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Ephraim Maclir

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on Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:35 pm



Name: Ephraim Maclir

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Class: Trickster

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left hand palm

Face: Ventus - Kingdom Hearts


Height: 178 cm (5'8)

Weight: 62 kg (138 lb)

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Light Blue

Overall: On a physical standpoint Ephraim lacks many outlandish features and by most means is a fairly average looking, nerdy guy. Built in a very unimposing manner, with normal height and towards the thinner side appearing as frail, with a deep inspection. A paler skin tone, contributing mostly to the fact of his preference towards indoor activity. Medium-short length hair kept messily, appearing almost windswept alongside the protruding spikes, creating a flowing tide fashion. Breaching just below are his well framed eyebrows, occasionally peeking out underneath his mane, while creeping below the nape of his neck. Just a bit lower on the front is an oceanic gaze from his angular eyes, given quite the large size and soft detail, leading towards a faint innocence similarly to a child’s.

Ephraim has no particular care for fashion, or rather taste for it if you would. If he didn't have the feeling of judgement from others in the back of his head, he'd simply wear pajamas about. But since that isn't the correct etiquette for society, Ephraim fancies comfort over style and as such can be seen in sweaters, hoodies, or jackets, it is to note however that he is quite fond of high-neck shirts. As for the lower half of his body, pants are the usual, but only baggy or open varieties as the tight ones are far to warm and bothersome. Ephraim isn't opposed to shorts within warm weather, as long as they go past his knees. Reaching finally to footwear, this is the area he cares least about and as long as it provides a home for his feet any shoe is acceptable. His favorite colors are orange, beige, grey, and white, so any array of these hues will most likely be seen throughout his attire.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Ephraim carries around a rather meek and neutral expression, however underneath lies a generally excited and goofy ball of anxiousness. Often kept under wraps by his own head, lacking faith in his abilities and his own being to uphold such a bright persona. One would find it difficult to converse with Ephraim as he doesn't speak well with words, meaning he can be easily misunderstood, so he would rather show what he wants and feels with actions.

While he is no creative genius what he does hold more so than others is his ability to address situations and calculate a solution if it has to deal with him or those he cares about. While his work may go at a slow pace in the end he is one who will get whatever it is done just as requested, sometimes even further beyond. Though Ephraim does have a determined and wise mind one thing that escapes him are people themselves, as he always tries to think ahead of what will happen, when they are unreadable it fascinates him while in most cases often terrifies him.

He is driven by curiosity and wishes to figure out new things and once he has done so will continue on, often finding interest hard to hold onto. While he may not always understand how people are truly feeling, Ephraim has good judgement in deterring people’s true natures, whether that be due to nerves or some sixth sense. In that case he can seem very cold and aloof to others, but why waste your time on something you don't have an interest in while you could be doing something more important, giving him a very goal oriented mind.

They say patience is a virtue but Ephraim also tags along observance and cautiousness to that list, key things that keep him level headed and out of troubles way upon multiple occasions. While not easily angered, when he does you know you really messed up. Since childhood he has been easily scared making that one of his main ways to lose his cool. While he likes to be in control of situations he is in, when he gets overwhelmed by something he gets rather defensive, seen more quiet and goes through multiple options to figure out what is troubling him. He often gets lost in his own mind, staring off into oblivion for as long as need be if he has the peace to do so.

One of his biggest pet peeves is people who are ill mannered and don't respect those that deserve it. He feels that respect is the most honorable way to treat others and does so accordingly to hope to receive the same treatment back. Upon new greetings he is very polite and tries to give people more than one chance, first impressions are pretty influential but if Ephraim is still talking to you you’re obviously doing something right. He is kind and very caring to those he grows close with, since that doesn't happen often at all. He will do what he can when you are in need and will always be there when he can. He holds friendships very closely. His over caring nature to those he cares about often lead him away from what he may truly desires, but he gains joy from that of those close to him, so he finds that good enough. Ephraim is very strong minded when it is set so not just anyone can pick it apart, it takes someone he deeply trusts to unlock his box and truly vent what has been held inside. Preferring to be on the opposite side of the spectrum, listening to others problems as a way to understand and cope with his own, but it’s much easier said than done.


  • Puzzles: While not only limited to the puzzles as in the activity, simply solving puzzles or riddles where his mind is put to the test excites Ephraim on many degrees.
  • Sweets: Ephraim’s guilty pleasure is that of a sweet tooth, going to show his still very much child like essence. Lacking tolerance for spicy and bitter flavors, nothing is more refreshing and enjoyable than the confectionary concoctions leaving his taste buds dancing in delight. Popsicles being his favorite for on the go.


