own path picking. She looked at the cup with the little swirling tea leaves and nodded, now that was interesting because she had heard about it but never see a tea leaves reading. "let me do that." Persephone said in Phoebe her mind and the mage agreed, it would be fun as they were already on the track of thoughts to tell Vivianna about them.

By Vivianna her behavior, Persephone only became more interested, she didn't see humans as something valuable especially not considering Phoebe her memories, but she took up the cup and wrapped her hands around it, muttering Anthos while hiding her lips and give a soft smirk towards Vivianna as her eyes turned green and she allowed more magical power to take her, to use Phoebe and her long straight black hair changed, as if a wind passed them, her hair turned red from the top to the bottom and with that little breeze turned into slight wavy hair. Her bright red lips stared at the reader, wondering how she would react, "You interest me reader, the name is Persephone." Would this person have the knowledge about the old gods or would she simply understand the sense of a Goddess in front of her.

#16Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Sat May 05, 2018 1:49 pm

"Yes, yes, nice to meet you too," Vivianna spoke with extended syllables. The woman had relaxed, and her words reflected that. Lazily drinking her tea, she suddenly had to close her eyes from the breeze to not get any dust in them. However, a spectacle to be noticed caused her to open them, her face quickly twisting into one of confusion.

And fear.

She watched Phoebe's hair slowly turn from black to red, her eyes now burning green. As if the seasons were changing, the slow change of the hair, shedding a former form no longer needed, revealing something fiercer, more intense beneath. The slow curling of the hair, turning and turning into wonderful flocks.

The woman had changed.

Vivianna's cup fell from her hand when the woman spoke. It was no longer Phoebe, but someone else. The cup made a sharp clinking sound when it hit the small plate, and fell over, the little amount of tea and leaves inside making a trail on the wooden surface of the stall. Vivianna wanted to look around to see if there was anyone else who had noticed what happened, but she couldn't tear her gaze from the woman in front of him. Her hand instinctively went to her pistol on the shelf beneath the stall counter, but she stopped herself. It was a silly idea. The pure power this red-haired woman was radiating had left her breathless, in awe. A sense of pure wonder, but also panic was with Vivianna now as she struggled to speak.

"So this is what you meant," she mumbled, trying to look composed. Her eyebrows were down, giving her face a sad, confused look. All hair on her body had become needle sharp. Vivianna gulped. "And who might you be? Such power..." she managed to speak. Lifting her cup and plate and putting them under, on the shelf, she took a scarp cloth from there and wiped the tea remains. "Sorry, I got scared there," she said. However, in truth, she was still uneasy.

Feeling a hint of accomplishment by the compliment of this.... being, she smiled for a brief second before meeting the woman's eyes again. "You are not Phoebe," she stated, as obvious. But perhaps, she was wrong. Something of magic origin was apparent. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, slowly, trying to stay calm and understand, Vivianna looked at the cup of the woman. She had still promised a reading for her, could it be that this person who came out was the one who wanted it?
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#17Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat May 05, 2018 9:26 pm

Her eyes were as green as the woods and curiously looking upon the Tarot reader, she had not even paid attention to her name as she had said that to Phoebe, monkeys all of them but the tarot reader was a very interesting one, Persephone would give her that. She lowered the tea cup that Vivianna had given Phoebe, she would try this out and the heath of the tea didn't bother the Goddess, she was too absorbed with someone in fear, which felt well for the vanity of the Goddess. The first time they actually did this, Phoebe had never suspected that it really worked but it was Persephone who chuckled lightly because of that. It was fun for the red haired Goddess to be free, to see her beauty in reflection. No one else would notice, she allowed Vivianna to see her like this, the others people would just see Phoebe, her magic being able to show and her soul being the first in the body now instead of normally Phoebe.

"As you should." Persephone said with a purr in her voice as Vivianna admitted that she got scared, "Humans were teached in history to be afraid of Gods and Goddesses for their power, you can't help it." She said with an amusing smile on her face. She introduced herself after that, telling Vivianna that she was interesting, "Correct, I am not. While my being has been forgotten by the humans through the ages and thus no longer pray or sacrifice in my name, I lost the power of holding a human body, all I can do now is be a supportive person in the back of someone's mind and support them with the power of magic that I do have." She explained, who would believe the Tarot reader anyway if she dared to tell anyone about Persephone. "So as Phoebe said, we are separate beings but we can't be separate from each other now I chose her as my champion." which was a too fancy word for the vessel but Phoebe didn't mind it in this case. She took a sip of the tea and looked at it, it was rather nice as well.

