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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice]

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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice] Empty on Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:21 pm


Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

It appeared her initial assumptions had been correct: With the invasion of Grimoire Heart upon the capital of Crocus, it was to be expected that powerful warriors like Kon would be recalled to the capital to aid in their defense. While she could have imagined that Alice would have preferred to accompany her lover on the trip, it would have been a way too great risk considering that she was pregnant. And so Lycoris found herself in Baska, searching for the aforementioned woman.

"I should have been in Crocus, fighting legions of Grimoire Heart members in glorious battle, not be stuck babysitting a pregnant woman"

A hand raised to her cheek as the mercenary lass hummed idly. "But then again, she is a friend so I guess it's a loss I'm willing to take~ However, can you still call this type of activity 'Babysitting'?"

The lass asked herself as she finally reached the temporary residence of Alice and knocked on the door. "Oooy Alice~ Your goofer has arrived--- I mean it's me Lycoris~ I'm sure you must be bored as hell right now, so congratulations, you won a free company from yours truly~"

Hopefully, her goofy greeting would help keep the lady in high spirits.

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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice] Empty on Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:30 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
There were packages of things everywhere, clothing, other items that they had carried with them, when was the last time they got home? She had her hands tangled in her hair, Jupiter and Hecate had gone out to grab some food and drinks for the trip but she sure as hell was not prepared for anything. How would she take everything with her, she had sold the spear and her previous armour now that she got better items but man this was never gonna- knock on the door?

She turned up and let go of her long orange hair, before she would pull it out and walk towards the door and hear someone calling out to her and she grinned but shook her head, when she opened the door, the smile was still on her lips, "Hello Lycoris, it's been a while." Why was she here though, did Kon.. oh really? Well why not, "I'm packing, it's not really working though but I plan to go to Orchidia. Actually already two days ago." She did a step aside to show Lycoris the mess that was their room or well now her room. It looked less worse since it was an ordered mess, everything was either in bags, or neatly folded.

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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice] Empty on Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:44 pm

"Yo~" Lycoris exclaimed with a playful salute of her hand as she smiled in return to Alice's greeting. Just a peek in the room explained that they were indeed planning to move to Orchidia soon, leading to the girl to nod her head sheepishly in return. "Yeah I remember~ You're going there for the wedding and to wait till Kon jr pops out, right?" A little grin remained on her lips as she gestured at the light bag beside her. "Well~ Kon did leave me in charge of making sure nothing happens to you, in the end, two girls have more fun than only one, right? Want me to help with the packing? I don't have many personal effects myself so I am already prepared for the trip."

However, as she waited for Alice to give her the okay to start helping the mercenary lass started to ponder out loud. "I'm sure Kon will be back in no time, bet he's already in Crocus swooping rears left and right with an oversized sword or a similar fancy weapon!"

A hearty chuckle escaped her lips at she tapped the hilt of her sheathed blade. "I'm gonna have this old girl replaced soon, skill can take a person only so far, without good equipment you're kind of at a disadvantage~ Isn't that right 'Lieutenant'?" She added with a little wink at the end.

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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice] Empty on Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:15 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She rolled her eyes a little with the way Lycoris talked but it wasn't annoyed or anything, she shook her head a little, "It's a girl but basically. also with the plague here and Kon in Crocus, he suggested for me to wait in our manor." Which still felt weird to say our.. it definitely was his, she had called a company to come over when she would arrive to help clean because that certainly wasn't Judina or Lycoris their job and Alice couldn't at the moment. "That would be wonderful," she replied to Lycoris her offer to help packing, "I tried to pack it as logical as I could. But I have no idea how. Since Kon was teleported all his clothes and other items are here, he only got the punisher and the clothes on his body..." which made her frown a little but she shook her head, she shouldn't think too much about it, "I thought about sending a carriage in front of us to bring the stuff, I feel like walking, I've been locked up inside here or the hospital, I need fresh air."

She took up her own clothing and placed it in the usual bag, she looked up at the blade that Lycoris had, "You are right, but experience is highly valuable, if only everyone understood. I gave up my spear and got a new item, but I definitely have no experience with a gun, so I got a lot to train when I'm.. back in shape." She wished she had known about the idea that Kon had for she had invited Judina along, but she would cross that bridge when she came to it. She had left Judina a note that she would leave today and given her money for the train, since she didn't want Judina to pay for herself, when Alice had invited her.