  • Rain: For the longest time Ephraim was always pleased by the rain, granting him the ability to stay indoors where it felt so warm. But as time went on and the coldness of those around him, all but one person was enough for the boy to follow her into the unknown. While now he has control over it, the large amount of distaste he grew from others by it makes it bittersweet everytime he utilizes his magic.
  • Socializing: Due to his seclusion from a young age, Ephraim finds it quite difficult to converse and interact with others. Stitching together a well thought out sentence seems to work much better in his head than when it actually plays out, leaving him lacking faith in his abilities. The main reason why he feels actions speak louder than words, especially since his are usually shaky


  • War Within: The strongest of demons are the ones inside yourself, Ephraim knows this and knowing is half the battle. However, the war going on within him can’t be won with a single battle, there are many areas that need fixing and that is his true goal.
  • Gratitude: To repay the debt he feels he owes to the person who got him to where he is today, for if it weren’t for her he’d still be stuck indoors dreading life. Ephraim feels he must get much stronger and overcome his fears to become the one who can be of help to her.


  • Himself: An odd one to say they fear themself but it’s something that often befalls many, in Ephraim’s case his draw resonates within his own mind. Overthinking, assuming, questioning his abilities, all things that hinder his stability at times to the point where he feels out of his own skin.
  • Failure: It can be something as small as letting someone down or as large as failing a large scale mission, the thought and act of that is enough to send Ephraim into panic. For there is no greater fear for someone who wants to be needed, than to come up unsuccessful for what he was asked to do.


Magic Name: Rain-Maker

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description:  A form of water magic that derives manipulation through rain. However due to the inconsistent presence of rain all the time, Ephraim has the ability to extract water vapor and cool it, to create small rain clouds and generate water by his own means in simple fashion. Ephraim utilizes this magic to form cloud barriers and large masses of rain to protect himself, while also using the already used rain on the ground by increasing his speed. However it shines mostly with offensive spells, being good area of effect by manipulating the density of the drops creating a cutting or piercing force. Put to the best of its supplementary abilities, with altering weather conditions and changing the battlefield in more ways than one. With his personality brimming tried and true in his magic, it holds quite potential platforms for combinations, shining best while with another. Clouds and rain breeding quite the elemental partnership, creating a platform for lightning magic in clouds, being able to produce rain for nature spells to bloom, and snow with frost spells. While they hold no bonus or plus to spells it simply shows the bonds of those Ephraim is connected with.



The rain has always had a gloomy aura about it, the will to stay in bed and snooze as the peaceful drops tapped against walls, leaving almost a melodic lullaby for those who wanted to do nothing on such a darkened day. It was during one of those mornings that Ephraim was born, in Orchidia town with his mother and father, working as florists in the rather overgrown nature filled area. From the moment he came into this world he always had a shy essence that surrounded him, sticking by his mother at all times, as a beacon of light that warmed his being. Going as far as to even cry when he had to be left alone with his father or anyone else. Perhaps it was the profuse amount of tears and sadness early on that caused his magic to appear. By the time he was 5 and was told to go out and play with the other children, was when a strange occurrence began. Being forced into the scary world outside of his walls prompted tears not from his eyes, but the sky above. Clouds slowly formed in an unnatural pace and just like that a sunny day turned into a hefty drizzle.

Indoors Song:

Due to these circumstances much of his childhood took place indoors, spent reading, doing puzzles, essentially any activity he could do inside and Ephraim enjoyed it that way. His father had a similar magic ability but nothing like this had ever happened, he was dumbfounded and ended up getting aggravated trying to solve the problem. Due to their garden always taking the biggest hit by the heavy amounts of rain, they were caught in the crossroad of their career and their child’s future, they simply sat by for now and hoped while keeping their child the happiest he could be inside. Going out of their way to try to convince parents with children around Ephraim’s age to come and meet their sweet boy, this form of worryful meddling only damped his already soggy parade, the kids mocked him for not being able to come outside and when they did manage to force him out, their playtime was over as the rain came crashing down. Adults glared at him if he ever breached out of his door, as if his existence needed to be hid away. If it wasn’t for one girl, Ephraim would have given up on friendship entirely.

