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Mysterious Future [Vivi| Invite: Festival]

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Mysterious Future [Vivi| Invite: Festival] - Page 2 Empty on Sun May 20, 2018 12:22 am

Vivianna Mystcreek
Still using napkin after napkin with her hands on her lap, trying to not show them to Persephone, she also wanted to get the conversation going to cut the stress away. She nodded when the goddess said that she was only mentally worried, and was glad that she didn't get hurt.

"Who are you to try to fortune read a goddess anyway," she thought to herself. Her cheeks puffed and blood rushed to them, her face showed an angry expression for a moment. She was still cleaning her hand. "Maybe try being a real woman first;" the self-criticism had no apparent end.

Explaining the goddess about what she had seen, her curiosity was exponentially increased by her reaction. Albeit a small whisper, making this woman sat something like that had given Vivianna some kind of pride. She was a deity after all. Looking directly at her, who seemed to be... crying. Vivianna's heart sank.

"Hey! Phoebe! Persephone! Why are you crying?" she asked, sounding a little panicked. She quickly leaned on the counter, her both hands on the stall and looked her in the eyes. "What's wrong?" she asked, her tone inviting and mellow. Her sunk heart started to beat fast from the fear that she caused this tear to drop. "How much can we truly understand others," she thought to herself, sliding the red-haired woman a napkin. "How much do we show each other to the world?" she thought again.

Despire being sad, seeing this woman drop a tear made her go through a complex set of thoughts and ideas, which in turn gave her a small tinge of hapiness deep inside.
how do u tell the fortune of a deity tho
All I need is time.

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Mysterious Future [Vivi| Invite: Festival] - Page 2 Empty on Mon May 21, 2018 7:11 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She moved up her hand as soon as she was out of this trance like state, the news that it might possibly be Lucifer that would be there made her move up her hand to stop any possible second tears that might come. Thanks to hearing the two names she now carried, Persephone snapped out of it. She nodded her head lightly when Vivianna offered her a napkin, "No thank you." But she blinked a few times rapidly and wondered how to bring it. She didn't want to share too much but Vivianna had made her an accurate reading, probably, she hadnot seen the future herself but it was best to be prepared for the possible happenings that Vivianna mentioned and there wouldn't be a way to avoid it as she had no idea where to start avoiding, she had not seen him for decades.

"Unfortunately I can't tell you all, but what is wrong is this, if your reading means what I think it does, I have to prepare for my worst enemy to show up. As a matter of fact you could say that he took my heart, broke it into pieces, gave it back and disappeared again only to break it again. We, higher beings or whatever you want to call it are capable of love as well. It is much stronger of a sense and it can influence a lot and it shaped me, he made me work out things, do things that perhaps I would regret now if I dared to think about it again in it's full glory." She gave a wry smile, "If he comes back, if he returns to me, I need to be prepared to not give my heart away again to such a vulgar being." But even if it had been decades, the Goddess wondered if she was strong enough again.

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Mysterious Future [Vivi| Invite: Festival] - Page 2 Empty on Wed May 23, 2018 12:05 am

Vivianna Mystcreek
Listening to the goddess, Vivianna's head slowly became heavier and heavier, till she was standing up straight with her gaze not at the goddess, but on the stall itself. Her words were carefully listened by her, disected and embraced. Those words would not leave her for a long time. "Capable of love as well," she thought to herself. A sad smile embedded herself on her face, tears started to well up in her eyes. Her cheeks blushed and she felt her throat dry up. Looking at the goddess with dialted pupils and wet eyes, she smiled brightly and the first tear dropped. "Even gods suffer and even they feel love huh?" she asked.

Quickly drying her eyes with her hand and sniffing, she tried to compose herself. "I guess... I guess we are as not different as we thought," she told Persephone. "You... truly suffered didn't you?"

Vivianna was more interested to hear more about her, perhaps not today, but some time later definitely. Starting to pick up the broken parts of the cup and put them on two layers of napkins, she carefully crumpled the napkin and threw it to the nearby trashcan. "If you need to be prepared..." she mumbled, but then changed her mind. "I can't find what to say to you; if you live your life constantly trying to be prepared, then it feels like you will live in anxiety, but then again if you don't, what if you get taken by surprise?"

She hoped she hadn't given the goddess more to worry about after she said that and her fingers slowly covered her mouth. She desired to be not as nosy.
Even gods suffer.
All I need is time.

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Mysterious Future [Vivi| Invite: Festival] - Page 2 Empty on Thu May 24, 2018 1:39 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
"Perhaps, my dear we suffer even more. For there is no limit on our love, it can make us do crazy things as you might know considering the stories, love does hurt indeed for us as well as for you human beings. It is a shame that something as beautiful as that can come with many heart aches." The Goddess replied, she didn't like to be compared to humans but than again Vivianna was an okay exception that she would accept. Gods and Goddesses or demons could hold on to a grudge long enough but their hearts could also ache for decades, where as human beings got that easier, their love went perhaps not as deep within their souls, not carved upon their very being as theirs but that didn't mean it didn't hurt for them. So she ignored that they might not be so different, she wasn't sure if Vivianna meant it for herself or for the rest of humanity but Persephone considered them mostly scum, monkeys and at this point as Victor lost this status, she believed that only Vivianna was better than most. She hoped she wasn't disappointed again.

"It took me decades to get over the issue." She only planned to say, she didn't want to think too much about what she had done, what she had accepted to do all for the love of Lucifer, for his approval and so on. She was the Goddess of the Underworld but not only thanks to her own capability.

Persephone stood up as Vivianna threw out the cup, she had to be prepared, she nodded slowly, "I know what you mean my dear but if Lucifer got his hands on his own vessel, he will find me sooner or later. It depends on if his pride will let him, Phoebe and I are already connected for quite a while, which makes me stronger, if he just got the hang of it, he would wait before he would see me. I have time to prepare, and perhaps I find his vessel before he dares to show his face. Anxiety is not necessary but a preparation is nice." Which sounded completely different from the moment she had dropped a tear on her own hands, but the red haired Goddess didn't plan to be fooled by her broken heart. She would show the world what she was capable off, "It was lovely meeting you Vivianna, from us both. But we are holding up your little stall, let's meet another time." She closed her eyes shortly so her hair turned easily black again and her eyes purple, "May we meet again." Phoebe said, her voice a little different, and they left the tarot stall as Persephone had to prepare.


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