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The Wolf Behind the Painting [Private|Bodak]

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#1Aria Scylar 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:22 am


Aria had been walking around Majura Gallery, examining all the different pieces of art the building contained. Some of them had been so diverse, and she wouldn't have expected such odd pieces to be in an art museum. Some had many colors, and they had made the girl's head spin. The only ones that Aria had shown any interest in though were the paintings that only had dark colors, like purples, grays, and blacks. Those were the only colors that she liked, and if she had seen any other ones, she would have thought they were ugly or not creative enough. She had been really bored lately, and needed something interesting to do, or someone to talk to that didn't blab on about things she didn't care about. Over time, Aria has learned that people enjoy talking about themselves, and that was something that she really didn't like. She always thinks of it as, "No one asked about your life, now sit down and be quiet." She would say that to everyone if she could, but there are always those few people who are really snobby and will be all rude to you anyways for no specified reason. The dark mage had just sat down and waited for something to happen, anything.



on Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:42 am

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
Read. Write. Clean. Organize. Plan. Plot. Repeat.

It was her life, with very few changes and favors mixed in. Since she posted the roster she discovered how secretive most of the members are. Names were attached to faces, and still they were covered in the unknown. The more she understood, the more she could report to their master. The more he grasped, the better they all were off. You can only take as much as you give. If you try to take without the returned favor, you were asking to get your hands chopped off.

She stared at the paintings, a glass of wine in her hand, her sunglasses on her head. She squinted at it, a bit confused. It had been a few days since her day at the market place with Tecka and that other girl. What was her name? Aria? That must have been her name, she appeared on the roster just the day after it seemed.

She didn't care for many of the other members, it was only her job to keep everything in check, If something caused a wrinkle in her plans, she simply wrote them out. She was no guildmaster, but it was her word that he listened to. With reports pilled up for him to read, and messengers moving all over Fiore, it wouldn't take long for him to find out anything. That was the glory of her clan. That was the glory of Phantom Lord.
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#3Aria Scylar 

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:14 pm


The girl had looked around, and she had seen nothing. Nothing at all. It seemed that nothing happened at an art museum, but it didn't really come as a surprise. She had sort of expected this, as most people at an art museum were there to examine art, not start a fight or anything fun like that. She had looked around one last time when she had noticed that one woman she had met in the market place the other day. She couldn't remember her name, as at the time she'd thought that she would never see that woman again, or at least she didn't want to. She didn't have a problem with her or anything like that, she just hated talking, and if she were talking like a normal person at all, she'd probably be drunk. She didn't really like drinking too much though, so there was next to no chance in that happening. She got up and had walked over to the woman and said, "Hello again, wasn't expecting you here today." She smiled as she said it, trying to be as friendly as possible. She was trying to create a good image for herself with her fellow guild members, and she wanted to be the one that everyone sees as the nice one, and that's only because she would turn on them later. She had to stop thinking of random things and focus on what was in front of her, and that was the woman. She seemed to be some sort of keeper from what she had read on the roster she had put herself on before, and that was an important role. She didn't want to do much of what she would normally do around this woman, as everyone has their secrets and what she did on a normal basis was going to be a secret from people of the guild.


on Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:48 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
"You could say I'm always around." She said it jokingly, even if her face remained cold and unchanged. She would turn to the girl and get a sense of familiarity. It was pleasant, to know of your own self-importance. Bodak knew well enough of the changes that were to come, and it would fall only to her mind. Vampires. Wolves. Felines. Demons. Spies. Soon all would belong to the Manji.

"Ar-Ya, was it?" she enunciated the syllables, a bit unsure of how to read a written name. It wasn't that she couldn't remember anything well it was just that she didn't care. If someone didn't make themselves memorable, then they were useless to put effort into an a waste of a memory.

Which would this girl become?

Everyone in this forsaken guild was in it for themselves. To act for the dreams of one, was to destine yourself for failure. However, to lean on each other to achieve your goals was a different outcome. There was many who fought alone, and all of them perished, died and withered away. Soon, Bodak's purpose would be unveiled. Soon.

