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Rat Race [Quest: Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:28 am

She woke up from the soft sound of a cry, closing her eyes shortly again before opening them again and trying to push away the sleepy feeling that had overcome her. She pushed herself slowly up from the matras and looked around the dark room, she had a wild guess that it would be around five in the morning. Even though she had never been good with mornings a small smile appeared on her lips and she looked next to her before stepping out of the bed that she was sleeping on and grabbed her robe to be able to get out of the room. She softly opened the door to not disturb anyone else in the apartment that they were renting in town. She heard a soft hushing noise and found her companion, a Glaceon, standing as a human being in the room next to her own. She was holding the little boy in her arms and making soft hushing noises as to avoid waking up the little girl, ĒItís okay, Iím here.Ē She said as soft as Hecate spoke to Anton, she was glad for Hecate her help, surely curious why the Glaceon wanted to help so much. But she took her son in her arms and gave him a soft kiss on his forehead. It was definitely tiring to be a mother, but that didnít mean that she regret it. Surely sheh ad not imagined to have two children at the age of twenty-one but sometimes things in life went a different road. She stared at her reflection in the window, there were only more concerns in her mind now. The safety of her children being the first and of course her fiancť. She shook her head and made sure to get out of the room and walk a little before making sure Anton got what he needed, which was just in time as Tanya woke up soon after that and she switched swiftly to the other baby after putting the first one back into his little bed. She took the chair and went to sit down, rocking herself a little as she tried to stay awake, Hecate was already back to her own bed.

She still had to tell someone that she had felt a pain in her back that didnít seem to go away and this weird tingling sense that sometimes crept up through her legs but she didnít. It didnít sound important at this point, all she had to make sure was to find her father, which she had realized in the conversation with Akira and she had to find out where Lacie was before anything bad would happen. She made sure Tanya was a satisfied little girl before putting her back to bed and head into the kitchen to get some food herself. Most of the time after this ritual it would be about an hour later and she was awake far too much to fall asleep again. She found some toast to eat and a bit of apple juice.

Wordcount: 507/2000

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Mar 06, 2018 5:42 am

She leaned against the kitchen counter and wondered what she would do today, if there was a book she could reread without feeling as if she was stuck. Which wasnít actually the right description of the world she belonged in now. She just used to be an adventurer, so it felt so weird to be not able to go and travel as much as she had always done. It would take a little time before she was used to this life and she did look forward to that. She wrapped the robe a little stronger around her already thinner body, training hard when she had the time and when she didnít fall asleep, she opened the door from the kitchen onto the balcony and leaned against the fence that separated the air from her. The fall and safety. The air and the ground for as far as the building counted as that. She stared at the darkness surrounding her, a little bit of lights not that far from her away, on the streets, almost dim as it wouldnít take that long anymore when the sun would rise. Perhaps that was what her life would become, the Solar mage, getting up just as the sun would. She smiled, at least she wouldnít be alone. She turned back into the apartment to grab a book and put herself down somewhere to read a bit before the rest of the household would wake up and she could work on breakfast, time with the children and her family, because Hecate and Jupiter definitely did belong to that. She felt rather satisfied as she watched something like her own little family at the breakfast table.

Thatís how normal her day would be and go on for the rest of the time. She would stay most of the time at home, feeling guilty if she didnít because it felt like she was running away. Perhaps that had been just something that she kept pushing in her mind as it was something she had done before, but she did change. Which she was rather satisfied about but it was a shame that the feeling was taking up so much of her day time when she decided every day to get out for a short walk, mostly it would take about fifteen minutes to half an hour, was that so much to ask? She would mostly go when the twins would go for their afternoon nap and she would have a couple of minutes to spare for herself. So when that point was there, she told Hecate and Jupiter that she would go and be back soon again, her partners looked up from what they were doing and waved her off as she headed out. What would have happened if the two werenít able to change into humans, than everything would have been different. She shook her head and walked down the stairs and out to the air and she felt the sun on her face, her friend, her guide for this trip.