#18Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Sun May 06, 2018 2:47 pm

Flinching once as the woman spoke spoke that she should be afraid, Vivianna bit her cheek as she listened to her.

A goddess, she would call herself, and that moment something would spark in Vivianna's head. "Persephone... the goddess of... autumn?" she mumbled quietly, afraid to ask the woman directly. While she thought that it was the mere name, her gut feeling spoke of different things. Could it really be that she was goddess herself? This was just too much for a first customer. Vivianna could only hope the others would go smoother, and be not as wild. The woman's words felt airy, ethereal to Vivianna.

The goddess had lost her power and was inhibiting Phoebe's body, according to her. Vivianna was watching her face with a worried expression still, but this explanation made her think. "So if you are in her body, it means you need her, right?" she said. The goddess felt arrogant, not ill-willed, but arrogant. Vivianna felt bad for Phoebe, but she couldn't know her feelings. "What does Phoebe think about this? Did she want it? Did you just... came in one day?" She asked. All of Phoebe's past questions had now gained clarity.

She was scared of seeing the goddess angry, but at the same time, her curiosity existed. Looking at the cup she was holding. "... Do you still want a reading?" she asked. Raising her hand, she scratched the corner of her jaw. Her mouth felt dry, but the onlt water around was of the tea: Hot.
how do u tell the fortune of a deity tho
All I need is time.

#19Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon May 07, 2018 1:05 pm

Persephone her green eyes stared at Vivianna seeing what she would do next, she had not missed a heartbeat in her movement but at this point the Goddess had not cared about it yet and she still had that right smile on her lips, "Officially it's Goddess of the Underworld, Spring, Flowers and Vegetation." She looked up, "But you could say I did influence autumn as well. If my mother wasn't so obsessed." The good thing for the Goddess was that most people only linked her to the flowers, the vegetation and the beauty of spring, but the Goddess was so much more and with that the Goddess of the Underworld after her so called marriage, it had not gone really well but that didn't matter at this point. She had managed to get away from that, but her mindset for the ruler of the Underworld would still stick with her, the influence on her plans for the future, but first it would be necessary to help Phoebe being rightly shaped for this plan that they called the Game of Life.

Persephone couldn't help but let out a laugh when Vivianna asked her if she needed Phoebe, "I don't need anyone, but Phoebe is a nice kid and I don't mind her." To believe that a goddess needed a mere human to be able to survive was a bit too much, she would let the question go, as the reader had interested her but it was a dumb question, humans had that moment in their life that they couldn't ask stupid questions. "We might not have gotten along in the first place but right now we are like good friends, I would say sisters as you humans call that but it won't be the same for me, I never really liked my siblings." She brushed her red hair over her shoulder and sat up straight, no longer leaning on her elbows to get closer to Vivianna, she looked at her tea cup as the reader still offered her a reading and she nodded, "I'm very much interested." To which it meant that she would need to finish the tea and give the cup back to Vivianna.

#20Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Tue May 08, 2018 8:27 am

Like sister she had say, like sisters and now good friends. Phoebe is a good kid, she had said. Were these the lines of a good relationship, Vivianna couldn't help but wonder. Having such a powerfeul being inside you, someone with their own agenda and wishes. Was it a relationship based on power? Would you have to compromise or bown to them? How long till their goal and dreams would become yours? However, would that mean losing yourself? Would that mean being a new person, and not two seperate one anymore?

The last one clearly wasn't the case, at least for Phoebe and Persephone. How nice it was that their names started with the same letter. Softening her opinions on the goddess, she nodded at her explanation. It seems that Vivi would have to brush up her knowledge on some of the gods after this. Her interest growing out stronger with each passing second, she took a deep breath and silenced the impulse screaming to ask all those questions in her mind. However, there was one thing she thought she must do.

She got up from her chair, placed both of her hands in front of her, fingers intertwined and slowly bowed with closed eyes and a serene expression. "I'm sorry for my behavior, I feel honored that a goddess is interested in my stall and my fortune reading," she said. While speaking, she would refine each syllable and not get out of her bowing stance, her eyelids still closed. Only after speaking she would straighten herself up with a smile. She had finally managed to fully gain composure.

