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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice]

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:39 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Okay so they got a job a couple of days ago but she felt restless again. Her book was not interesting enough, it was also because she couldn't concentrate enough and she stared at the pages but didn't catch any word. She wondered where the people she opened her house too were. Could she strick one into getting a job? It seemed to be cold outside, there was a few centimeters of snow and yet the Holy Knight couldn't think about sitting still inside. She stood up from her chair and walked towards the window, at least it stopped snowing.

She wondered if everyone was upstairs, Hecate and Jupiter were lazy in front of the fire place and she smiled at them, they had been working hard as well. She simply walked towards the kitchen to get something to drink and she wondered if she should go alone, which was a bad idea, something she already knew apart from that normally either Jupiter or Hecate or even the both of them kept close to her. She wondered if there would be another easy job like she and Judina had done a couple of days ago. She felt like the last week took years; what did you mean 9 months.. it felt like 3 years already. Not that she hated it, she definitely looked forward to meet the little baby but the pregnancy came with so many obstacles that she was getting already tired from that, yet she didn't like sitting still. The complication of her life.

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:23 am

There is quiet and peacefulness with Judina and where she was, Judina has at least manage to sleep well and keep her mind at peace here, Judina almost seemed like she almost was not in the mansion most of the time with how quiet and to herself she was, But there was sign Judina was active and around still.

The most resent would be Judina could be seen not too far away outside in the cold, no other coat or way to keep warm beside her normal robe and attire and seemed to be sitting outside meditating, most sign of her living with the puff of contrasting air coming from her breathing being warmer then the cold air around her.

it seemed to be her normal daily cycle for her, the only slight difference is the sound of the blowing wind and cold but never seemed to give it much of a thought, it almost did not effect her much either, her start temple area never saw snow it was a different one to try and attempt. The she assumed everyone else was as sleep or resting when she went out to do this, Judina also must have been there for a short amount of time, there was small amount of snow piled upon her shoulders and a bit on the top of her head as well, but she did not seem to move or even notice. just sat there like it was normal quietly until she wanted to come back inside.

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:32 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She was tired and actually looking at her companions snoozing off, she wondered if she should try that again, it was difficult to actually sleep as it was difficult to find a way to sleep, normally she slept on her stomach, not really an option at the moment, her back; this girl was a kicker in that case and sleeping on her side just simply felt uncomfortable but she was happy if she did sleep, no matter how many hours. She stood in front of the kitchen window, staring at the square from the house and thought she saw someone, outside, in the snow? The dark blue easily telling her it was Judina, although she could mix her up with Lycoris since she was tired. She decided to make some coffee, for Judina, when she was ready, after all Alice couldn't drink coffee with this pregnancy and it was rude to interrupt someone during the meditation. At least that's what it looked like.

She took a bite of a cracker for herself to at least eat something, she didn't feel particulary nauseous but rather full even if she had not eaten anything yet. Very peculiar. She made sure the coffee was in a thermos when it was ready so it would stay warm and left it on the kitchen counter before she shuffled back into the living room area. Perhaps she could ask Judina again in a little bit, there must be other easy jobs to do. Right?

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:17 am

Judina did not keep track of how long she had been sitting there, but she was done now she thought of it as done anyway, Judina did not seemed bother by the snow but knew she felt just the tiny slightly amount of cold from being out as long as she did.

She realized how cold she most likely from touching her skin for a moment and feeling the coldness of winter on skin as well. But she was returning and quietly it seemed as it was, Wouldn't be long for her to go to the door she came in and brush herself off before walking in. Keeping in her mind that people would most likely become active now or were just in the starting stages of it.

But she was also still tuned out, mostly like she was still thinking and had something on her mind that required her thoughts, But slowly as she returned to reality with her walking inside, Leaving the troubles outside in the cold winter, hearing the wind blow while she came in.

It was a good note that maybe winter wasn't the best spot but the challenge and a test of will for her to do so, there would be another day for her to attempt such a thing, maybe a slightly colder day or a slightly less windy day. Being inside now Judina stretched out her shoulders and her neck make it not feel as stiff for being out in the cold.

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:40 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
When Alice heard the door, she got up again to meet up with Judina, "I made you some coffee, would you want any?" She wasn't sure if Judina was in the mood to talk or even go on a job but there was no one else around that would allow her to go. Jupiter was surely stern in these weeks and it was almost crushing her will. Which wasprobably exactly what he wanted, since she definitely wanted to be able to do things, she was not well for sitting still. She would either grab the coffee for Judina when she answered positive or else just go to the point, "I hope you would go on a job with me again? Something like last time, something simple."

She would wait for Judina her answer and have her fingers crossed that there would be a job like that because she wasn't sure about that obviously, she could also get some groceries instead of letting Hecate and Jupiter go. It was boring to be sitting like this, the many more times she thought that; it sure as hell become more of a bother. "I also think about going to Crocus, I still haven't heard anything from Kon. What do you think?" She really could use some advice from a friend.