Perhaps not soon enough.
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#5Aria Scylar 

on Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:25 am


This woman was quite interesting. Never had she met anyone who was "always around," though she had never met anyone who she had ever seen again. This was different though. The feeling that was in this section of the gallery. Something was off and she couldn't put a finger on what it was. She would just have to let this small conversation continue and see what would happen next. "Yes, my name is Aria, I honestly can't believe you remember that." She could never remember anyone's name really. She thought faces were important, not names. Names were just something to call somebody with, to get their attention, to set them apart from the crowd. This woman seemed to stick out, though she couldn't recall what her name was either. She wished she could, but all she remembered was seeing her name once on the roster, and in her eyes it had been just a glimpse, though in reality she had stared at it for minutes. "I can't recall your name, I apologize, but maybe we can be friends?" She was being stupid. What was she thinking? "being friends" two words that shouldn't be next to each other. Friends were nothing but meaningless people who decided to join together and make sure nothing happened to each other, blah blah blah good good good. That's honestly not what Aria wanted though. She wanted something different



on Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:04 am

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
"You barely know me." she would answer, her face falling cold, hardened, lifeless. She would let no feelings escape her gaze to the woman. "However, you're a mage, just as I am. We belong to the same guild, why don't we join forces, at least for the time being, and tackle our tasks together."

This girl had no interest to her, but with her magic, she almost needed someone to bounce off of. Besides, she was a support mage, without another to support, she was useless, save for a few handful of spells.

" . . . A team. You already signed up for one, but I'd rather you join Hungry Tadpole. Besides, it allows me to gauge you better. If you want to go separate ways after, so be it." She'd let out a smirk, before falling to the face of a lifeless art critic once more. "We fight for the same cause anyways."

That cause, not being the guild, but themselves.

it was a matter of time before the guild was reshaped and re imagined the way she had planned. All of the pieces were falling into place, and the others that didn't fit, were removed. It was only a matter of time before the new era began.

The last era of the Manji,
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#7Aria Scylar 

on Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:27 am


Aria had let out a sigh. She had known that this woman had almost no expression, but it kind of hurt inside to see those cold eyes look at her like she was a piece in a game being played, and wether she played right and knocked out a piece or made a wrong move and got knocked out of the gane herself was up to her. She had looked at the woman for a second, blinked, and then slightly tilted her head, the girl's purple eyes filled with curiosity. What was this woman planning? What was Aria's role? She didn't know, but she really did want to find out.

She had thought for a second about the lady's proposal. Joining forces? It didn't seem like such a bad idea, after all, she was right, they were in the same guild, and they happened to be fighting for the same cause. Hungry Tadpole though? She thought for another second, thinking back to the roster, and who had been on it, and her face on the outside unchanging, blank. She grinned. "Alright fine, I'll join forces with ya, and I'd have no problem joining Hungry Tadpole either." This might be what she had been looking for. Finally she might get what she wanted, some kind of team.



on Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:32 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
She was no guildmaster. She could not cast a shadow over the light her master shined. However, she held onto all of the dark dealings of the guild. She held onto all of the secrets. She had something more than a crystal ball, she held the destiny of Phantom Lord. She was continuing where Chisu has left off, her greatful mentor and mother. It was by her account and recordings that she carried on the history. As time would pass, Bodak would serve her guild well, even if she was left behind, she would be a million steps before anyone else. She was their oracle. She would set their fate.

"Then consider it done." she spoke out. This was no time for her to preach her faith, nor to attempt to gain a following for her Manji faith. This girl was a nobody, she was just another face. She would prove herself, by herself, and that would serve Bodak greatly.

But on the flipside, she needed money, funds. Perhaps with her aid they both could gain a little, and perhaps bounce back.

"There's some work to be done in a few days, are you up for it?" she began. She had a few things in mind, or would this girl find their task instead? Maybe she would be of interest... maybe.

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