While the others ran away. she showered him with her wet hair and stayed by his side. Soon Ayla began coming over on the daily to interact with him, opening a whole new way to do the same things he always did, covering himself in an unfamiliar warmth. Ephraim started to distance himself from his mother and father as a much brighter light found its way to him. However as he began to get older, the more he read and heard her speak of how spectacular the outside world could be, the want to go outside of these walls grew bigger than his home could contain. He lacked the faith to do it alone, but with her by his side as a crutch, perhaps it could be possible. Going so far as to venture among the cold rain to try and overcome his curse, coming across sickness many times throughout that period, but he pushed through as the desire to follow her way immense. What once seemed as a defense mechanism for wanting to stay inside, was now something that occurred beyond Ephraim’s control. Orchidia saw many rainy days during this period.

The boy’s name had already circled through the town from his younger years, while some tried to help, many more were fed up with the weather and took it out on him. Nature swarmed heavier than it already had, crops damaged, and work halted for his desire and inability to stop the clouds hanging above his head. They complained to his parents and demanded he stay indoors until he stops the rain, once again caught in the middle without many options, ending up on the side of the town out of fear. Thus, Ephraim returned to the confines of his comfortable room, a much colder and dreary air however flowed through this once safe haven of his. Being told he was to no longer see the girl as she was a bad influence, but Ephraim knew the real reasons, no longer was he an innocent child whom simply wanted to hide away. After that conversation, the rain poured harder than it had in a long time, it was faint though he thought he saw her figure out in the rain that night.

Alone In the Rain:

Perhaps the effect of her being a "bad influence" could be true, or being told something he shouldn't do for the first time in his life, made him wish to disobey them. Lacking the courage to do it alone, Ephraim patiently waited for a beacon of light to peer through the murky clouds he created. With enough waiting, the faintest of rays appeared. Small thuds pounding against his front door, weak voices barely escaping through his doors as the grew momentarily louder before the door slammed, vaulting Ephraim to his feet. Slowly peering through his window to catch a gander at the cause, surprised he was to come face to face with a soaked Ayla directly on the other side. Almost believing it to good to be true, he nearly turned away, blinded by the radiance he envisioned around her. Taking a second glance just to make sure it was legitimate, to the dismay of his friend already in a tempered mood. Frustrated by his parent's claims and imprisonment, made him question her persistence, why she went so far for him, why she even took interest in him to begin with.

Fear, confliction, wounded, the memories ringing endless inside his head. Why wasn't she like everyone else who simply demanded him to stay in isolation. He was a nuisance, Ephraim went on and on further drowning her in his lonesome weakness. However, with only a few word alongside that glowing presence, he cried out the want to leave with her and so he did. Crawling from his window to reenter the familiar rain, no longer was it only cold and straining, but it felt as by her side, it embraced his being. Being dragged along by his wrist, the pair ran as the rain came down and splashed up with every stomp. People quickly became aware of his presence, but that only prompted him to run faster. If by chance he kept running alongside Ayla, than maybe these problems will wash away, no longer did he need to see the sun as she was enough to brighten up his dark days. Caught in the heat of the moment, the unfamiliar golden hue preaching across his face was thought to be a figment of his imagination, caught too entranced by his thoughts. But no, slowing down, partially covering his face with his free hand was the sight of the late afternoon sun. The clouds in the sky start localizing at the point above Ephraim, slowly but surely, the puffy dark sky dissipated, leaving behind a rain filled with no clouds, but a sun shower of warm droplets. Even then, that slowly vanished as Ephraim had all but fallen back, out of breath but wildly giggling at a foreign sensation that he never truly longed for so much until it finally happened.  

It was in that moment, Ephraim decided that he would follow this girl, no matter what road it would lead, through hardships, or even death, this is the life he is able to experience because of her.

Reference: Liana

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#2Akira Shimada 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:14 pm

Hi there! I'll be reviewing your application.

Great work on the well detailed personality and history. You might want to check the conversion between cm and ft, I think you're taller in centimeters than in inches atm. :)

Your magic description is fine, except remember that while you can plot with others and for the purposes of RP fluff write that your magic in conjunction with other elements works better, in actual battles, supplementary spells do not interact in this manner with spells of different elements.

Basically, one element will not boost another in any manner, so could you please edit that part keeping this in mind.

Bump when you're done! Welcome to the site :)


on Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:29 pm

Bump, hope that goes through a bit better ^^

#4Akira Shimada 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:33 pm

This character application has been approved.

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