Sitting down, she looked at the tea cup of Persephone. "If you are finished with that, please turn it over," she spoke. "I want you to spin in three times clockwise and then tap on it thrice, please," Vivianna explained. "What kind of reading would you want? Just a general one, perhaps a past present future one, or maybe something else that's on your mind."
how do u tell the fortune of a deity tho
All I need is time.

#21Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu May 10, 2018 2:43 pm

Persephone placed her left elbow on the stand and leaned on it with her left cheek, wondering what Vivianna would think, she had no power to read her mind. So she simply tried to read the expresion of the human being but actually the Goddess didn't mind to not know what Vivianna thought, she might be an interesting reader and the first of the beings that she told and showed herself towards but that didn't mean Persephone would play this game for very long. But the tarot reader only became more interesting.

Persephone lifted up her cheek from her left hand and stared with an amusing look and a smile on her face towards Vivianna as she bowed towards her, "No need to apologize, I appreciate your interest in me as well. Well it was nice to have someone that knew how to act towards a Goddess that is. She listened to Vivianna explain how it would work for her to get a reading from the teacup and she drank the last sip of her tea and did exactly what Vivianna said to have it fixed. While she did what Vivianna said so, she thought about what she wanted to know, she wasn't so interested in her future, she knew actually pretty well what was going to happen, "Why not a general one?" She said with a small smile as she tapped the cup for the third time.

#22Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Fri May 11, 2018 11:21 pm

Watching the delicate moments of Persephone as she tapped the cup, Vivianna stood still. Fortune of a goddess? Could she do that? With anticipation, curiosity and fear twingling within each inch of her skin, she held the place by both sides, as if pinching a close friend, and slided it on the table towards herself. With an inhale, she placed her hand over it, a try to feel the energies of the cup. It was... different, but Vivianna wasn't surprised. That was to be expected after all. "My tea leaves reading is not as well as my tarot," Vivianna said. She wanted to say how she was also worried about the fact that she was not a mortal being, but decided to leave that for later. Her finger tips touched the cup but before she turned it, she stopped and thought for a second. "How does an immortal being percieve time?" she asked, hoping it wasn't a topic that the goddess would take offence to.

Readying herself, she turned the cup around. Immediately, as if whispering of horrible secrets, her eyes opened wide, a burst of sounds echoed in her ears, but she didn't know if anyone else could also hear them. She tried to look away, but couldn't. The leaves inside the cup, as if still swirling, were moving. And soon, with a loud sound, the cup cracked and burst into pieces within her hands.

Vivianna had many things to think now. She couldn't understand what had happened, but she felt the pain of the small cuts on her fingers. She felt embarrassment for what had conspired. She felt a weird sense of joy from this situation she was in. Akin to hitting the gold mine, but losing an arm in the process. This joy that was only a mere shadow on the back of her mind would not be something she'd notice.

Seeing her ink-black blood slowly starting to appear, Vivianna quickly placed her under, beneath the stall away from the peering eyes. "I- I'm sorry," she muttered, her speech was in cuts, her expression barely seemed composed. "I... I do not know what happened." Vivianna's mind was now filled with questions. Was the tarot reading for Phoebe... or Persephone? If so, why didn't anything happen with the cards? If she was the goddess of spring, was her effect more prevalent on herbal components? Shaking these thoughts, with the beats of her racing heart in her ears, Vivianan looked at the goddess with anticipation of what she would do next.
how do u tell the fortune of a deity tho
All I need is time.

#23Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu May 17, 2018 2:06 pm

Persephone had asked about her fortune and she would simply see how it goes, little did she know how her world would be turned upside down in a couple of days together with Phoebe but yeah that's the thing about futures, they aren't set in stone. "That's okay, let's just see it as something fun and a learning thing, who knows who gets on your path in the future." She said with a soft grin, it was still funny to see Vivianna her reaction and Persephone really liked it. She frowned with the reader her second question since this well start of the reading, "Well before Phoebe everything was just a long day or year, depending on the seasons. Those will go by in the blink of an eye. But now with Phoebe, it's a lot of days." Because she had to get used to the normal living way.