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:16 am

Judina just seemed to say yes to the offer of coffee even if she had not drank it before or so she thought , It wasn't the taste of it or anything else just felt slightly too bitter but it was a simple fix."I am more then willing just simply going to ask if you are sure you able to walk and handle it too." Judina mention as she took a drink of her coffee. "I am not the one ready to bare a child and wanting to be on the go at the same time." Judina seemed already know and made her point but still understood.

"As long as it is simple then we should be fine." Judina felt weird being so sure and looking after her mostly because she had not had some one do it her in a while not since her mother, but she assumed Alice would do the very same to her, if even in the highly so far unlikely chance she was in the end post situation but Judina was a bit more bullheaded that way.

"If you feel like you really need to go that way, I will join you as well."Judina mention most likely Judina did not have punch a few people with Alice around then again, She never had too no one forced her hand yet nor did Alice seem to have it needed for he to do. So it would be peaceful for the most part. "hopefully nothing will happen at the capital." She mentioned more of less just feeling like she was doing her job for now.

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:15 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice prepared the coffee, made sure to offer the little bits of extra, sugar and milk if Judina wanted any of that, she most of the time used milk, but Alice still wasn't allowed to drink coffee and it would take an awful long time before she could again. She couldn't help but let out a short giggle by the way Judina said it, "I know but I slept very well last night so I have energy and sitting still at home, it again became quite boring. I want to try, depending on if there is a job of course. If it is something like last time, I don't see any problem." She wasn't sure if she would be able to push a wheelchair again but who knows what kind of jobs were at the quest board today.

She was at least glad to hear that Judina wouldn't mind to come along again, "I promise that if I do not feel well enough, I would tell immediately." Because that would be best for herself as well. She would take a bit of water before making sure the two would be ready to go to the town and find a job.

In town she found a job that told the two ladies that they should watch an old lady while her son was out for a short while, Alice pointed that one out, "Sounds easy enough right?"

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:40 pm

The promise was all needed for Judina to hear, yet again trusting words and actions was just something she could count on Alice with her words and actions as such so she would."Good enough, I trust your words on the matter." Judina could easily seem like a stick in the mud about it sometimes or so she thought she was, but nonetheless she did not seem to care about if she was viewed that way because she would rather be known for sticking with her job and such then anything else.

Seeing the man and the old lady Judina almost seemed unsure of how all to take action. She did not know if they knew each other or not nor could she hear them for the moment while they seemed to slowly get to that spot were they are. Maybe Alice would give a sign for Judina of maybe what she should do for the moment.

But figured she would at least start to figure out what was going on, Starting a conversation with at least the man realizing just maybe he was slightly drunk and but slowly seemed to realize he wasn't drunk but hung over, Talking over Judina realize the situation was a lot more different then she could think or assume ever.

Even if the man was a drunk and hung over he had better intentions. It seemed Judina just simply nodded. "It appears we are watching some one for a bit Alice."
Judina did not sound as she normally did but a bit more peaceful and pretty gentle.

Judina would actually be the one guiding the old lady to her home after departing from the man, while also making sure Alice would be fine as well, It seem too long for them either before the old mentioned about baking cookies and such.

It seemed rather quickly done and made up. Judina  realize the old lady did not put a timer or remember how long they were their so she would keep track or Alice would as well depending who was able too but at least Judina set one to keep track of it, all and all a peaceful night for Judina and Alice for until when the man she had met returned.

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Granny Sitting [Quest: Judina & Alice] Empty on Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:54 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Again it was an easy job, she was glad that there were options like this in Orchidia, it made her at least able to do things. She took a deep breath and smiled happily about it, and would go to the apartments to sort of baby-sit Rynah, which was definitely a contrast being the pregnant lady here. Something Rynah loved to talk about at first, before she lost interest and simply turned away and let Alice be. She told Judina and her not much later that she would want to bake cookies and with a bit of difficulty; Alice got up from the comfortable chair and would help Rynah to at least make sure that the cookies would be fine.

Not that she knew all the ingredients that Rynah was using, one was a secret so she didn't want to show her or Judina and the knight simply shook her head and kept on watching for Rynah to bake the cookies and keep up a timer to make sure they wouldn't forget them and get to the accident from which they were here; to prevent the burning down of the house again. After Rynah forgot about the cookies before.

She watched Judina take the cookies out of the oven and bring Rynah back to the kitchen to have a taste off them, in which she ushered the two of them to take one. She took a bite and felt immediately a little more energetic, something she had not felt a lot for the past few days. The rest of the night was easy as well, Mitya returned at a reasonable time and paid the both of them. To which Alice linked her arm through Judina and walked home, hoping Hecate did the cooking, "Thanks for tagging along again."

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