Wordcount: 1012/2000

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:00 am

She took a few seconds to let her skin soak up the little bits of sunrays that were out there right now. No clouds blocking them before she would simply mingle into the crowd that always seemed to be there in Crocus, she wondered if all these people were there as well when the attacks happened. Would Crocus no matter what, always be so busy? Which was actually a very impressive thing but she doubt it would be the truth. She put her hands in the pocket of her winter coat and looked around, something she mostly did, just to enjoy the moment of mingling into a nothing and yet an everything at once. She bit her lip softly as there seemed to be some sort of stop in the movement of the people. Them splitting apart around a girl that looked in distress, she recognized her as Luciel. She had done the amulet enchantment as a present for Luciel, which had been a job given by Merlin and she wondered how the Lady was doing now that there was another emperor. Her golden hues slipped towards the palace building before quickly taken her steps towards Luciel. The blonde looking left and right as if she had lost something, Alice called out to her but no reaction. So she took the steps closer and even though she didnít know Luciel very well, she decided to get the young lady back onto the earth surface to find out what was wrong and offer her help if she could. So she grabbed Luciel her shoulders and shake her a little, ĒLuciel, Luciel? Luciel look at me.Ē When finally she had some eye contact, Alice tried to calm her down a little to tell her what the problem was and she listened to Luciel going on about a mistake in her lab, throwing a potion accidentally over a rat and now it had grown and become a dangerous being to the town and the innocent people.

She was taken aback by the story from Luciel, but she understood that Luciel was looking for the rat and she offered her help, to which Luciel told her that if she would find the rat that she would have to kill it and that they would have to bury it. Which all didnít sit well with Alice including the fact that she wanted to be back in the apartment as soon as possible so she decided to try this as quickly as possible and walked Luciel back to her lab where she needed to sit and rest. She doubt the rat would go into the middle of the town and started asking people around the lab, especially the market men and women that were around. Finally one could tell her that he had seen a big rat and had hit it with his broom and the rat had run through that street. So she decided to follow that lead and figure out some answers. Which came quick enough.

Wordcount: 1514/2000

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#4Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Mar 06, 2018 6:13 am

She made her way quickly over towards the other side of the town, which definitely she felt going through her legs and she ignored the pain as she has been doing for the last couple of days and she stared at an abandoned home. Someone else had told her that she had seen a big ass rat going into here and she definitely wouldnít tell Alice much more information, but that was not necessary. She simply looked at the house and heard the noises of someone or something scratching the wood in the house, a familiar sort of noise that would indicate mice and other critters and in this case; a rat. She had to get this rat out of that house to be able to take it out and she looked around it, trying to stay away as far from the house as she could, she noticed a trash bin that was still standing upright and seemed to smell horrible. She took it a bit away from the house and kicked it so the inside spilled and littered on the floor. She held her nose close with her own left hand and waited, standing still and breathing only (well and blinking), but not making another movement as to not scare of the rat that came outside. It indeed was bigger than she had ever seen a rat even though she had not seen many, she knew that this wasnít normal.

As Luciel had said she should take out the rat, she moved her hand to make her sun flare spell; Ursa Major. She send it towards the rat, perhaps it would be a too strong spell for such a little beast but she didnít want to underestimate it and get too much trouble with it as she wanted it to be over and done with. She shook her head as the rat died and she wriggled her nose because of the burned smell of litter and she took the rat away from the spot, at that moment Luciel showed up with a shovel, had she been watching Alice? She didnít want to think too long about it and took the shovel, hurting herself even a little more, but the pain would go away soon enough. She listened to the tips Luciel gave and wondered why she had not done it herself, the digging that was. But finally when they were low enough, Alice kicked the rat into the whole and went to throw the dirt on it. ĒKeep your animals out of your lab.Ē She said, not wanting to listen to Luciel in case she used spells or potion on the beasts, even rats had feelings. She walked with Luciel to her lab to wash her hands very through fully and get some money for the job before heading back to her apartment in the hotel and be able to stay indoors for at least another day. She didnít feel the need to clean up another poisoned rat and she also felt pretty content with staying in a clear surrounding, without rats.

Wordcount: 2027/2000

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