She would sit up straight at the person and the cup in her hand that was broken and she wasn't sure what to say about it and there was an expression of concern on her face, she didn't say anything and let Vivianna get a hang of herself because the Goddess surely was interested what was happening. She watched herh ands as the cup was there to see if she got anything to see about the tea leaves, she thought she saw no red drops of blood but another colour but she let it go, not sure if that was what she saw. "It looks very worrying." The Goddess showed a worried frown on her face, "I'm terribly sorry about the cup." But what did it mean? Did Vivianna see anything?

#24Vivianna Mystcreek 

on Thu May 17, 2018 11:02 pm

Was she trying her limits? Had she stepped into a territory that she was not supposed to? The even that had occured had left her stomach dry. Her stomach sank as she started to slowly come back to reality from her state of shock. The goddess was apoligizing, and for a few seconds Vivianna couldn't understand why.

"Oh, the cup," she said swiftly, as in the words came out with her exhale. Holding her wounded hand behind the stall, she started to clean the small speckles of blood with a napkin. This could very well make an interesting story, but that was for later. She took a breath it. "It's okay, don't worry about the cup. Are you alright?" she asked the woman. She didn't exactly the biology of a goddess, but it didn't hurt to be nice and polite when the situation asked for it. She could use some of her healing skills if the wounds were minor.

Moving on her seat as uncomfortable, Vivianna's eyes met with the questioning ones of the woman. She had promised her a reading and she might as well tell her all that she could. "That had never happened before," she said with an upset frown. The woman looked as she was thinking about something of the past. What she was doing was recalling all her instances of tea leaves reading.

"About your reading," Vivianna said, no longer wanting to beat around the bush, "Something of past, a problem, it demands to resurface in such a strong force more than ever," she began to explain. The whispers she heard, she didn't want to mention them. Even if she did, they would make no sense as the language used was foreign to her. However, from the glimpses of the leaves she caught, she had a few things to say aside from that warning.

"A call of desire, doing something that is pleasurable, but might and probably will cause problems in the future after it is done. A complete lack of practical uses of lessons learned from the past, and people from the past, people you met in darker times of your life who supported you, or something along those lines, coming back to you, but not in a way that you would want them to."

Tying to remember as much as she could, she felt hazy. "I'm sorry," she whispered and had to lean on the counter for a second.
how do u tell the fortune of a deity tho
All I need is time.

#25Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat May 19, 2018 4:00 pm

She didn't know what else to say, to be fair the Goddess never apologized for anything and she wasn't even sure if she had seen her bleed or if it was just minor scratches from the cup, so what to say was what Persephone thought. All she could do was apologize about the cup, it was probably not possible to predict a future of a Goddess, or at least not by a human oracle. Though the reading she had given Phoebe had been very accurate, it had exactly described the plans that the Goddess had for what they called the Game of Life, her influence on what she wanted and what was best for Phoebe got a bit of this.

As she ought to do, Vivianna asked if the Goddess was alright, but Persephone didn't care about that for now, she was obviously fine, nothing had come really her way, "Physically no scratch, mentally a bit worried to be honest." She couldn't help but say as she asked, "That's not important either, you were holding the cup, how are your hands? Need any help?" She was no healer though, but there were a few magical and naturaly ointments that stopped bleeding and quickened the healing process. She could provide those with a flik of her wrist.

Her green eyes met Vivianna's as she looked up to her and to be fair Persephone found it some sort of courage, perhaps she looked vunerable now, but there were a lot of things that a broken cup probably could mean and she prefered some answers if that was possible. She nodded slowly when Vivianna explained it never happened before and she held her breath when she tried to explain, something from the past, demands to.. resurface. There were a lot of troubles that Persephone had in the past, heck she even lost her body because of that but what would be something like that, a problem like hers and her heart skipped a beat, both meaning bad and good. That wasn't possible. Little did she know that tomorrow morning almost exact the same hour, that problem would surface, Lucifer would return to her or well more or less.

But that wasn't all that the reader could tell her and Persephone opened her perfect red lips to say something but she couldn't. What she described was Lucifer, how she had loved him, how she had given him all she could but he destroyed it, he burned it, he burned her and he would return to her. She felt a drop, a tear, drip down from the left corner of her right eye, past her nose, onto her cheek and fell upon her hand that she clutched with the other on her lap. "That's impossible." she whispered to herself, but that meant that she would have to prepare herself, as the reading from before had been accurate and the explosion of the cup, she believed Vivianna and that was a good thing that they came here.

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