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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice] Empty on Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:31 pm

Lycoris nodded her head lightly in agreement to Alice's statement. It made sense that Kon would suggest for her to go and rest at the mansion rather than remain in Baska or join him at Crocus. Considering that Baska was still dealing with the 'Violent Plague' and Crocus was about to turn into a battlefield it was logical to make sure Alice was somewhere safe from danger. However, there was another detail that had not slipped by unnoticed! "A girl? Got a nice name for her yet?" It seemed Lycoris was pretty curious about the matter but soon disregarded the matter as she pondered about the next bit Alice mentioned.

"Hmm, a carriage might be the safest, but I totally understand what you mean. Nothing beats the experience of the road beneath your feet, infinite sceneries stretching before your sight and the fresh air filling your lungs~ Besides, even if you're pregnant your magical abilities are amazing, and you got not one, but two companions! Add me to that and I doubt any wild animal or bandit will even get anywhere near you."

A nod of approval came from Lycoris, but she was still idly musing the idea of what to do if Alice did desire to walk on foot."

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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice] Empty on Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:16 am

Adelaide Sokolov
How embarrassing would it be to say that they didn't. They still had not figured out what to do. All the names they had come up with, were names of their friends and they wanted something original and renaming didn't seem right about that as well. "Who knows. You will know later." after all it was some sort of weird tradition that they kept the name of the baby a secret, perhaps it would be a boy after all, she doubt that but you never knew.

Well at least her own bag was finished, she tugged the revolver in the holster that Midas had given her with it as well, her armour on top of the bag as she zipped it shut, "I rather walk, I'm not sure if I would be able to walk for the amount of days and length that is necessary though." Oh how she hated to be pregnant on moments like this, she just wanted to be able to do whatever she wanted. Perhaps they could take the carriage with them, so she could sit down in or on it depending on what kind and she could walk whenever she felt like it. Surely the train would be a lot easier though. She looked at Lycoris, "I surely wonder what would be the smartest option." because as Lycoris said, she doubt they would be afraid of any bandits or animals, the thing was more the distance for her.

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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice] Empty on Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:13 pm

A thoughtful look crossed her visage as Lycoris mused out loud. "Say, we could do both?" A grin emerged on her lips as she was quick to clarify further. "If we can hire a carriage and a horse I could drive it for us~ I got a fair amount of experience with carriages from my days as a mercenary." She was pretty confident in the idea, especially when she explained her reasoning further. "If we do it like this you can walk when you want to walk, and get on the carriage if you want to rest or are feeling unwell~"

Of course, despite her cheerful tone, the suggestion was also her subtle way of showing concern for Alice. Despite the fact they had only met a while back through Kon, she was grateful for Alice's aid in getting her to become a Rune Knight and the assistance in the ensuring her tasks were mostly those she would benefit from as a warrior. And then there was the advice she gave her during her sparring moments, so all things considered she considered Alice a friend, and with her friend being pregnant it was only natural for the young mercenary to be a little bit worried...


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Can you call taking care of a pregnant woman Babysitting? [Alice] Empty on Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:32 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked up from walking to another bag and restart packing that, "Both?" She didn't doubt the creativity of Lycoris but it would be an interesting prospect to have both options available, it would be a lot smarter and she nodded when Lycoris explained. She nodded, "Both sounds like a great idea. Would you be able to get a carriage somewhere?" While she would finish the rest of the packing, she looked at the note that was on the coffee table, "Oh and could you get this letter to the headquarters. Meet me in an hour again, than I would have everything done and Judina would be ready as well. I didn't know you were coming so I invited a friend. It would be nice for you two to meet as she is a Rune Knight page."

If Lycoris agreed and would leave with the note, Alice pushed herself to stop thinking logical and just pack wherever there was space, everything would be unpacked in the manor anyway.

An hour later she was ready and she would get help from Jupiter and the inn's owner Tim to help her get the stuff downstairs before Lycoris would be back but that didn't take that long. She was actually quite happy to leave Baska at the moment.


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